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Syun Neoi

Posted on Thu Jul 5th, 2012 @ 2:54am by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Sun Cai

Mission: Rebirth
Location: Sun Household, Nanhai, China, Earth.
Timeline: One Week before Sun's Departure


Mei had grown a bit closer to Cai over the years since they had found the girl. She still wasn't sure that the girl was from the future, at least, not until her transfer to the Dunedin came around just as Cai had said it would. It had made her rethink her previous refusal to believe her in that area. Cai was her daughter though, at least by blood. There was no doubting that her DNA was that of her own and Lyn's - so when Lyn had suggest finally letting Cai meet her grandparents, she finally caved in and agreed.

Now, she was rethinking that. Dressed in normal, civilian clothes, a cool blue silk blouse over black trousers. She hadn't dressed up, but did still look quite nice. Or would have, if she had quit fidgeting with it. Her hands kept smoothing wrinkles that were not there, causing new patches to crop up. A woman not afraid to face down enemies the Federation wouldn't even admit to existing, scared to tell her parents about her daughter.

Then again, right now, she wasn't a Starfleet Officer. She was a daughter - and it showed on her face, and she was sure Lyn and Cai could notice the frantic sort of nervousness she displayed.

Karsel`lyn was no telepath, but she was an apt student of human mannerisms and behavior. She could see simply from how Mei stood that she was nervous, "Mei, darling, you shouldn't be so nervous. I have already met your parents, and adore them both. We'll be fine."

"I know, I know..." She talked to herself almost, seeming to barely react to the other two, "It's straight, just distracting myself bu-," Mei was cut off when the door slipped open, and while expecting her mother - whom she had told in no discrete way that she wanted it to be just her mother and father here - was surprised to see Hiroko, her now fourteen year old niece peeking out. "Hiroko-chan?" Though the poor woman's voice sounded weak, her cheeks a bright red.

Lyn looked at the girl who stood at about the same height as herself, and smiled while still holding onto Mei's arm and hand. The teenager was adorably cute in a young child fashion. Lyn felt the desire to pinch the girl's cheek playfully, but was able to restrain herself.

"Mei-obachan? Lyn-obachan!" The girl spoke, more excited when speaking of Lyn than Mei, before pushing out the door and excitedly rushing out to meet them. She still wore her uniform from school, stopping a few steps in front of them to give a quick bow. Whether Mei had told Lyn or not escaped her, but Hiroko always asked specifically about her - suddenly having an 'aunt' who was Japanese like her, and with images of Fighter Pilots as a sort of super heroes seeming to entrance the young girl it was only natural that she be fascinated by "Okasan thought you were coming today..."

Oddly enough, Cai closed ranks, sliding into Lyn's arm and holding tight for a moment, almost as if scared. It was nerves for her though, in part due to the situation taking a turn for the more complex, and more.

"Ohayo gozaimasu, Hiroko-chan," Lyn's Japanese was significantly better than her Mandarin or Cantonese. She would have bowed back to the girl, but she felt Mei's need to be close, and remained upright.

"She did?" Mei was trying to be nice, and surprisingly enough she seemed more than happy to see the young girl more than she was worried - though still taken aback, and in the back of her mind, she wanted nothing more than to smack her sister Min. "This is.."

"Cai," Cai chimed in, introducing herself with a little bow, though still holding tight to Lyn's arm.

"Cai? Lyn's sister or..."

Lyn's smile faded, "Oh, we're related... but not that. It's something we need to talk to your grandmother about, Hiroko-chan."

The small green pilot held her free hand out to the girl, "Shall we go find your grandmother, sweetie?"

"Oh, yes," Hiroko turned on her heel and moved back into the house. She slipped in past the door, holding to let the other three through. It was small, lived in (more so than usual), but still somehow clean and comfortable. The scent of a fresh meal being cooked was clear. You didn't talk about something important without a meal. Within a few steps the home opened up to a open floor plan, a large living area and dining area set against a windowed wall and large back deck and garden area. Mei's father sat in the garden, reading some old book. While Mei didn't realize it, but it was the precise way she sat and read in the observation lounge.

