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Main Engineering Level 2, Warp Core, Slipstream Drive, Chief Engineering Officer's Office, Chief Engineering Officer's Quarters, Cargo Bays 4, 5, 6, Security Station 2 Delta, Reserve Antimatter Storage, Aft Sensor Array, Deflector Shield Control, Deflector Shield Assembly

Additional Information

Location Deck Sixteen
Description This is the main portion of Engineering, the main floor, if you will. The warp core is anchored to this deck, and this is always one of the busiest parts of the ship. The area around the warp core is loaded with diagnostic consoles that function as the system's eyes and ears in case anything goes wrong. Routine system analyses are done from this area, and fixes applied where needed.
Because of the nature of the area, the Chief Engineering Officer's Quarters and Office is on this deck. While their quarters removed from the main proper of engineering, they are still close enough to function as a time saver in case of an emergency requiring the immediate attention of the Chief Engineering Officer.
The Slipstream drive is also on this deck, as an added portion to the warp core. Slipstream works by focusing the deflector shield to create a quantum field in order to penetrate the barrier between warp speed and quantum slipstream speed. This area is constantly monitored and is an integral part of the warp core. Slipstream drive is currently only installed on the Vesta-class starships of the Federation, following the successful tests on the USS Aventine earlier in the class's history. This project was also realized when the Starfleet Operation code-named Project Full Circle sent the Vesta-class starships back to the Delta Quadrant in order to solidify relationships with the Delta quadrant. Because of the enormous drain on the ship's resources, the USS Shanghai-A does not engage its slipstream drive often.
Cargo bays 4, 5 and 6 are on this deck, providing storage for spare engineering parts, as well as other sundry items.
Deflector Shield Control and Assembly are on this deck, providing direct access to the Slipstream drive that needs it, as well as providing the framework and the ability to protect the ship from anything such as dust particles all the way up to enemy photon torpedoes. The shields use a multi-reflecting technology that allows for the intrusion to be spread across more than one shield emitter, as it would be extremely hard for one shield emitter to bear the brunt of an attack for a long time. Also, using this technology, some of the energy of the impacting intrusion is used to reinforce other areas of the shield, common in shields in this timeframe.
The aft sensory array is on this deck, complementing the forward arrays, enabling the ship to have full coverage in the sensor areas of the ship.
This deck also houses a security station on the deck that is consistently manned with two security officers to keep the ship safe and secure.