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Another Welcome Post

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:27am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Commander Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant JG Christian D'Alessandro

Mission: Intermission
Timeline: Complete and Utter Backpost


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!


Relau had a meeting with Captain Sun and was on his way to her office for the meeting. It was one he wasn't particularly looking forward to - requisition approvals. Everyone wanted something and he heard about it one way or another if the resources they had weren't all doled out according to the wishes of the department heads. He passed numerous crewmen on the way, but the one outside of the Captain's Office was unfamiliar to him. "Greetings, Ensign." He said, joining him at the door. "Here to see the Captain?" He had his shoulder turned away from the Ensign, so that he couldn't see his rank.

Having barely spoken to anyone since joining the crew, D'Alessandro was a little startled, albeit pleased, to be spoken to in such a way, or to be spoken to at all, for that matter. However, this was not altogether surprising, given how new he was to this ship and her crew.

"Good morning" he replied, carefully, eyeing the somewhat strange and unfamiliar lizard-man towering above him, trying exceptionally hard not to stare at either the tail or the claws.

"Yes, I am here to see the Captain. I've not met her before, I must confess, I'm a little nervous. I know very little of this crew, I've not had a great deal of time for background reading - I was transferred here on short notice. I don't suppose you'd mind giving me a bit of advice in order that I might, well, not totally screw up my first meeting with my first Captain on my first actual assignment, would you?" he continued.

At this point, Christian had a strange feeling that he'd put his foot in his mouth, although for the life of him, he didn't know why.

"Captain's a bitch." Relau said cheerily. "She and I have a long history." He smirked a bit, his mouth twisting up very strangely, as it was a learned habit. "In any case." He trailed off as the door opened.

"Two to see Captain Sun." He said, announcing it as the 'enter' came through.

Sun was caught off guard, though she didn't show it. Her office was still barren, virtually devoid of anything resembling personal effects. She just hadn't had time. That and she still hadn't had anything remade since the loss of most of her things over Akilor. She gave a bow, before raising back up speaking lightly. "Nei hou, siu zeong Chlan ji siu wai D'Alessandro,"

She paused, and glanced over to her computer, seemingly confused for a moment. "I'm sorry," She spoke coldly, actually speaking Federation Standard, a clear bit of Australian influence slipping through from time to time, "The computer does not differentiate between verbal and written universal translators - and I was tired of it translating my paperwork into Mandarin rather than Yue. Still trying to nut out the issue. Work out, the issue. Sorry,"

"Anyway," She said glancing back to the two and patting down her jacket, to straighten the sides. "As I was saying, hello, and you must be Ensign D'Alessandro," She struggled a bit with the name at first. It didn't slide off of her tongue, but she thought she had done relatively well. "Please, have a seat - ignore the stacks of PaDDs, those are for him," She waved a hand towards the two seats in the room, and gave a quick twitch of her towards the PaDDs tossed about her desk. "Can I get either of you anything to drink?"

"Nothing for me. The poor Ensign over here though thinks that you're a really bad hardass. You should answer your door more often." Relau replied. He was in a good mood, and he was pretty sure that the Ensign was starting to realize, if he hadn't already, that they were the command staff on the Shanghai.

"So you have your crew meetings before I do?" Relau asked curiously. "I sincerely hope that you haven't scared anyone away."

D'Alessandro stood there, a smile on his face, quietly contemplating that he couldn't have picked a worse time to be standing outside the Captain's office. Setting aside the fact that he hadn't realised he was speaking to the CO, he now felt like a schoolboy in the headteacher's office. At the age of 23, he was growing somewhat tired of that feeling, although he ensured he maintained a polite and courteous smile throughout.

Not wishing to interrupt or become further involved in the banter between the two senior most officers on the ship, yet not wishing to be rude, eventually he found the courage to say something.

"Ma'am - or Sir, or Captain, do you have a preference? A cup of tea with milk and two sugars would be nice, thank you." he said as he finally spoke, every inch of the British inside him coming through. Keeping a smile plastered to his face at all costs, his mind immediately reminding him of the fact that in the end, interrupting the CO before the Captain had a chance to reply was, quite possible, THE most idiotic thing he could have done. Recovering quickly, he added, "My apolgies, Sir.", turning to the Admiral, "Forgive my interruption."

D'Alessandro made a mental note to act like less of an idiot in future.

