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Marine Barracks, Firing Range 1 and 2, Phaser Array Bank Gamma, Antimatter Storage Pods, Field Generator Alpha

Additional Information

Location Deck Eighteen
Description This deck has the continuation of the Marine Barracks for the enlisted members of the marines, as well as the two firing ranges on the USS Shanghai-A. They are used for both projectile and energy weapons, and are heavily shielded from the rest of the ship.
This deck also has the Phaser Bank Array Gamma, the phaser strip that is perpendicular to the long axis of the ship, providing protection for almost the entire bottom portion of the USS Shanghai-A. It encircles the Deflector Dish and protects it from any aggressors who wish to take it out by coming up the aft flank of the ship.
Antimatter storage pods are on this deck, storing the necessary fuel for the ship to make the warp core function.
Field Generators are on this deck, providing extra power as needed to ships systems, such as holographic systems and transporters.