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Upper Engineering Level 2, Power Distribution Systems, Nacelle Pylon Support, Nacelle Access, Phaser Array Banks Echo, Foxtrot, Warp Nacelles, Structural Integrity Field Generators, Backup Structural Integrity Field Generators, Security Station 1 Delta

Additional Information

Location Deck Fourteen
Description Deck Fourteen is considered the 'bridge' between the front and the back of the ship, namely the main bulk of the ship and the nacelle assembly. The nacelles are reached through a series of Jeffries tubes that line the backbone of the struts for the nacelles, and are reinforced to provide for the needed structural integrity of the ship. Because of this, the Structural Integrity Field Generators, along with their backup counterparts are on this deck. They are tasked with providing structural integrity of the ship, when the 'bolts and rivets' don't cut it.
Upper Engineering Level 2 is here as well, with the main area up here being regulated to structural integrity and its associated paths. It also has its own Power Distribution Systems, as it is a critical point in the ship's systems that essentially keeps it together.
The Nacelle Pylon Support is on this deck as well, making sure that it is structured throughout the entire ship. The pylons make up the backbone of the ship, making sure that they are able to be in the position that they are in.
Phaser Array Banks Echo and Foxtrot are on this level, comprising the bottom fore in a 280 degree angle that protects the deflector dish and anything that is on the bottom of the ship, such as the Captain's Yacht. These phasers also have their control rooms on this deck.
This deck also houses a security station on the deck that is consistently manned with two security officers to keep the ship safe and secure.