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Probe Storage, General Storage, Cargo Bay 7, Graviton Generator Alpha

Additional Information

Location Deck Twenty One
Description This deck has probe storage of the compliment that the USS Shanghai-A carries. It has the capacity to store about 20 probes as needed. The USS Shanghai-A currently carries three [class 8 probes], five [class 5 probes], five [science probes], five [class 4 probes] and two [class 3 probes]. The ship also has the ability to manufacture probes as needed.
This area of the ship also has general storage space. Anything that doesn't go near Engineering or the Sciences is in this area. It is able to carry things ranging from water to transporter components. Whatever supplies needed to be transported to a place go here as well.
This deck also has Cargo Bay 7, mainly for supplies for the Marines on the ship if they are needed planet side for any length of time.
The Graviton Field Generator provides the specific power for the tractor beam and other nonessential items.