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Main Computer Core Level 1, Security Station 2 Alpha, Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module (MWaFAM) Control, Crew Quarters, Primary ODN Systems, Communications Array Alpha

Additional Information

Location Deck Eight
Description This deck houses the primary computer control, one of the most secure places on the ship. It is a bank of isolinear chips that store and disseminate information to the entire ship. It has a group of Marines guarding it at all times, and merits patrols by security as well. The computer core is capable of millions of calculations per nanosecond.
Security Station 2 Alpha is on this deck that is consistently manned with two security officers to keep the ship safe and secure.
The Multidimensional Wave-Function Analysis Module (MWaFAM) is also on this deck, a new technology that is used to detect inter-dimensional rifts in subspace and temporal distortions up to 23 light years away. It also emits a multidimensional graviton shield which can reverse the effects of a dimensional wormhole. This experimental piece of technology reads the 'currents' of space and also effectively maps them.
Crew quarters are on this deck, taking much of the deck and provide bunk spaces from 2-6 people a room. Enlisted members of the crew share rooms, except in circumstances such as the Chief of the Boat.
The Primary Optical Data Network (ODN) is also on this deck, responsible for controlling the flow of information on the ship and processing everything that the computer cores might send out.
Every ship must communicate with others, and this Communications Array fulfills its functions in circumstances where orders, mail, and other data is exchanged between other species and the Federation.