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Main Computer Core Level 3, Shuttlebay 1, Group Commander's Office, Pilot Lounge, Shuttle Storage, Shuttle Maintenance Area, Cargo Bay 3 and 4, Security Station 2 Beta, Phaser Banks Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Pilot Quarters

Additional Information

Location Deck Ten
Description The final level of the main computer core is on deck ten. It is the lower access area, as well as provides main entrance to the computer core room. On the USS Shanghai-A, it is guarded by security, as anyone with physical access to the computer core could put the crew and the ship in serious danger. Access is restricted to authorized personnel, and the core itself is heavily shielded to prevent unauthorized access and introduction of foreign programs into the ship's mainframe. Security Station 2 Beta is directly across from the computer core, providing additional security if necessary.
The USS Shanghai-A has four phaser banks on this deck, Alpha-Delta. They are at the fore and port starboard and port sides of the ship, together providing a 280 degree firing range which covers all but the middle aft of the ship. The adjoining rooms are there for maintenance, a single security guard is stationed at each one, in case of an incursion.
Deck Ten also houses the USS Shanghai-A's Shuttlebay 1. A large deck, the shuttle bay is a wide, open area that serves as the staging ground for the fighters that the ship carries. They are listed in the technical specifications of the ship, however the Shanghai-A can take on a few additional craft in case of emergency.
Pilots need to be ready to scramble at a moment's notice, so their quarters and lounge are right next to the shuttle bay, where a slide and latter system reaches between this deck and the next four decks, so that the pilots can get to where they need to go without the use of turbolifts. The Group Commander, in the USS Shanghai-A's case, has quarters on this deck as well. Normally, the Vesta class would have a Squadron Commander in this room, however, due to the USS Shanghai-A being a flagship, special accommodations have been made in the case of inter-ship joint missions.
This deck also has cargo room, mainly for storage of shuttle and runabout parts, as well as the maintenance area for the shuttles and runabouts. Everything is kept in top shape in this area, safety is a priority.