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Secondary Computer Core Level 2, Shuttlebay 2, Runabout Lift, Captain's Yacht Access, Cargo Transporter, Runabout Maintenance Area, Security Station 2 Charlie

Additional Information

Location Deck Twelve
Description This deck has the main access to the secondary computer core, guarded by a team of Marines on the ship. It is a very important area of the ship, meriting the same level of security as the main computer core.
Deck Twelve is the beginning of Shuttlebay 2, which mainly holds runabouts and shuttles that belong to the USS Shanghai-A. This shuttlebay also extends through until the next deck, enabling it to hold the runabouts and shuttles effectively.
This deck has an outside lift that enables the USS Shanghai-A to bring in small ships, up to 50 meteres in length. It is a unique design, the floor retracting into the bottom half of the shuttlebay, and essentially lifting the shuttles and runabouts into space. It is much like what is seen on space stations, enabling the ship to even "piggy-back" a small craft on it at low warp.
Sometimes the Captain needs to get away from all of the hustle and bustle of the ship, escort diplomatic VIPs, or other short trips. The Captain's Yacht access is on this deck in the fore part of the ship.
This deck also has a Cargo Transporter specifically for the shuttle bays, bringing in parts and shuttles in distress if needed. It allows for the mass transport of goods and materials. Normally, they are not configured for people and organic materials, however, this is overridden in an evacuation situation.
This deck also has the runabout maintenance center, responsible for fixing all of the bits and bobs that fall apart with use and time.
This deck also houses a security station on the deck that is consistently manned with two security officers to keep the ship safe and secure.