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Dream State Part 3: Dark Skye

Posted on Fri Feb 10th, 2012 @ 8:36pm by Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Ensign Nazirin Skye

Mission: Intermission
Location: DS10
Timeline: July 5, 2385.


Kozlov managed to grab Skye's hand and got out of the hole. The two men continued to run down the hall. Kozlov stopped suddenly and looked at Skye, "I don't Demetri had ever helped, I believe I was supposed to fall," there was a sudden explosion and the two men fell.


Skye slowly rose up, his back quivering in pain. He looked around in confusion. They were in a large officer's quarters. Kozlov, get up, I think I may know where we are." He ran confusingly over to the nearest mirror. He was in Intelligence attire, DS10 variation. He saw the look of confusion on his face. "We're on DS10, these are the uniforms we wore. Computer, date?"

"Date: July 5, 2385." Skye shiverd a bit. This was the date he always took a LOA on, the day he hated to remember, the day he regretted.

Kozlov looked around, he was glad to be away from Turkana, and while this area had familiar Starfleet markings it was no place he had ever been before. "You know this place?" he asked Skye, "are we in some sort of temporal flux... maybe skipping between parallel dimensions."

Skye shook his head in denial. "No, no, nooo, we can't be here, on this day. Yes, I know this place. We're in the Delta Quadrant, aboard DS10. We are in a temporal flux, we're at lest ten years from when we were on Turkana, but not parallel dimensions." Skye looked around, bustling through the quarters, checking to insure no one was there. "Okay, from what I can tell, I'm about to begin duty. You look like Ensign Lake, a junior intelligence officer aboard. We always walked to the Intelligence complex together, his quarters are right down the corridor. You have to know something about this day, its very urgent. I can't let this day happen as it did then." Skye stood facing Kozlov/Lake with an overly defiant look on his face.

"Relax Skye," Kozlov said as he was trying to put this all together, "I'm not convinced we are affecting the timeline and if we are it is too late. When you pulled me up from that hole it would have changed, but I still seem to be the same, I have the same memories. Whatever is about to happen today I am okay with changing, just tell me what is about to happen?"

Skye pulled a chair to him, falling. "Thank you. Maybe we aren't changing anything, but that just makes things worse, knowing that nothing I do will fix the mistakes I made, the mistakes this crew made." Skye got up and threw the chair across the room. It bounced off the table and landed on the small couch. "Today is the day that I began to spiral downward. Today is the day the Kazon give the Federation an ultimatum: leave the territory they claim as there's, even though its to far away to be managed more than a pirate haven, or they attack. We refused to end our efforts to assist the people in that area and we deployed four ships, three sovereigns and one defiant, the USS Stallion. My wife was aboard the Stallion when she was heavily damaged. Cpt. Susanna Crawl ordered the crew to one of the sovereigns, but my wife stayed, and was killed. Many mistakes were made that day: faulty intelligence reports, bad commands, etc. This is a day I avoid at all costs. I guess this is the universe's way of telling me there is nothing I could do. I guess we have no choice but to live it out the way it happened." Skye began to laugh a bit psychotically. He didn't want to cry, so he laughed. This day meant the end of the only love he'd ever had, the death of the only person he committed himself to, and he'd have to live it all over again. "I think I may need a second psych evaluation after this." Skye stood, still laughing.

Kozlov rested his a hand on Skye's shoulder, "Nazirin, the man I met on the Shanghai a few days ago is not someone on a downward spiral, but a man that is living the best way he can. We may not be able to change what happens here. But, if you want to. You may be able to see your wife again."

Skye smiled. He liked Kozlov, though he was fearful of what the man would think about him after this was over. Could he really be brought down by the death of his wife? It wasn't the favorite aspect of his character, but Skye knew that any friend of his would have to deal with that as well as other...flaws. "I see her every day, but maybe it is better that I don't remember burying her, or what was left. If she saw me breaking down, she'd send a dagger through my arm, she was a violent woman. Yeah, you're right, maybe it would help to see her again. One of two things will happen today: I'll get the closure I need or that unsavory combination of DNA will show its uglier, darker sides. If the latter happens, like it did years ago, you'll see me in the brig, like I was then. Like I sad, many things went wrong, and I saw everyone of them when the Stallion's shields went down. Let's go to Ops, we have work to do."

Kozlov was not sure what he was getting into, but gave Skye a curt nod and decided to follow, "Lets go then."

"Don't do anything unless I tell you to do, you need to see just how careless everyone was that day." Skye stormed out of the quarters, down to the turbolift, and in with Kozlov close behind. "Computer, Ops." He paced back and forth through the turbolift, nervous. "Are you sure you're ready for this? Ops is an intense place, and this day is more stressful than usual. Not to mention, we are the most senior department aboard, so everything goes to us, that's why I spun downward, I missed everything." Skye looked at Kozlvo, insuring he knew what he was getting into.

"It's ok Nazirin," Kozlov said calmly, "What happened-happened, I will not judge you or anyone else here for a mistake in the past."

"Thanks, your're a bigger man than I am. I still can't stand to here from these people. I screwed up, yes, but people much more senior screwed up twice as bad, not to misplace blame. You say that now, but you just don't know the whole story. We set ourselves up for failure two weeks ago, but that'ts a story for another temporal shift." The turbolift got them there after about a minute. The walked out, but were briefly stopped by security officers.

