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Learning on the job

Posted on Tue Mar 16th, 2010 @ 7:36pm by Lieutenant JG Jessica Ryan

Lieutenant JG Jessica Ryan`s Personal Log
Stardate 63811.05
Chief Flight Control Officer, USS Shanghai

Computer, begin log.

It seems like a lifetime since my last personal log, so much has happened that I do not know where to begin. Well to start with I have been promoted to Lieutenant JG which was a bit of a surprise seen as I have not been on the Shanghai very long so I must have being doing something right.

The recent weeks have also been a series of firsts for me. I actually got to fly a Valkyrie fighter not only that but I also landed the fighter one the Shanghai's hull while the ship was at warp speed and took part in a spacewalk. It was a once in a lifetime experience I mean how many officers can say that they were able to take a spacewalk on the hull of a ship travelling at warp speed. Myself and my follow officers run into some trouble on the hull what happen up there I better not say in this log but I will just say that thankfully everybody who went onto the hull is ok.

I hate to say that I have fought my first battle. I was so nervous sat in front of the helm console, flying the Shanghai under real fire not simulated fire luckily I did ok and managed to keep the ship sort of in one piece. But their was so much carnage and destruction all around the ship, I don`t think I will ever forget the moment when I saw a fellow Starfleet ship explode it was horrible all those lives lost in a matter of seconds.

Anyway I better get on and see to my duties as their is a lot of work to do in order to tidy up this place after the recent troubles, so I can`t spend the rest of the day talking to myself.

Computer end log


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