"It's a pleasure to meet both of you." he finished. He was in the process of extending a hand to offer the Admiral a handshake, then all too quickly he became aware of the fact that the Admiral's hands were, in fact, not hands. Christian, all of a sudden entirely unsure of himself, made no further effort, afraid of embarassing himself further. He concluded that if the CO wanted to shake his hand, Christian would let the Admiral do it on his terms.

"Well, that was a good start, way to put your best foot forward, moron." he thought to himself as he stood there, his hand in limbo between offering a handshake and resting comfortably at his side. If his father could see him now, he'd be turning in his grave.

Relau carefully shook the hand that was proffered him, the warm blooded flesh a contrast to his skin. But nonetheless, Relau finished the human custom and then gestured to a seat. "So, despite the fact that this is probably not how you had intended on meeting us, why don't you tell us a little bit about yourself?" He asked, moving over to sit on the couch.

"And don't think you're interrupting," Sun spoke quietly, as she slid away to the replicator. She stared at the device for a moment, before tapping on the control panel, rather than speaking. There was a shimmer of blue light before a couple cups appeared. She stepped back over towards the desk, sitting the tea with milk on the edge of her desk nearest the Ensign, and taking the other cup with her as she moved back towards her seat. "Hope the replicator got the taste right."

D'Alessandro accepted the offer of a chair and sat down promptly, beginning to feel slightly more relaxed and less embarassed, the commanding officers being far more welcoming than he had anticipated. He picked up the cup and took a sip. "It's lovely, thank you" he said, putting the cup back on the desk. He turned slightly so that he was facing both the Admiral and the Captain. "I'm not sure where to begin, to be honest with you. I was born in London, England in 2364. My childhood was fairly unremarkable until 2367, when the Borg cube was sent to assimilate Earth and the Starfleet Armada engaged them at Wolf 359. My father, Lieutenant Commander D'Alessandro, was the Chief Security/Tactical officer on the Melbourne. To my knowledge, he went down with the ship along with the rest of the crew. Or at least that's what I prefer to believe. I know there have been some unverified claims over the years that some Starfleet officers were assimilated at Wolf 359 and somehow managed to avoid the destruction of the cube, but I don't particularly wish to acknowledge that possibility. At any rate, I've learned enough about my father over the years that he would've gone out with a bang, whatever happened to him." he said, offering a weak, but rather transparent smile.

"Thereafter, I got through my childhood as best I could and decided to join Starfleet. It seemed like the right thing to do. There was little else that interested me. I wanted to do something with my life, something important, something with purpose, intrigue, excitement - something that I could be proud of, not to mention something that I was truly interested in and dedicated to. Since I enlisted, I've never doubted that choice, and I'm proud to wear this uniform." he continued, gesturing at the uniform. "Plus I like to think that it's what my father would have wanted. If he were still here, I'm sure he'd be delighted to see my in this uniform. I can think of no higher honour - for me, or for him." he added.

D'Alessandro feared he was rambling, so took a moment to take another sip of tea. He smiled. "Not the way my mother makes it, but good nonetheless.". Taking a moment to contemplate how to continue, he had another mouthful of tea then continued, rambling or not.

"I enjoyed my time at the Academy. I studied, I made friends, as one does. There was always a yearning for me to become a security/tactical officer. I think my father influenced that decision greatly. It probably also had to do with the fact that I seemed to be the only person in my class that could vaguely tolerate our classes involving tactical or security scenarios, let alone enjoy them. I graduated with majors in Astrophysics and Engineering. While my primary focus was security and tactical, it seemed like as good a time as any to broaden my knowledge, and it was enjoyable. Before I left my tutor recommended me for Advanced Tactical Training and Starfleet Command School. I was enthusiastic about the former, much less so about the latter, I must admit. In hindsight, I'm glad I did both. It was two years extra training, and it was by no means easy, but enjoyable nonetheless. The survival course was particularly interesting, although I'll never complain about the quality of food and drink ever again. I doubt the Command training or the Bridge Officer's test will be of much use to me yet, due to my lack of actual field experience and my rank, but in time I think it will serve its purpose. At any rate, it was a very interesting course. I never quite understood how making simple decisions can cause severe consequences until then. I'm glad I do now." he continued.

At this point D'Alessandro was quite certain that he was rambling, no doubt due to the fact that he had relaxed enough to go off on a tangent without realising it. Nevertheless, he retained his composure. In a way, he was rather proud of himself. Despite the fact that he was older than most for his first posting, he's achieved a lot for someone so young, even without any experience outside of simulations and training. He paused for a few moments to drain the rest of his cup.