Before they could even cross the threshold into the room though, two women exited the Kitchen. First, of course, was Sun Xue, Mei's mother. The resemblance between the two was beginning to show more and more as each year passed. "Nihao ma, Mei," She spoke before wrapping the woman in a hug, which Mei returned.

"Nihao, muqin,"

"Nihao ma, Lyn," She continued offering the same hug, but not simply pouncing her as she had her daughter.

"Nihao, mother," Lyn responded softly as she pushed up to embrace the older woman. She held on for a long moment, enjoying the motherly embrace for what it was.

Meanwhile, Mei's sister had caught up to Mei and exchanged hellos, which quickly devolved into the two all but arguing in whispered cantonese and speaking so quickly that the only person that seemed capable of understanding them was Xue. Cai probably could have, but was trying not to listen in. Xue gave an apologetic bow, and turned to her two arguing daughters.

"No sense in trying to stop them," A voice came from the kitchen before a man stepped out with a small plate. He was almost too handsome, tall, well built, and polite. He gave a little bow to Lyn, "Fujita Yamato, Min's husband - I don't think we've had the pleasure of meeting given how the fleet likes to make sure families don't get vacation time at the same time." He gave her a warm smile.

"Here in a second, Mei is going to find out Min showed up on purpose because she heard Mei asked to be alone..." He explained, pausing for a moment before Mei all but hissed the word 'Ji?' at her sister, "See? Another outsider seemed like it might help. Besides, I didn't get to meet you last time, nor..."

"Cai." Cai chimed in from behind Lyn.

"Cai." He gave a nod. "Hiroko said you had a Japanese ancestry," He gave a quick offer of the plate in his hands, "I made some seared white tuna tataki, thought it might be a nice appetizer,"

"Can I have-" Hiroko spoke, cut off with a shake of her father's head.

"Go find your brothers, Hiroko, and then absolutely," She bounded off without a response, before he could turn back to her even, "She loves the stuff. Offer stands; and we can let them get their fight out of the way, while we go get Jiang-sama,"

"That would probably be best, as I am sure Mother will need Father to hold her upright when we share the news we have," Lyn replied conspiratorily. She took Cai's hand in hers, "Come, Cai-chan, let's go get Father with Fujita-san."

"Okay," Cai spoke simply, wrapping her fingers around as Yamato lead them towards the patriarch of the family.

"That seems to be his lot," The man spoke, "The calm voice in the Sun family." He stopped and let them walk a bit ahead, though no need to talk at the time.

As the three moved into the house, large to accommodate the expansive family, Lyn kept Cai close, slipping an arm around the girl's waist.

Cai tightened her grip on Lyn as they got close, and the man seemed to sense them coming, placing a small knotted ribbon in his book, and closing it. He stood and stretched before giving a warm smile.

Lyn looked up at the elder man, "Hello, Sir. I'm happy to meet you again under less dire circumstances." Lyn's eyes held a faint haunted look for a very brief moment. "I believe Mei is with her mother and sister, likely still arguing with her sister." Lyn smiled now, "Something tells me they did this a lot as girls."

"It is nice that it is under better circumstances," He dusted themselves off, "Though you endeared yourself then, no need to throw Sirs around. Jiang is fine." He laughed a bit, "And they did - one wonders how they survived to this age. But, I believe I would be too old to pull them apart should they choose to fight as they once did." He smiled and offered a little bow to Cai, "And who is this?"

"This is Cai, sir. She's with us for a reason, one of the reasons why we're here today. Other than wanting to spend time with family, that is," Lyn drew Cai forward to greet Mei's father.

"Cai. A pretty name..." He paused a moment, "A poets name, though a sad one at times." He smiled, "It is a pleasure to meet you." He gave a little bow, and then looked to Lyn - though there was a glimmer in his eye for something he had seen. "Shall we go back in and break up a fight, and eat and talk?"

Lyn winced, "I don't know how capable your other daughter is, Jiang. But I know Mei quite well, and I know her temper as well."

Lyn smirked now, "Will I need to go fetch a phaser to separate the two?"

Jiang smirked, "I think we can talk it out - though that would make things very much easier."

