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Points of Order

Posted on Wed Jul 18th, 2012 @ 10:48pm by Lieutenant Martin Smith

Vulcan is an elegant language. Economy of style, logical progressions of etymology, and contrary to popular belief, only one word for "heat". Felek, for reference. However, oddly enough, I'm not reading much about heat in the context of temperature. The Vulcan summary of the events surrounding the Reformation and the separation of the Vulcans and the Rihannsu talks about the heat of blood and passion of the people. It makes for interesting reading. And in light of the current state of affairs, it makes a for a fascinating juxtaposition of cultures.

The concept of re-unification is inspiring some of the most passionate logical debates on Vulcan in centuries, with the most respected of the Vulcan philosophers penning their thoughts on the subject with logic so sharp and pointed it could pierce the hull of a Federation destroyer. At the same time, the seeming willingness of the Rihannsu Tricameron to abandon their pride and acknowledge the logic of stabilizing their weak position has some of the most notable war hawks of the Empire up in arms. The banners of Surak and S'task are being waved high and prominent.

Then again, the energy within the Vulcan and Rihannsu cultures is nothing compared to the energy going through the unaligned empires who are doing all they can to keep the re-unification from happening. An era of cooperation between Vulcans and Rihannsu will stabilize a fair portion of the Alpha Quadrant. Of course, there are always factions who benefit from discord and uncertainty. The Orions, the Tholians, and (more troubling to me) the Cardassians immediately come to mind. The Cardassians in particular can't be happy about these ties strengthening given alliances surrounding the Dominion War.

I have to admit the Klingon reaction makes me nervous too. No doubt the war hawks are howling that this reunification is a ploy to dissolve the Federation - Klingon alliance and destroy the Klingon Empire. Unfortunately, they are singularly well placed to cause havoc in this situation if they choose, and it remains to be seen if the Klingons attacking the Rihannsu would trigger an Organian intervention...

I'm honestly glad the negotiations aren't directly in my lap this time. The Cardassian negotiations leading to the Treaty of 2370 were less destructive to my stomach lining, and there was an active war going on then.


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