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Main Computer Core Level 2, Torpedo Control, Magazine Storage, Cargo Bay 1 and 2, Transporter Rooms 3 and 4, Cargo Transporter, Atmospheric Thrusters, Airlocks, Crew Quarters, Civilian Quarters, Backup ODN Systems, Deuterium Tanks

Additional Information

Location Deck Nine
Description The extension of the main computer core is on this deck, as a computer that has the capability to do millions of calculations per nanosecond, it extends through this deck and down to deck ten.
This deck also has the main torpedo control for the ship. It has the ability to override and direct all active torpedoes that are fired from the ship. It is staffed by two tactical officers at all times. This room does not have any physical access to the torpedoes.
This deck also is the Magazine Storage area. It is protected by a thick layer of ablative armor inside the ship. It houses all ammunition on the ship, including torpedoes. Since this is a very sensitive area of the ship, it merits guarding by Marines with active and live weapons. There are only a handful of people authorized to be in this area, namely the Commanding Officer, the Executive Officer, the Chief Security and Tactical Officer, Master-At-Arms and Torpedo Technicians.
Every ship needs space and storage, and the USS Shanghai-A is no different than every other ship before her. Cargo bays 1 and 2 are on this deck.
This deck also has Transporter Rooms 3 and 4 for the transporting of people and small bags, while the Cargo Transporter is in Cargo Bay 1. It allows for the mass transport of goods and materials. Normally, they are not configured for people and organic materials, however, this is overridden in an evacuation situation.
The Atmospheric Thrusters are on hard-points on this deck, with maintenance access as well. While the USS Shanghai-A has never touched soil or hard land, and indeed is not rated to land on planetary bodies at all. These thrusters are for emergency situations only, as it takes a lot of power to move the ship through this way.
Airlocks are on this deck, used for docking purposes with Starbases and Stations as needed. Triple redundant systems are employed on these airlocks, as an explosive decompression would be a major disaster on the USS Shanghai-A.
Crew Quarters are on this deck, providing four and six person rooms for the junior enlisted officers on the ship.
Civilian Quarters are also on this deck, providing living spaces for the civilians that might be quartered on the USS Shanghai-A at the Commanding Officer's discretion and permission.
The Backup ODN Systems are on this deck, which help the computer disseminate information throughout the entire ship if the Main ODN systems fail.
The Deuterium Tanks contain the fuel that works with anti-matter to keep the warp drive functioning. The fuel is also known as 'heavy hydrogen'. They are essentially in their own storage area, and since non-reactive, is not guarded.