Tour - (Old Tour) Deck Thirteen

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Runabout Storage Area, Shuttlebay 2 Extension, Crew Quarters, Transporter Rooms 5 and 6, Upper Engineering Level 1, Power Distribution Systems

Additional Information

Location Deck Thirteen
Description Deck Thirteen has the Runabout Storage area as the extension to the Shuttlebay 2. This is the place where Runabouts are stored when not in use.
Crew Quarters are on this deck, providing four and six person rooms for the junior enlisted officers on the ship.
This also has transporters on this deck, specifically designed for organic material and people.
The Power Distribution Systems are on this deck, providing for power flow for the entire ship, as the power is generated mainly by the warp core and distributed throughout the ship as needed.
Upper Engineering 1 is also on this deck, providing room for the upper portion of the Engineering Section. This area is mainly used for the power systems on the ship. It is staffed by the Engineering personnel and is normally restricted to people that have a need to work in that area of the ship.