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Lower Engineering, Deflector Shield Assembly, Fusion Generators, Marine Barracks, Parade Deck, Marine Commanding Officer's Office, Marine Executive Officer's Office, Marine Officer Quarters, Armoury 2 Alpha, Deflector Shield, Quantum Field Focus Generator (QFFG)

Additional Information

Location Deck Seventeen
Description Lower Engineering takes care of everything else that isn't taken care of in the upper decks of Engineering. This is mainly referred to working in the belly of the beast, as it is mainly non-critical systems that are controlled from here.
The Deflector Shield Assembly extends through this deck, as it is a large assembly in order to provide the ship protection from outside intrusions.
This deck also had fusion generators, in case the warp core goes offline, these will kick in and provide power - albeit limited power for the ship in case it needs it. Maximum warp speed on the fusion generators is warp 3, with minimal life support.
The main part of the marine contingent is on this deck. The USS Shanghai-A has a full company of Marines, standing at 96. Their barracks, parade deck, as well as a Marine Armoury is on this deck. It is staffed by Marines in order to facilitate the storage of their weapons and ammunition. The Marine CO and XO have their quarters and offices on this deck as well, enabling them to be closer to their men. The marines spend their days guarding VIPs, sensitive areas of the ship, working out, and being present for inspections, among other things that crop up. In case of an armed incursion force on the ship, they spring into action, and protect the ship and its occupants.
The marine structure is such that there is about one officer for every 12 enlisted persons in the company. They also provide many other services to the ship, such as crowd control and as a supplement to the ship's security force.
The Quantum Field Focus Generator (QFFG) is on this deck as well. It essentially 'reads' the currents of slipstream, enabling the ship to see two seconds into the future in order to correct for any anomalies in the slipstream tunnel, as it is commonly called. This is the first ship to be outfitted with this technology, and as it is experimental, has guards around it at all times. It is directly accessed in the same area as Deflector Control Assembly.