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New Start

Posted on Wed Dec 16th, 2009 @ 9:08am by Commander Jonathan Franz

Chief Counselors personal Log; Today I have arrived on board the USS Shanghia, an Akira class starship. It is my first Starship posting. I have yet to explore the ship, but she seems like a fine vessel. One could get lost on a ship this big. It will take a little getting use to onboard this boat, and I am a little apprehensive about my first posting as chief counselor. Well it seems to be a posting of firsts.

Since the academy my last three posts were all planet bound, the first being Cardassia prime after the Dominion bombardment helping with the clean up. The second being Betazed, working the main psychiatric hospital, dealing with post dramatic stress cases. Though I have never fought in any war, all I have seen thus is its terrible consequences. Even in my last posting before this on Earth in Paris, in the Palais de la Concorde, the after math of the war is still being felt, even to this day.

That reminds me. Note to self; Start sit down chat sessions with all senior staff as per the regs, and get myself a new sofa for the office. The other is far to springy.

End personal log.


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