As the walked back to the main room, Lyn turned her head to look at Fujita, "As to your earlier question, yes, my mother was Japanese. I never knew her, though. She passed when birthing me. Father took care of me until I was about eleven or twelve Earth years old." She didn't want to bring up that it wouldn't be proper to explain the how's and why's to his no longer caring for her after that young age.

"Gomen, I did not mean to drudge up old memories." Fujita replied quickly, with a light bow. "If you ever want to rediscover those roots... I'm sure Hiroko-chan would love to have you and Mei stay in Tokyo with us."

Returning to the main room, Lyn drew Cai with her still, and made her way to Xue. Once more, she embraced the elder Sun woman, "Thank you again for having me over, Mother. I find myself happy to be able to share time with you and your family with Mei. We have many things to discuss, and if you could somehow separate Mei and her sister, it would be very much appreciated."

"I am sorry Lyn, for my daughters..." Xue spoke with a little nod of her head, "Jiang, please."

"Min, Mei." Jiang spoke quietly, causing both girls to almost stop in their tracks,

Both paused and bowed, with a quick couple of 'sorries' in cantonese and mandarin before Xue gave a light smile speaking, "There, now, shall we sit down to eat?"

Lyn smiled at Mei, and lead Cai to the table with her, suddenly wondering where Mei's adorable little niece disappeared to.

Xue, Min, and a somewhat reluctant Mei set to setting the table, swiftly putting the traditional chinese meal (with flares of Japanese thrown in) on the table and the others sat down as they wished, though Jiang did sit at the head of the table. Hiroko returned with her twin brother and older brother, the three moving to sit on one side of the table. The brothers politely called out hellos, but then became a bit more interested in Lyn and Cai than perhaps they should have been - and incredibly embarrassed when caught by Fujita.

Soon enough, when Mei and Min and Xue finally found seats, Jiang glanced across the table, "We're happy to have you with us, Lyn - and Cai. And we are curious as to why this is such an occasion, for the two of you?"

Mei looked to Lyn. She was happy - well, not happy, but willing - to explain the situation, but looked to her lover to see who she wanted to tell them the 'news'.

Lyn nodded at Mei with a smile, "Okay, there are some things here that can't leave this room, since they're rather sensitive in nature. Since most of you have either served or are married to someone who has, I'm sure you will understand once it has been explained."

"Several months ago, there was a temporal anomaly here on Earth. The anomaly deposited a young woman, from the future. Her name is Sun Cai, and she is the daughter of Sun Mei Xiang and Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias, by blood," Lyn explained, squeezing the girl's hand under the table. "In essence, Mother and Jiang, Cai here is your granddaughter from an alternate future where Mei and I are married. We don't have a way to return her to her time, not that she would be all that enthusiastic to return to that timeline, from what she has told us."

She gazed over at little Hiroko, "This means that Cai is your cousin, Hiroko-chan. As for the rest of us, we need to treat this delicately, as poor Cai is much as a fish out of water, here. With that, Mei has her own news to share."

There was a sort of shocked silence at the table, no one saying anything for a few moments, until Mei capped off with a, "And I was offered a Command - just, temporary for now, for the mission duration, but its still a command."

More silence, Cai beginning to get a little nervous, until Hiroko finally spoke up, almost more excited then she should have been. "Kakkoi. So Cai Itoko is from the future? And she's staying. So... will she be staying here? I think having an Orion cousin might intrigue some of the boy-"

"Hiro-chan!" Min scolded.

"What? I know she'd get most of them, but I could pick off the cute shy ones,"


"What? Oh!" Hiroko smiled and looked down, and gave a light blush, "Gomen, Cai-itoko, Lyn-obasan."

Lyn chuckled softly, "It's not appropriate for the dinner table, Hiroko-chan, but I understand. I was a lot like you for a time. You and Cai might even get along well. Just... let's leave that discussion for another time, yes?"

Jiang and Xue just smirked at that, it offered an escape from an otherwise confusing mood; and, Mei and Min had been similar as teenagers, so they understood. It had been wildly inappropriate.

"You're really from the future?" Xue spoke, though her voice was a bit a quiver, and she seemed ready to faint, leaning back against her chair.

