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Posted on Tue Aug 11th, 2009 @ 4:04am by Lieutenant JG Derrik Bauer

Personal log.
Ok I don't know what the hell this guys problem is but if he keeps this shit up I am gonna have it out with him. He Thinks he runs this damn ship. Someone needs to remind him that he's the ASSISTANT security Chief and not the god damn Captain. He wants things done his way, too damn bad for him. I'm gonna run my Dept. How I want to. and he can go throw him self out the nearest airlock for all I care. Thanks to him I've got this lovely bruise on my damn head. He could have just said. I got ya, Knock it off. You're gonna get detained, but noooo He had to start a fight with me right next to one of the isolinear processor matrixes. If one of us had hit that thing we would have lost internal data relay ability to half the engineering section. But did he think about that? NOOO he just wanted to get back at me for my attitude and my modified phaser, or my unwillingness to add a security console for him. Well screw that. I'm done listening to him. From now on i'm gonna tell Roharren that if he needs something done to ask me himself instead of sending his assistant down.

End Personal Log.


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