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Posted on Fri Jan 8th, 2010 @ 1:10am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Captain Chlan's Personal Log
Stardate 63626.26
Commanding Officer, USS Shanghai

Computer, begin log.

I seem to be at a loss for words. The tours were a complete mess, many people getting lost and showing up in the wrong places. We even found a person stuck in the Jeffries Tubes on deck 8. How he got there is anyone's guess. There even seems to be an attraction to me, citizens are pestering me for something called an "auto-graph" and my claws are sore from holding their digi-pens for the whole day.

It seems that my life has been regulated to something of a figurehead, the basis for which I guess must be my race. While it is nice to be needed, I cannot help but wonder the aftermath or fallout once people start turning their attention elsewhere. I do not know if the attention will wane, but I'd be content to live my life in peace.

I received a letter from the Akilor colony today, from one of the people I served with. It details their hardships in starting over. I do feel bad for them, as I am on board the Shanghai while they are adapting to life on Akilor Prime. But, I have notice that two of my former crew are interested in joining Starfleet, a huge step.

When I fled from the Confederacy, I wondered if I would ever be alive to tell my tale to others. I am fortunate in that respect. Never again will I wonder why my life had so little meaning to my commanders, I know that I will be respected and needed in this Federation. Hopefully, the book that I am writing will be able to show the Federation the ability they have to change lives, as well as the capacity they have to be compassionate, something that was not taught to us as Ryuu.

The crew is performing admirably. I am proud to serve with them, although I am certain that the crew is given my biography as required reading, something I wish wasn't so... public. But, most on this ship, including all of the transfers, seem to have no problem accepting me. i just hope I am worthy of that trust they give to me. I know I'm not normal, I'm a freak in this Federation. The shining light of this Federation is their ability to accept.

I feel that my head is about to burst. My crest is aching, and I am having trouble concentrating. I hope that a sleep cycle will make me ready for tomorrow.

Computer, end log.


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