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Main Engineering Level 1, Warp Core, Tractor Beam Assembly, Tractor Beam Emitters, Emergency Transporters, Main Power Transfer Conduits, Matter Anti-Matter Reactor Assembly (M/ARA) Operations Center

Additional Information

Location Deck Fifteen
Description Main Engineering is on this level, where engineers take care of the ship and keep the systems running smoothly. The upper level here mainly monitors the ship's other systems, such as transporters and the impulse drive, replicators and power systems.
The upper part of the warp core extends to this deck. The M/ARA also is affixed to the upper part of the warp core, as it directs the flow of matter and anti-matter to the warp core. If the wrong ratio is put into the warp core, it could cause a breach that would result in the destruction of the ship. This part of Engineering is called the M/ARA Operations Center and is always staffed in case of a catastrophic reaction. Time is of the essence in any M/ARA problem, and these engineers are on site to deal with any problems that arise with it.
The Tractor Beam Assembly and Emitters are on this deck, enabling the USS Shanghai-A to push, tow, and pull objects that need it. It can act as a tugboat for ships, or used to bring an object of interest closer to the ship. The area around the Tractor Beam Assembly and Emitters is hardened to withstand extreme amounts of sheer and stress.
Emergency transporters are on this deck, enabled by command authorization. They use minimal power, but are useful, especially in evacuation situations. It is not staffed unless needed by operations.
Main Power Transfer systems are on this deck, as the warp core generates the main portion of power for the ship. These high power conduits are susceptible to overloading, and are kept under watch, and the power flow adjusted accordingly.