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The next step on the road

Posted on Mon Dec 13th, 2010 @ 9:06pm by 1st Lieutenant David Bove


1st Lieutenant David Bove`s Personal Log
Stardate 64951.5
Marine Commanding Officer, USS Shanghai

Computer, begin log.

Well I have arrived on the USS Shanghai for my latest cruise where once again I will be leading a Marine detachment as the marine commanding officer. I must say that I am not nervous about this new assignment as I have met some of my new charges and they seem much like most other marines I have encountered in my travels brave and loyal.

A part of me, well a large part of me misses my men on the Normandy they were good guys to have on your side in a fight but it was time for me to move on as they had learnt all they could from me perhaps here on the Shanghai I can be of use to these particular men.

I have met the CO who is a Commodore no less. He seems like a good man if that is the right word to use as he is a Ryuu not only that the Commodore is actually the first one of his kind I have ever met and he looks more like a big lizard than a human.

The Commodore told me that there will be engineers working in the marine area upgrading the facilities and such which may make it a little harder for me to settle in and get to work with drilling the marines but I will make do.

It was also that time of year again when I had to divulge all my feelings to the ships counsellor during my psychological evaluation, I tell you I really hate those things but as evaluations go it was not that bad. The counsellor seems like a nice guy and he has even invited me round to dinner with him and his girlfriend which should be good but social events have never been one of my strong points.

Anyway I had better get on and try and put some of my gear away as I haven`t got enough room to throw a cat in here at the moment.

Computer end log



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