"My apologies for the detail. Not quite the 'little' about myself I'd intended to share, but I think it's pertinent nonetheless." he commented, "All of that being said, I'm sure you're more interested in my actual security and tactical experience, as opposed to my life history?" he added, leaving it as more of a question than a statement, afraid that he may have said too much, for the time being at least. Not wanting to bore anyone, Christian concluded it was best to let them dictate the tempo and content of the meeting.

Relau just raised an eyebrow, glancing over at Sun. "That will suffice, I assure you. A very succinct history. Can I ask a personal question?" He asked, cocking his head to the side, waiting for the permission.

D'Alessandro waited a moment before nodding, "By all means, Sir." he added.

"It seems that you have an affinity for your family group, which is acceptable and commendable at the same time. However, when it comes down to it, can I count on you to put the ship first, barring those feelings you have for your family?" Relau asked pointedly.

"Sir, I wouldn't be here if I couldn't put the ship and her crew first and foremost. I think it would be irresponsible and dangerous on my part if I couldn't. Aside from the fact that there is little of my family left, I'm a Starfleet officer above all, you have my word on that." replied D'Alessandro, slightly concerned that the need was felt to ask him that question.

Sun glanced over to the man with a light smile. She too was a bit surprised by the question - having a close knit, if large, family herself. She gave a light nod, more than happy with the answer. "Good," She spoke. "What about your career? Any aspirations within the fleet?" She leaned back and sipped on her tea, "You said you've taken command courses, after all."

"As long as I'm in Starfleet, I'm happy. Just being here, especially on such an advanced ship with some of the most renowned officers in the fleet is an honour and a dream come true unto itself." replied D'Alessandro, smiling. "Please don't misunderstand me, that's not to say I don't have aspirations. I'd love nothing more than to become a chief security/tactical officer in the future, whenever and wherever that may be. I'd also be lying if I didn't say that one day, a command posting would be another dream come true." he continued, pausing a moment before adding, "For the time being I'm more than happy to do my job to the very best of my ability. I can't quite describe how exciting it is to finally have a position in the fleet after the academy and extra years of training. Its been a long, albeit thoroughly rewarding road."

D'Alessandro beamed a wide smile without realising. He truly couldn't describe how exciting an opportunity this was for him. He'd been sitting on a question that he wanted to ask. Before this meeting, he would never have considered asking it, even for a moment. However, he'd realised that this meeting, or the commanding officers for that matter, were not as rigid and formal as he'd anticipated, quite the opposite in fact, they were very welcoming and friendly.

"I hope you don't mistake my enthusiasm for over-confidence, but may I ask a question, please? Besides the question that I just asked, that is." he asked, then thinking to himself "Tell me you didn't just try to make a joke in front of your new superiors? At least try to make it *vaguely* funny if you're going to make a joke, sheesh.".

"By all means," Sun spoke simply, giving a quick smirk and leaning forward a bit more as she set down the cup in her hand. She was always more than happy to entertain questions, though she realized the Admiral may have had a different opinion. She hoped she wasn't crossing a line, but didn't see how she would have been.

Relau nodded, looking over to Sun and then back to the new officer. "By all means. We appreciate openness and candor when it is appropriate on this ship."

"Thank you ma'am, sir." he said, to the Captain and Admiral respectively. "One of my instructors for my Command courses suggested that an Ensign such as myself might, rarely, be allowed to take the night shift on the bridge. I have no expectations whatsoever, particularly as I'm very new here. I heard about this and couldn't resist asking, especially as I'd like to be able to be of as much use as possible, and I won't lie, I'd like the experience. Is that something that would be possible at some point in the future? It isn't greatly important, curiosity got the better of me on this one. My apologies if that question was out of line" he asked, tentatively.

"I'm sure that we can work something out. We just had another person qualify for bridge officer, so it might be one night a week on the dogwatch, but I'm sure we can work it in. Captain Sun will work on that with you." Relau said, nodding. "Anything else on your mind?"

"Nothing else, sir, thank you." D'Alessandro replied, smiling, remarkably surprised at how accomodating everybody was here, but delighted nonetheless. "Do you have any other questions for me?" he asked.

"None, soldier. Dismissed." Came the reply.


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