Tour - Deck 3

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Visiting Officers' quarters, Holodecks and the Primary Shield Generators are on Deck 3.

Additional Information

Location Deck 3
Description - Visiting Officers' Quarters; Akira Class vessels sometimes house quite a few additional officers. These quarters, specifically designated for Visiting Officers and Overflow Officers, are modular and can be quickly changed to better suit the needs of a Visiting Officer. Other than the modular capability, however, they are identical to Senior and Junior Officer Quarters.

- Holodecks; The Akira class is equipped with Holodecks for recreation and training purposes. Four are located on Deck Three. The Holodeck usage on the Akira class are generally relatively rationed. Time allowed on the Holodecks is allotted by preference to Senior Officers, then Junior Officers, Non-Commissioned Officers, and sometimes groups of Enlisted. Generally this is at the Captain's Preference. Each of the Three Holodecks is a standard holodeck.

- Primary Shield Generators; The Primary Shield Generators and the control stations of these generators are scattered about deck three.