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A New Type of Learning

Posted on Sat Jun 30th, 2012 @ 12:32am by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Commander Sun Mei Xiang & Commander River Morgan & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Ensign Nazirin Skye

Mission: Intermission
Location: Shanghai Bridge


These are old backposts, and might not have anything to do with the current mission. I, as the CO absolutely hate throwing away good writing, so these contexts will be weird, out of place and generally incomplete. Please excuse our dust, but these are great writings!


Relau was in good spirits. After the break that they had all had, it was good to step onto the ship again, get ready to go on their next mission. It was a simple mission, go and relieve the USS DeLaney, a Nova class that was exploring around the Gynesic System, a small area of space known for its turbulent plasma storms. They were to conduct a variety of experiments in the area, most of them pertaining to the new Slipstream drive. After that, they were scheduled to appear at a nearby system to coincide with Federation Day. It was a small, unassuming system, with only three inhabited worlds, but there would be a slow flyby for the inhabitants of the planets and some pomp and circumstance to celebrate the signing of the Federation Charter. It was in this vein that Relau turned to his Executive Officer and mentioned the upoming mission.

"I don't know if Starfleet meant for this to happen, but we have a pretty lax schedule, you know?" Relau asked, his head swiveling to the right.

"Hard to say," Sun spoke quietly, caught up on the readings on her console for a moment, before finally leaning back and shaking her head. "The DeLaney has not reported anything out of the ordinary - crew logs suggested a normal, simple mission."

"The Gynesic system is supposed to be quite interesting, sir," Kozlov said matter of factly as he checked key systems from his Ops station.

"Something in particular peak your interest, Mr. Kozlov?" Sun asked quickly, glancing back towards ops.

"Polarity! Captain," Kozlov announced like it meant something, a second later it dawned on him he should explain further, "Gynesic is a small area of space containing very turbulent plasma storms. Plasma can't just be contained, normally we see trapped plasma in a gravity well, which is an area in space where everything is sucked in the middle, ie a black hole and nothing can survive that pull. Generally speaking a black hole would destroy everything and in the case of plasma you generally see it swirling around in it and it will eventually dissipate."

Kozlov continued, "Gynesic is different because it has Polarity, a NORTH and a SOUTH pole in its system. Literally we can park in the middle of the system, if we dodged the storms, pull out a compass and get a polar reading right in the middle of space. Because of the polarity the plasma trapped in this gravity well and doesn't swirl, it bounces around, hence storms. This is great for our slipstream drive because we can test how it performs in different gravitational pulls without having to risk a planet."

Skye walked onto the bride as the Captain was speaking. "Skye reporting sir, ma'am. Where shall I take my post today?" He smiled a bit, not having a permanently assigned place on the bridge.

Relau nodded at the young Ensign. "Tactical Two, please Mr. Skye. Get me a sit-rep when you have a moment." He said, listening to Kozlov at the same time. He then spoke up, "So, Mr. Kozlov, can I sign you up for all of the away missions now, or would you like to re-think your enthusiasm?" He smiled at this, it wasn't often that he got to needle Kozlov.

"Good day," Christine said to everyone in general as she stepped onto the bridge. She was in an extremely good mood, having passed several exams with better than average scores. There were, of course, there was still a long ways to go but now she could take a slight break and focus on work. She took her place on the other side of the Admiral.

Skye took his station and brought it online, brought up the StratOps programs and such and tied the station in with the other departments." He read through reports and such before he turned to the Admiral. "Do you want it verbal or written, sir?"

"Good day, Ms. Descharmes. You seem chipper," Sun spoke with a quiet nod of a bow, as the woman pass in front of the executive officer on her way to the advisory chairs. She got a bit nervous, "Is chipper right?," She paused, almost talking to herself before shaking off the thought and then glanced back to Skye so that the Admiral would be able to avoid the questions himself, and gave the order, "If you can keep it short, verbal - otherwise send it as text,"

Skye nodded his head as he typed in the proper commands. "I could, ma'am, but I wouldn't feel comfortable with its thoroughness. Sending now."

She adjusted in her seat, before turning back and leaning slightly towards the admiral, "Mr. Kozlov is right, sir. It might be worth taking a scout and finding the poles and gravity wells so we could put the slipstream through her paces. Should be safe enough with the Talon, sensors would keep us appraised of the storms, easy to avoid them. I think it'd be good for some of the officers."

"Kozlov, you'll head that up with Sun as your pilot." Relau said, turning his head around to the back of the bridge. "Any objections?" He asked.

Skye's eyes widened as the Admiral spoke. "Sir, permission to join the team? I think it could help me with the plan developments. Also..." Skye looked back to his console, typing in a message to Relau and Sun. It read, "I think I could use the experience ". He didn't want to incite doubt in any of the other officers.

James entered the bridge later than the rest of the bridge crew, having started his daily routine below decks in the ship's intelligence suite. As he strode onto the bridge, Christine caught his eye, triggering a small smile to creep across his face. Their relationship had become somewhat public knowledge over the last few months, but he still kept things professional at work. He nodded to the Captain and Admiral as he took his station. "'am," James plopped down in his chair, tapping some commands.

River had finished getting Sickbay in order and comm'd the Bridge to report in. =^= Morgan to Commander Sun =^= she began addressing the XO, careful not to interrupt the CO in the middle of anything more important than an update.

Sun had just finished responding to Skye with a quick, I will see what I can do, Mr. Skye. It was simple and too the point, not wasting any time she went ahead and sent the message. She soon tapped her comm badge and gave a quick reply to River, "Go ahead, Doctor."

=^= Medical Department green to go Ma'am. Reporting full compliment of staff and facilities, fully checked and standing by. =^= River gave her readiness report briefly.


"In any case, I think we are ready to get underway. Helm, set our course, warp factor 5. Christine, you have the bridge. Sun, can I see you in my ready room?" Relau asked, standing up.

"Aye, sir," she said, nodding as she glanced over at James. Every senior officer had their chance in the chair, although she still felt underqualified.


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