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Shadows in the Distance

Posted on Fri Oct 8th, 2010 @ 2:12pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Accessing Personal Log...

Entry By:
Commodore Relau Chlan, Commanding Officer
USS Shanghai NCC-63384 Akira-class
Ninth Fleet, Task Group 21-C

Begin Personal Log.

We're in this dammed universe now...can't imagine a worse place to be. I know that the Federation's track record with the Borg is less than stellar, it's okay. Everybody's is. Even my race has had its share of problems with them. We were lucky enough that we figured out how to reverse engineer their nanoprobes so that we couldn't be assimilated. It's standard in every Ryuu now. Although in this universe, I doubt that the Ryuu survived long. Everywhere we look, everywhere we turn it's more Borg. Can't get away from them.

Apparently the only reason we have survived is because there was no Federation. And, if no one from our crew is assimilated, we'll have the upper hand. But, if even one person is gained by the colective, we will most likely never reach home alive again.

The crew is on hair-trigger alert. Everyone is required to keep a type two phaser at their side. Parinoia and stress are rampant. I'm not worried about any mutiny, just the crew themselves. There's no end to what trouble they've had over the years. It's harder on them than it is myself.

The Shanghai is my home. I know no other now, after the events that led to me being in this chair. I will most likely die on this ship. It's not that I fear dying, it's just that I wish things had turned out differently - better, even. My friends on Akilor are doing well. They've become self-sustaining, according to their letters they frequently send to me. In fact, they even have tourism now. People are slowly coming to see the hospitality that they have learned from the Federation. I can't tell them that the Federation is planning on assembling a drydock over their planet. It was still in the works when we left that universe. They would be ecstatic. Most of the survivors have some sort of ship background. They would welcome the chance to work on ships again.

I've been injured pretty badly, the doctor says. I won't go into all the techno mumbo jumbo, but recovery is looking to be long and painful. I haven't felt this badly since I was injured in combat with none other than the Borg, years and years ago. Frankly, it sucks.

There's not much I can do for the crew. I wish I could do more. One click of my claws and they go home. I'd love that. It would be such a relief. Especially since after this previous mission, we were supposed to go on shoreleave. That will have to wait. We are doing the best we can now, and I know that we will continue to do the best we can. It's all I can ask the crew. But, I know they will come through. I have confidence in them.

Computer, End Log.


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