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Here goes everything....

Posted on Mon Apr 26th, 2010 @ 5:26pm by Lieutenant JG Rex Valkyrie

Personal Log Ensign Rex Valkyrie, Assistant Tactical Officer.

I have just transferred to the beautiful USS Shanghai. The ship looks marvelous on the inside and the outside. It reminds me of the actual city back on earth. The ship seems small though, but I reckon it's because I spent so much time on my Dad's Galaxy Class. From the scans of the ship it is far more agile, fast, and powerful than the Galaxy Class. I look forward to reporting for duty.

As for the crew, I'd say I got off to a good start. My arrival was well greeted and I felt welcome the moment I stepped onto the ship. During Dinner several of the crew came and sat with me, asking me questions about myself as well as helping me familiarize me with the vessel.

The Captain has invited me to a "Get-to-Know-You" meeting in the ready room. I look forward to it.

End Personal Log.


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