"Yes," Cai said simply. She had learned that Mei didn't take it well when she tried to prove it, and thus didn't try, instead she just gripped onto Lyn's hand.

"Even if she isn't..." Mei spoke up, "She does have our DNA, she knows us. She knows what we like, who we are, how we act... she hides behind Lyn exactly like I used to hide behind Muqin, she speaks Cantonese, even has Baba's inflections... she's as much my daughter as one could be, and she's been through a lot and frankly needs a family. So does Lyn. Especially with me being assigned half way across the galaxy for a combat mission." She paused a moment. "Command or not, I need to know you will take care of them, like family - blood family."

"Cai-chan was extensively vetted by Starfleet Medical as well as by the Doctor aboard the Shanghai, she is indeed our daughter. While not everyone believes the time-travel story, her cells are not from this time, which was also vetted by both Medical and the Shanghai's doctor," Lyn squeezed Cai's hand comfortingly. "She knows much about all of you from her future time, but I have to remind that we can't ask her about what will happen. There is a temporal prime directive we are required to observe. Failure to do so would lead to either Cai being incarcerated, or possibly worse."

"They are blood family..." Jiang spoke simply. "Lyn said so herself. Cai has the DNA of you and herself. Therefore, she is Sun Cai, my granddaughter, and I am proud to call her that, and proud to think of Lyn as a Daughter,"

Lyn couldn't possibly look happier, "You are like the Chinese clone of my Father, Jiang. I am proud to call you Father, if it pleases you? I know that Mei and I are not yet married, but that's largely because we've been separated by our duties, and I haven't figured out how I would propose to her. I'm working on that, though."

"Well, when you do, you have our blessing," Jiang spoke simply.

"As long as its a big, Chinese wedding." Xue chimed in.

"Mother, there are other consideration there, she's part Japane-" Min whispered somewhat loudly.

"I already had two daughters married in Japanese ceremonies, and one in an English one... all I want is..." The conversation slid to Cantonese.

Jiang shook his head, "I'm sorry, and what about Cai?"

"As for Cai-chan," Lyn looked up at her slightly taller daughter. "She has elected to stay here on Earth to attend school. My squadron and I have been reassigned to the Shanghai once more, but the ship will not be ready to depart again for a while yet. Fujita-sama has offered to let us stay with Min, Hiroko, and himself in Japan, though I anticipate that we would be likely to spend a lot of time here with family, as well."

"Oh, and before anyone asks," Lyn looked at Hiroko and her brothers, "I can't take anyone flying. I'm not certified to fly right now. Not with my arm in this sling. Traffic Accident out by Starbase Three did me better than it did my gunner, who lost his arm entirely," Lyn frowned. "Maybe when the arm gets better, I'll be able to rent a flyer or shuttle. My personal runabout was lost with the old Shanghai, unfortunately."

Lyn's head suddenly shot up, her eyes widening a bit. She leaned into Cai, whispering into her ear, "I had the runabout in your future, right?"

Cai paused a moment and then gave a little shrug, whispering back, "You had A runabout. I supposed it was the same one. Would you make a new one roughly the same? Or is that a sign of a difference?" She seemed to get a little excited at the thought, though it didn't occur to her that this may not have been a good sign, and may have proven she was stuck.

Hiroko chimed in during the conversation, but not too abruptly. "Does that mean, if you're staying with us, that Itoko will go to my school?"

"Well, that's something we'll have to figure out. And, if Cai and Lyn prefer, I'm sure we can help them find an apartment near by - should they want their own place to stay." Yamato spoke simply, "Though, the house is open. We have a room free, and you are more than welcome to use it. Not to mention, Commander, I can keep you in touch with Starfleet if you'd like to take some time to acclimated. To help Cai get adjusted."

"And we could do some fun things we don't get to do much - like Tanabata in Sendai! Or run to some hot springs, or go see a kabuki, or do a tea ceremony." Hiroko added quickly, sheepishly ducking down. "I mean, if you wanted too."

Lyn smiled at the young girl, "Well, you will have a lot of time to get to know Cai-chan. As for me, well, it would be best to find an apartment that Cai and I can escape to when needed. I am half-Orion, and Cai is one-quarter. Our unique biological makeup prevents the usual hormone and pheromone suppressants from having any effect. In fact, they make me quite ill."

