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To Know What Was Lost

Posted on Sat Jan 21st, 2012 @ 9:45pm by Ensign Nazirin Skye & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes

Mission: Intermission
Location: Officer's Mess-Deck 3

Ever since Skye had found out there was an El-Aurian aboard, he had been itching to contact the man. Now was the only chance he foresaw. Skye walked into the officer's mess after seeing Lt. Commander Barnes walk in. He hurried himself to the bar and ordered a cup of coffee. He didn't quite know how to approach him, he'd never met an El-Aurian outside his family.

Skye gathered his courage. After receiving his beverage, Skye straightened his uniform, not wanting to present a wrinkly picture of himself to Barnes. He walked slowly over to the officer, appearing to be no older than 22. "Commander Loron, I believe we may have something in common." Had he said Loron?! Good God, he'd really done it now.

"The ability to read a personnel manifest and accompanying biographies, no doubt," James said without looking up from his coffee or PADD. He took a sip of his raktajino and then sat his PADD down, looking up at the young Ensign. "I haven't been called that in a long time," he motioned to the chair opposite of him, "Please, sit."

Skye sat. "I apologize, and yes, I do read all biographies of Senior Staff members. I don't mean to be forward, but let me introduce myself. I am Ensign Nazirin Skye, but you may call me Nazirin, sir. My grandparents and mother also survived the attack on El-Aur, sir. They taught me as much as they could, but that was with the screen all grandparent put before stories. I don't want to sound like an anxious child, sir, but I am very pleased to meet another. I though I'd be the only El-Aurian for light years, not taking into account the scattered nature of our people." Skye was very aware he was babbling, but that was just his human excitement shining through, as it always did in imperfect moments. He didn't want to disappoint this man, there was just something he sensed, something he'd find very useful aboard.

James waited until the ensign was done. "Our Republic was the most perfect example of oblivious arrogance in the galaxy," he shrugged, "But it was paradise. I lived there for over 150 years, that's a little bit of information. What exactly do you want to know?"

Skye had heard it described as that before. "Excuse me, Commander Loron. If I'm bothering you, I don't mean to be. Please let me know if I was bothering you. I was just hoping to strike up some sort of friendship with you. My grandfather made it his dieing wish for me to find others like us, and I was just hoping...or maybe I was just being overly philosophical. I guess I was just hoping to know what it was like, to be one of the survivors and what it was like for you before the attack, before the threats. And your experiences in the Defense Force. My grandmother served, before she and her husband set out to travel the galaxy."

"You're not bothering me, Ensign," James shrugged, "One thing you will learn is that we have all the time in the world for distractions like this. Literally. Well, almost literally in your case, as a half human. Our homeworld was a dual mooned temperate class M planet, second from our star. Very similar to Earth, though about one and a half times larger. It was slightly warmer, and due to its axis of rotation, only had a northern polar ice cap. The population was lower than Earth, mainly due to our evolved longevity. And the women...." James grinned and laughed, "The women were beautiful."

Skye smiled. "I've heard stories from my grandfather. His brother was quite the womanizer. And its not almost literally. The doctors my family consulted estimate my lifetime should be as long as a full El-Aurian's. Most of my mother's DNA overpowers my father's, anyway, except from that angry, ambitious streaks that identify us as Skye. I have seen portraits of my grandmother's sisters, let's just say they all married extremely well, but none one survived, sadly. My grandfather sent some images of El-Aur, taken just minutes before the attack, if you'd like them?"

"I could probably identify them if you were to show them to me," James sipped his coffee, "I also have some of my own, and a holoprogram of my home in the capital, if you're interested in seeing them sometime."

Skye's face lit up. "That'd be excellent. I also have some old family photos my grandmother sent a few days ago, and a few El-Aurian artifacts in my office. My grand parents kept quite a few caches of their things scattered around the quadrant, which they gathered after they found out what happened. My uncle transmitted a few messages, the photographs,and warnings from a station near El-Aur, in an attempt to keep them from attempting to rally an army to attempt a re take, he knew it would only lead to a billion more deaths. If you're free, I have time now."

James finished his coffee, standing up. "Perhaps another time, Ensign. I have a subspace conference to attend with Starfleet Intelligence in the near future. I assure you, though, I am not hard to find."

Skye smiled. "That's fine, commander. I understand, I should probably get a final draft of all the reports for the command staff. Its a pretty dull job, StratOps until we have a mission or unless your're aboard a station. Until the admiral puts a bit more on my plate, I take odd jobs in the other departments when I've been through my strategies for the millionth time, though I suppose you can never stop perfecting your work. If you need any assistance on anything, I was an Asst. Intel. officer for a while. Can I get you anything else?" Skye rose slowly.

"My current staffing levels should be sufficient," he said, nodding to the young officer, "I'll see you around, Ensign."

Skye took a step back, preparing to leave. "Understood, Commander. Good day." Skye walked to the door and left the room. He paused just outside the lounge, thinking over what had just occurred. He was going to be a suspicious man to deal with, but he'd eventually get used to the crew.

Lt. Commander James Barnes
Chief Intelligence Officer
USS Shanghai


Ensign Nazirin Skye
Chief StratOps Officer
USS Shanghai


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