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Merrily Skipping Along

Posted on Tue Jul 3rd, 2012 @ 4:48pm by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Rebirth
Location: Officer's Mess

Lyn was tired.

Lyn hurt. The petite green-skinned pilot's right arm rested in a sling. Yet again, it was her RIGHT arm. Dammit, she was predominantly right-handed, and it was always the right arm. First the radiation poisoning from the 8472 beam weapon, now it was as a result of a Command & Control foul up. The local aerospace operations manager didn't pay attention to an incoming flight of runabouts, and they dropped out of warp into the midst of her fighter patrol.

The collision had nearly killed her. It had left her gunner without his right arm entirely, so Lyn considered herself lucky that far, at least.

The blue hand on her functional arm nudged her forward, "C'mon, Boss. You gotta eat sometime." Lieutenant Rhis Jhaeryn had taken it upon herself to keep the spritely pilot alive and functioning, and her patience was wearing thin with the half-Orion's uncaring demeanor.

Her eyes dull, stomach empty and protesting, she stepped into the Officer's Mess. A familiar scent tickled the weary woman's nose.

Her eyes lit up with sudden energy! Hark! It was she!

Eyes roaming the room, Karsel`lyn's eyes settled on the lovely Captain's slender form.

She slipped out of Rhis' grasp and skipped swiftly to the Captain sitting alone at the small table. Sitting down across from the Captain, "Nihao ma, mei li." She had spent a little time studying a few words and phrases in Mei's native tongue, and found it fitting that 'mei li' translated to 'beautiful'.

Mei gave a warm little smile, and glanced up from behind a steaming cup of tea. She shook her head, "Nihao ma, ai," She spoke simply. Her leg reached forward, rubbing against the woman's lower leg under the table with a little smirk. "You seem to have perked up." She looked at the other for a moment, seeming to take in the moment as if there was something more important about it than normal. She gave a glance to her own lap, and the PaDD that had been hidden there.

Since the Shanghai had been put in the repair bay, she had been able to keep busy - but for some time she had been on a temporary leave, a little medical issue she had spoken to with no one, except the woman across the table for her and her own mother. It was personal, but it had been effecting her work as of late. She gave a smile, "Would you like to eat with me?" She asked quietly, before amending, "I have news... it'd be nice to share over a meal,"

She wasn't hiding the fact that she was trying to goad the woman into a better mood. She did have some news, little things, one slipping out quick enough, "Cai sent a message. I haven't looked at it yet, didn't know if you had seen it..." She twisted her head to one side, and looked like she had misspoke a bit, "That's not the news. Well, its some of it. But..."

Lyn shook her head, "I haven't seen much of anything. I just got back here, and got my walking papers. They're reassigning me here, love. Rhis has been keeping an eye on me, since I got hit in the head when my fighter was hit. Which is how I got the arm." The pilot lifted her sling-encased arm with a slight wince. "So I'm back on board, which you seem to be, too. Maybe Command decided to be nice, for once? Which I doubt."

"I haven't seen anything, yet. I just found out I was reassigned here, saw the docs dirtside, then came straight up with my babysitter," Lyn looked over Mei's shoulder and stuck her tongue out at Rhis. The Andorian pilot just shook her head slowly and moved to the other side of the mess.

She lifted her left hand (the good one) and reached out to touch Mei's wrist, "What's going on with you, lovely?"

Sun gave a shake of her head, "I know, but," She trailed off, there was a second where she didn't say anything, "Good news first... that place on Risa is rented to us indefinitely." She hated seeing Lyn hurt, but as the collision was as bad as it could have been, and no one was killed, so she was, frankly, relieved more so than anything else. "But, the fleet is paying for it... because they offered me a ship."

She shook her head, "Well, they say offered... it's a take it, or don't expect any further offers." She pulled the PaDD off of her lap, turning her hand over, to brush her fingers across the woman's palm, "It's combat, a show of force - just border skirmishes, but... still." She gave a light sigh, "They need a commander with combat experience as both a pilot and a command officer; a large contingent of marines makes a former marine stand out... and like I said, take it or retire." She gave a shrug. "I haven't decided... but the ship leaves in a week and a half."

"You're leaving?" Lyn looked suddenly morose. She was assigned to the Shanghai, not this new vessel. "I think it's great they've placed their faith in you, love. You know I support you no matter what you decide."

"I... wu buxiang likai ni," The translation was roughly, I do not want to leave without you. She adjusted, "I have until next week to decide. What do you say we... take the week for ourselves... Visit Cai, family, maybe spend a day somewhere nice?" She gave a weak little smile. Truth was, she was nervous - but the request had come from someone important enough to make her truly think about going.

"If I have to, love, I'll retire and come with you," Lyn smiled up at Sun. "As long as I'm with you, I don't care what I'm doing. It's like I said after 'we' became serious, I belong to you. Everything I am, is for you, love. I can't live without you, you know that."

She paused for a second to think, and let it all sink in, "Mmm... we still have to introduce your family to Cai, love. I imagine your mother will be beside herself to know she has a full-grown granddaughter already." Dark green lips turned up in a grin, "Though I'm sure your father won't even be fazed. I love that about him, really. Just like my daddy was."

Sun laughed and then shook her head. "I... ugh... yes, he'll probably not be fazed." She shook her head, "I still don't know how you handle having a full grown daughter, and what exactly do you think my nieces and nephews will think? How am I supposed to explain that... we would have been... fourteen when she was born?" Sun shook her head. "I'm not sure 'she's from the future' is going to convince them either..."

She gave a little grin, "You're still thinking about telling my parents... not my family. Four brothers, four sisters, and cousins. You tell one, all of them will know. And all of them will want a say. I think there will be a lot more excitement than you expect."

Mei paused for a moment and gave a smile over to the woman, even though she knew shew couldn't bring her with her as a civilian it was a nice thought. "And on my transfer, we'll talk about it... later." She capped off.

"I'm sorry, lovely," Lyn frowned. "I didn't want to make you feel guilty for leaving. If I can't stay with you, then I'll just retire. Maybe I could stay with Cai and your parents on Earth?"

"You don't have to retire, ai." Sun shook her head, "I'll only be gone a couple of months..." She smiled, "Though we could probably get you an extended leave... I do think it would help a lot to be able to speak to you and Cai, and it might do her good to have a home again. And I'm sure the family would be happy to have you - I can ask muqin when we are there, if you like?"

"And if they got to be too much for you, we'll have the place rented on Risa for a place to relax." She gave a smile.

Lyn shrugged, "I doubt they would be too much for me. I remember your mother being a really sweet lady, and your father is just like mine was."

"I don't know, love, we'll figure it out when it gets to that point. I just want to go down and spend time with the family, and Cai. Poor girl has to be so very lost right now," Lyn frowned again. She was honestly quite concerned about their daughter.

"Plus, we can see how things go down there with them before I make any decisions, too. If I can't stay with you, it will hurt, but maybe if I stay close to Cai, it will help ease the separation some. She smells so much like you, love," Lyn thought aloud.

"Until then, we have each other, lovely Mei," Lyn's left hand took the Captain's, and lifted it to kiss the back of her fingers. "I'm still trying to figure out how it is I'd like to propose to you. Unless you would rather do the proposing?"

Lyn winked and grinned wickedly.


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