"It would be best if we spent as little time as possible with the boys," she glanced at the two brothers. "No offense intended, guys. My pheromones aren't as powerful as a full-blooded Orion, but they are unsuppressed, and I don't want to cause any problems. Maybe something to counter-act them would be helpful, for them? And yourself as well, Fujita-san."

"I'm not going to be looking for a partner while I'm here in Nanhai, nor Japan. I have a partner," Lyn's eyes met Mei's, and her free hand found her lover's above the table. "Though Cai is not quite so tied down, so I just want to be sure that there are no incidents."

"She's right, and even having her around will send your already crazed hormones overboard..." Min chimed in. The boys looked a little disappointed, though it was for the best either way around.

"So we can do things together, Hiroko-chan, and if she's available, I have a really good friend who is also Japanese, who you would probably like too," Lyn grinned. "As for the boys, if we can manage to keep my pheromones from affecting them, then they are of course welcome to come along when it's not a girl's outing."

"How does that sound, Fujita-san and Min?" Lyn asked, looking from the polite man to Mei's sister.

"I can see if one of the doctors in Tokyo Base has anything tomorrow," Fujita gave a light smile, "It shouldn't be a problem." Hiroko was almost bouncing in her seat by that point, "And I'll talk to the headmaster at Hiroko's school. If nothing else, he can point us to a good tutor or more appropriate school for where she is in her education."

"And then I can show Cai around Tokyo!" Hiroko chimed in, only to be shot down soon after.

"You're still in trouble for the last time you took a friend to Roppongi," Min barked at the poor girl. The brothers chuckled a bit as they laughed. Mei gave a glance to her sister, a dark smirk crossing her lips.

"Yeah, you don't want to end up like Me." Mei teased.

Min growled something in cantonese, that roughly translated to 'shut up', before leaning over and hitting Mei in the shoulder.

Mei flinched less the last time she was shot, and even yelped a quick "Ow" before apparently kicking the woman under the table. It began to devolve from there, Fujita trying to talk his wife down, their sons chuckling, Xue trying to break the two up.

Jiang had been eating since he spoke, and apparently finished without missing a beat, "Girls," He spoke as he stood up, causing the two poor Sun sisters to almost cower. He glanced to them somewhat confused, "Not you," And they went back to their childish squabble. He moved over to Lyn and Cai, leaning in to say something quietly to the young Cai and her mother. It was simple. "Welcome to the family, or welcome back." He said with a smile, "If either of you need anything, I'm here to help." He gave a light, affectionate squeeze to their upper arms, and then let go, seeming more than happy with the situation.

Lyn rose quickly and hugged Jiang with her good arm. Drawing back, she smiled up at the man, "It has been a very long time since I have had a family. That you would accept not only a stranger, but someone so different, speaks a lot to your character, father. When the children have gone to bed, we should speak more. There are things they should not hear, things that may alter some people's perceptions of me."

The others followed Jiang's example after a moment. Mei and Min only squabbling between a few bites, but somehow carrying on a conversation. Hiroko and Xue throwing question after question at, with the odd question (usually about the future or something 'inappropriate) being shot down by Mei or Min. Fujita did chime in from time to time, but mostly reigned in his sons. Perhaps oddest of all was Mei, as the meal began to wrap to an end (though not the evening), she gave Cai a little hug, and slipped past to place a kiss on Lyn's cheek. A whisper into her ear seemed more than it was to the others at the table, but "Xie xie, ai," was all Mei had said. When her sister seemed to hint that it was more though, the usually reserved Captain had no problem giving a little extra wiggle in her step. Being near her family, having one of her own in ways she hadn't imagined, it loosened her up; and Lyn gave her one thing she had desperately needed. A reminder of who she was, and those that raised her, and were behind her no matter what.

Lyn smiled at the questions being asked, deflecting them with, "What can be answered will be, just not tonight. It is growing late." The kiss and whisper brought a wider smile to Lyn's lips, and she turned to Cai, "Come, sweetie. Let's help your grandmother clear the table and wash up."



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