The husky Caitian put his hand to his phaser and said, "I apologize, ensigns, but the admiral has instituted a security code check for all personnel entering Ops, so the Kazon can't sneak anyone in. Please, state your access code for the computer." He looked remorseful, but dutiful. "It's no problem," said Skye, "but the ensign hasn't been authorized for Ops, he's with me, access code Skye-Alpha-1-7." The Caitian bowed and stepped aside, permitting both through the next door. The deep room was bustling with activity, there was hardly room to walk. Two large viewscreens displayed a Kazon fleet in orbit around an unknown planet. Seated on a raised platform was Admiral Chechniev, a large but beautiful human woman barking orders. "That's the commanding officer, the root of all that went wrong today. You see that large door, that's the StratOps/Intelligence center. We'll make our way there and watch the chips fall where they may, okay?"

Kozlov gave the man a slow nod, it was clear that at this place and at this time Nazirin was the senior officer and the one to deffer too. Understand position and willing to give respect he responded, "aye, sir."

Skye continued to walk across the room to the large door, both men navigating their way through the crowd, escaping the Admiral's notice. They arrived at the door, that also had two guard, a Trill man and a Vulcan woman. "Lieutenants, we're authorized into this area." The two glanced at each other and the Vulcan went to check his paDD that obviously had a list of authorized personnel on it. "Asst. Chief Intelligence Officer, you are approved access into this room. I do not envy you, sir. Live long and prosper." The young Vulcan opened the door. Skye quickly entered, waving Kozlov in behind him. "Welcome to Hell, friend, welcome to Hell." Skye opened both his arms to the astounding complex. The red alert Klaxons were on only in this room and a blinding red light flashed in the room. Officers in grey and red uniforms scrambled around, some huddled around holo-projecting tables and some huddled at small desks, slaving over paDD after paDD. Skye pointed to the upper level. "You see that complex up there, the center is the joint office of our Chiefs of Intelligence and StratOPs. To the right is my office and to the left is the office of the Asst. Chief of StratOps. We'll make our way up there. Lake spent most of his day with me today, so we'll play it out just as it went, okay?"

"Right," Kozlov replied as he surveyed the activity in the area trying to take it all in.

Skye nodded his head and begin to navigate his way up the stairs and to his office door. He pushed in a few commands and the computer asked for his acces code. "Skye Alpha-1-7." The door opened in a flash of movement, revealing a large space with several holo-tables and holo-projectors scattered about. At the back of the room was a large desk with three computer screens, all active and shuffling through information. The wall nearest held a large projector showing tactical analyses of the starbase and it garrison. "This is my office. The intelligence staff regularly use this room. It's probably the most active and advanced room aboard, and we used it as such. Here, we can monitor information for various places throughout the Delta Quadrant, we even maintain an information link with Starfleet Command." Skye looked back to Kozlov, trying to gauge his reaction.

"It's impressive," Kozlov said looking around, "I worked most of my career assigned to Starfleet Operations on Earth. I have seen some impressive systems before, this is definitely one of the nicest."

Skye smiled a bit. "Okay, to be realistic, I gave him the choice of where to start today. We can begin with either the Intelligence reports or paperwork, your choice."

"Lets do intelligence reports," Kozlov said casually as he looked around, "I hope that was the hardest choice of the day."

"Huh, that's what he chose." Skye walked briskly through the maze of projector tables over to his desk. "Okay, here's what we do. On these, we completely got complacent and screwed up. So, we'll start with the report from the USS Comintern."

Kozlov touched the screen and asked for the USS Comintern report, looking over it he remarked, "you sure you don't want to try and change the outcome or see your wife?"

Skye walked over to the table nearest him. "Computer hail USS Cassiopeia." He waited while the computer hailed the distant ship, looking over at Kozlov. "She'll be by soon. As for changing something, if you could have changed what we did on Turkana, would you have? I mean, it was a traumatic event for you, and wouldn't changing it, knowing it would do nothing, hurt you more? I know it would me. But, I'll consider it. To be quite honest, I don't know what I want to do, I don't know what I believe, I don't know what I understand, not since she died. Excuse me, I didn't mean to be self loathing, just another result of the death." A petite woman with gray hair appeared on the screen. "Good day, Ensign Skye. The Cassiopeia's report will be sent shortly. Excuse me, but we're about to decloak. Cassiopeia Out."
"Understood Commodore. Good luck." He hit the button that broke the comm link, hoping he hadn't revealed their position. He looked back at Kozlov.

"I wouldn't change anything on Turkana because it wouldn't make a difference, if I could I would, but I did not and still do not have the authority or ability to change that world. But, consider this... if it is some sort of alternate world, would you have the Skye is this world live without his wife even if you can prevent it?" Kozlov asked.

As Skye began to speak, a blinding light appeared outside of the window. The room began to shake and that same explosion that got them here knocked both men to their backs.

They awoke after a few seconds, back in that same room on the Shanghai. Skye began looking around, but Kozlov just looked at him. Skye thought, "Now we'll never know, but I've got a feeling he does."


Ensign Nazirin Skye
Chief of StratOps
USS Shanghai


Lt(JG) Arseni Kozlov
Chief of Operations
USS Shanghai


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