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Haunted, Part V (Condemmed)

Posted on Fri Jul 6th, 2012 @ 10:47pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.)

Mission: Intermission
Location: Ryuusia Prime, Detention Facility Level Alpha, Number One
Timeline: 2385 - Four Years Prior to this Date

Here he was. The Great Warrior. The one who would save us all. Or, as the entire population now called him, the betrayer. The defiler. Unclean. The latter was by far the most popular slur, an insult to any true believer. But Relau had long given up believing. He simply did. And for that, he was to be executed. Not at the hands of a common executioner, but the monarch's personal one. And why? He had followed orders.

Life just didn't make sense sometimes. The Ryuu was accused of committing treason, one of the worst crimes against the state. He understood the charges, denied every one of them, and was still on death row. Along with about 200 other Ryuu, he would be put to death in the next hour.

It wasn't long to contemplate the things that he had accomplished over his life. In fact, it was quite short, considering that he had been alive for over 150 world turns. All of his accomplishments would be wasted away. Nothing would be left. In fact, he wouldn't even see the faces of anyone before he died. It was customary to have everyone turn around, away from the guilty. It was the final mark of shame.

Relau leaned back, the chair supporting his weight and working to keep his tail elevated. There was no need to shackle the prisioner. He was guarded at all times and the forcefield that was there would have easily barbequed him if he tried to push through it. No, he was secure, and it would stay that way until someone came, read him his rights as a condemmed prisioner, gave him the final blessing and then took him to the execution table.

Ah, the execution table. Something so simple, elegant in design. He would be lain down on the table, his face turned towards the sun and the glory of Jah'Paek. Then, they would strap his limbs down, leaving his tail free. But, his tail would then be adorned with the razor sharp threads of the guilty. Then, they would thread his own tail around his neck and administer a shock to a certain nerve at the base of his tail. It would cause him to contract his tail, to decapitate himself with the tail that he was born with. Quite gruesome, really.

His priest was let in. The other, hooded Ryuu stood before him. "Relau Chlan. Condemmed prisioner of the state." His old, gravelly voice echoed in the stark chamber. "You have been found guilty of treason. Jah'Paek has decreed your death. Please intone the blessing with me."

The blessing was simple. It asked for the soul's departure into the afterlife to be smooth. But after that, he knew that his soul would be doomed to walk the Plains of Gor'loch for eternity, the lowest place, where he was little more than beast. It was the area reserved for the worst of them. Aparrently, he warranted the worst.

Relau didn't intone the blessing. It wasn't that he no longer believed. It wasn't that he had nothing else to do. It was simply an act of defiance. He would not agree to this. It was wrong. There was too much wrong with the government. His final act of defiance though would seal his fate among his people as being cast into oblivion, without any recollection of his life. He would essentailly be consigned to nothing. It was, as of all things, the god's decree.

The earth shook as the last line was read. Maybe that was Jah'Paek's way of keeping his follwers in line. Or, it was something entirely different. He barely had time to come to a standing, crouching position instinctive of any predator, before he was blown forward. The blast knocked him into the priest, who had the unfortunate happenstance of hitting the forcefield. The current was enough to kill the priest, himself shocked, but still standing. Well, kneeling now. But he was kneeling outside his cell. That made all the difference in the world.

He raced down the hallway, divesting a gun off of a fallen guard's body. Running into the sunlight, he could see projectiles being churned out of his own ship, the Arantos class K-109. The stylized Ryuun symbol for "Arantos" was glowing on the bow, next to the Ryuun seal of interdependence. Orbital bombardment. What a fitting end for the prision that catered to the elite and their corruption. He saw a flash of light streaming towards him from the crusier. He just stood there, as he saw the projectile headed straight for him. It would be a welcome end. There was a flash of light. Then nothing.


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