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A Relaxing Evening

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:31am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Commander Sun Mei Xiang & Commander River Morgan

Mission: Intermission
Location: Officer's Mess, Captain's Table
Timeline: Complete and Utter Backpost


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!


Relau stretched as he sat down. This was a long time in coming, he had invited both his executive and second officers for dinner, and he had some exciting news about their next mission. He took a sip of water and reviewed the previous months in his mind.

It had been a long and arduous journey, but they had gotten out of the battle with their mirror-selves trying to kill them and had moved on to destroy the rogue planet. After that, the sights and sounds of battle were very fresh in their mind. They were moved to a quiet place where they could just have a good bit of R&R. After a few months of that, here they were, ready to have another crack at saving the galaxy.

Relau looked up and greeted the first officer in the door. "Hello!" He said cheerily.

"Evening Sir" River replied as she entered, a little self-conscious about her atire which was formal eveningwear and she hoped not 'too much'. "I didn't know how formally to dress." she said a little apologetically as she sat down on his left side at the little round table. "I... I did bring wine though." she held out a bottle of red wine she had replicated. It was Terran, French, Bordeaux and a very good year. "I had to replicate it so it's not the best but it seems a very nice copy." she explained, putting it on the table for Relau to examine.

"I love human alcoholic drinks!" Relau said, smiling. "I think that it is a very interesting feeling, something that directly inhibits motor functions as such. It would be a very potent tool in a war, if you could get someone to voluntarily drink it." He mused as he allowed the steward to pour the drinks. "In any case, how was your leave?" He asked.

Tag River

Mei had found herself entering just after the admiral had turned away for a moment. Her eyes seemed a bit blank, somewhere in thought, not quite all there for whatever reason. She had gone through the motions however, a quick bow, and a polite, "Ni hao ma," before moving over towards the table and finally giving a quick, "I hope I'm not too late."

"Captain!" Relau said, turning towards the door once more. "Not at all, please, take a seat." He said, directing the steward to pour wine for Sun as well. "We'll take the first course now, Jones." He said, taking the steward aside.

Jones nodded, returning shortly with three platters piled high with various delicacies. He had some Chinese 'geng' - a hot, spicy soup that originated in the mountains of China, a hand seared brace of steaks in the Midwest style and some traditional fish and chips for each of them. Relau was particularly looking forward to the steaks.

Sun gave a quick and somewhat quiet thank you with a quick "Xie xie," As the steward had poured her drink and brought the food to them. She gave a little nod, and looked across the food. She took a light sip, and found herself oddly unsure what to say, so she concentrated solely on the drink in her hand, letting herself get lost in the taste for a moment, as she casually watched for the other two officers to take the conversation.

Relau savored the steak in front of him, chewing it slowly. "I do like your Earth cuisine. It is interesting the amount of diversity on one planet." He said, looking across the table. "So, our new mission to the Gysenic system, what do you two think?"

River put salt and pepper onto her chips and vinegar too. She squeezed one of the provided lemon slices over the fish allowing it to soak into the batter and then stabbed one chip with her fork, lifting it to her mouth but hovering there so as not to bite in and speak with her mouthful.

"It sounds like a nice quiet one for a change." she said and then put the chip into her mouth as she waited for his reply. The look he seemed to be giving her made her wonder if she hadn't maybe missed something important in the briefing or if perhaps she had just jinxed it or something.

"Of course. The slipstream drive should be working at optimal efficiency when we get there. I don't think that it will be a problem. Do either of you see any problems that might arise in the next mission?" Relau asked, taking a drink.

"No, I can't imagine.... but don't let's jinx it!" River smiled. "You seem a little worried though? Or is that your natural caution?" she asked.


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