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Secondary Computer Core Level 1, Shuttlebay 1 Extension, Impulse Engines, Impulse Driver Assembly, Torpedo Control, Phaser Array Banks Alpha, Beta, Charlie, Delta, Main Lifeboat Access, Communications Array Beta

Additional Information

Location Deck Eleven
Description When the main computer fails, is damaged, or otherwise compromised, the secondary computer core immediately activates, preventing the complete shutdown of the ship. It is a smaller core, only capable of a few million calculations per nanosecond, and is thus not suited for day to day, or long term use. When the main computer core goes offline, all non-essential functions are cut, such as replicators. However, in the event of a crisis, the command staff can override that, as needed.
This deck also contains the extension of Shuttlebay 1, as a single deck high is not large enough to store all of the fighters and shuttles necessary to maintain a shuttle bay on par with the USS Shanghai-A.
This deck also has the secondary torpedo control rooms for the ship. It has the ability to override and direct all active torpedoes that are fired from the ship. It is staffed by two tactical officers at all times. This room does not have any physical access to the torpedoes.
The Impulse Engines and Impulse Driver Assembly are on this deck as well. This essentially is the huge engine required to move the USS Shanghai-A at sub-light speeds through space. There is one on each side, which facilitates better power usage and better maneuverability by helm control. The Driver Assembly is, for all intents and purposes, generate the subspace field that encompasses the ship to enable it to weigh less than it actually does, giving it acceleration many times that of normal abilities.
Main Lifeboat Access is on this deck. The USS Shanghai-A has a total of 175 small lifeboats that can hold up to 8 people if necessary. In evacuation protocol, the turbolifts all run on the same circuit, allowing for faster access to this deck. The lifeboats are equipped with subspace emergency transponders that identify them as being from the USS Shanghai-A, as well as a brief certain memory dump from the main or secondary computer core, giving events as they unfolded statistically on the USS Shanghai-A, which after launching lifeboats, would presume to be abandoned or destroyed.
Every ship must communicate with others, and this Communications Array fulfills its functions in circumstances where orders, mail, and other data is exchanged between other species and the Federation.