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Yet Another Welcome Post

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:28am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & 2nd Lieutenant Zak Keevon

Mission: Intermission
Timeline: Complete and Utter Backpost


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!


Relau looked up as the door chimed. There was a flood of people that wanted to see him today, but he didn't mind. "Enter." He said, clasping his claws in front of him.

As the door opened, Zak strode in quickly, permitting himself a brief moment to look around before stopping in front of the desk. His heels clicked sharply as he snapped his hand upwards in a salute. "Chief Warrant Officer Keevon Zak reports as ordered, Sir!"

"Relax. Take a seat." Relau said, moving the meeting along. "Can I get you anything to drink?" He asked, standing up and moving over to the replicator.

Zak sat across from the Admiral's chair. "Chiraltan tea would be excellent, thank you."

Relau brought the drink over and then proceeded to sit down. "So, Mr. Zak, please tell me about yourself. I often find career service vitaes to be boring sometimes.

Zak hesitated a bit before responding tentatively. "It's Keevon, Sir. Bajoran custom puts the surname before the given name. Zak is what most Federation cultures would call my first name." He sipped the tea, then nodded approvingly. "As for myself...I was an enlisted Marine for a few years before going through officer training. I'm trained as a sniper and a recon operator. I'm confident you'll find me more than capable."

"What about your family, what of them?" Relau asked curiously. "Do you have any significant others?"

Zak took a deep breath, clearly not looking forward to this part of the conversation. "My father lives on Bajor, as does my adoptive brother. My mother was killed in a raid shortly after I was born." He closed his eyes and paused for a long moment. "And my fiancee was killed on the Howe a little over two years ago."

"I'm sorry to hear that." Relau said, genuinely sorry. "I know where you are coming from. Most of my biography isn't classified and you can look at that at your leisure, but I know how it is to leave everything behind. Thank you for your dedication" He said, drawing a huge breath. "So what do you do in your free time?"

Zak nodded, pleased to be changing the topic. "I spend quite a bit of time training, but beyond that I'm a student of the law and of other cultures. I particularly enjoy exploring music, and I'm thinking of trying to learn an instrument at some point."

"Good for you. Do you have any specific questions for me?" Relau asked, smiling.

"I don't believe so, Sir. I look forward to serving with you."


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