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Settling in

Posted on Thu Jul 16th, 2009 @ 2:54pm by Ensign Vladimire Renchoiski

Chief intelligence officer's Personal stardate 63145.96 I have made my round and induced myself to my suboanits i pleased that most of my depats key postions are held by comrades from russia this put in a less stressful postion than it would be other wise, this ship is not great in size but it will be home I find near perfect but not everone shares my prspective of be former KGB angent clawing throgh ventalation shafts and so on or wprking in the confines of KGB bunker in Moscow. I huv not yect meet ze crew outside of my own department but I have revviuwed some of starfleet records it is goning an...intresting trip but my how do say gut is telling me this will be no how you say..walk in park.

End log

ENS. Vladimire Renchoiski
Chief Intellignece Officer
USS Shanghai


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