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Dark times

Posted on Mon Jul 20th, 2009 @ 5:16pm by Ensign Vladimire Renchoiski

Chief Intelligence Officer's Personal Log Stardate 63157.17

I have concren about the recent increase in Ryunn comunication there has been a substancial increase in booth their subspace and Ship to ship traffice and it is somthing of great inportance as it is heavly incrypted, although we have broken 85% of their encryption code we still are missing key parts of it from what we have gathered it seems they are massing for a massive milarty opertion we managed to gather vague reprots of a weapons that can destoey entitire planets these are dark times. I have informed star fleet Intelligence in hopes that they can give more information on this weapon specifficly where it is and how it can destoryed or caputered the latter being perfured hopful we get this curtial information in time for I fear earth will fall next if we can't stop them here.
End Log.


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