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Uniform Code

Posted on Mon Sep 10th, 2012 @ 10:56pm by Captain Patrick Noble & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi

Mission: Intermission
Location: Corridors, USS Shanghai
Timeline: Before Launch [Backpost]


Anakoni paused in the corridor. He narrowed his eyes somewhat as if trying to put his finger on what precisely he had just seen. It felt like an eternity of pondering, but it must have only been a split second. He spun on his heel and gave a shake of his head with a less than happy look across his face. "Lieutenant?" He asked trying to see if the person was who he thought she was.

"Yeah...?" The brazen haired trill turned on her heels, stopping to face the man who addressed her. "And you are?" Yazhi's voice dripped with absolute sarcasm even though she could clearly see that this man was higher up the food chain than she. She cocked her head to one side, her ponytail cascading flamboyantly down her shoulder.

"The new executive officer," He spoke somewhat harshly back though he knew that wasn't going to work. "I assume you're Lieutenant Yahzi - I can see why there was an addendum to your service record." He crossed his arms and leaned back, "I assume I get to deal with this on the bridge as well? Wild looks and sarcasm?"

"Ouu... addendum. I rather like addendums, they can be quite the interesting bit of news." Her gaze shifted from one of contempt to one of hazy interest. "I am Yazhi. Mirella Yazhi, if you please. Lieutenant is really a bother to say."

She weaved around him, looking him over very carefully. "You won't always have to deal with sarcasm. The wild looks are a definite. You smell different. I think that's interesting. Clean. You smell clean clean. Too clean. Obsessively clean. Care to tell me what that addendum is? I rarely look at my own record."

"Its an addendum." He shook his head and seemed to size up the Trill. He was curious how the numbers on her jacket were correct - but then again, she was precisely the person he would have tried to find himself around ten years earlier. "I'm not telling you what it says. Suffice to say, I'm also not going to try to argue with you on the damned uniform code... I expect if your last Executive officer didn't have luck I won't."

He paused and crossed his arms. "So, here's a question - are you really as smart as your jacket claims you are? Or is that some fluffed up thing to hide the eccentricities behind."

"Oh, quit being such a baby and just tell me what it says. It's not that hard. It's obvious you can speak and read." She looked up at him, eyes welling up with tears. Her lower lip was pooched out in an overly exaggerated pout. "I answer your question with another series of questions. How does one rate intelligence? Is it simply by what lot in life they have? If so, that's a poor assessment. I've met quite a few higher ups that are dumb as mayonnaise." Yazhi shifted her face into one of a more quixotic gaze. "Do you rate intelligence from common sense? From books? Computers telling us what we know and what we don't know. I believe, in the strictest of senses that I am very intelligent. Quite so. Everyone says I am. Every test, every book, every thing says that I am smart." Her eyes appeared very sharp and very grim for a moment. "I believe that the truest test of my intelligence is that fact that I don't care how smart or how dumb I am, but I do know that I am very much not sane. I get away with it because I am smart and that, my dear new friend, is not fair."

"Hm." Noble spoke simply, before tilting his head to one side, "Good enough for me. Psych profiles are a bunch of non-sense anyway. Sanity is overrated." He gave a quiet shrug, he couldn't help but kind of like the Trill, even though he dreaded bridge duty with her. He expected they would clash terrifically, "Still, try to keep it to a mild eccentricity on the bridge."

"Never. What are you going to do, throw me off the ship? That'd be stupid." Her voice trilled into a variety of different giggles. "I couldn't breathe."

"Of course not," Noble spoke with a smirk, "I'll just put you on some boring, tedious job with no windows... say," He wavered his head back and forth a bit, "Shuttlebay manager, or Flight Control supervisor."

Yazhi smiled, tilting her head slowly to one side. "I can handle no windows. You must not have really looked over my file." She was genuinely curious if he knew what would bother her. A little bait here and perhaps he would reveal more. Most stuffed shirts would.

The captain shook his head a little bit. "Ah, well." He shrugged lightly and turned away. He didn't really mind her eccentricities, and had probably admitted that more than he should have. He could have been mean back, but that was too easy; and a bit more dangerous than he wanted to risk at the moment. "It seems you have me at a disadvantage. I'm sure I wouldn't know any buttons to press."

Her face obviously dropped into one of hurt. "You don't want to play?" She slinked around to his front to face him again. "That's a shame. I've been enjoying our little chat. It's been a little too... onesided. Stroking my vanity is the easiest way to catch my attention. So. Why don't I push your buttons?" Blue green eyes darted to his. "Why so serious, my delightful new friend? Why such a stickler? And... why only go so far? Sun had a knack for only giving up as much as you needed, but you drop hints. So many hints. Like candy. Mm.. I adore sweets."

"Mhm." Noble gave a glance across to her with a smirk, "Vanity? True vanity? Or are we just pretending?" He asked quietly, "I mean, sure, you're cute - but crazy hair, obvious calls, its a sign of a throw, right?" He pushed off the wall and walked a few steps, "Maybe I'm a stickler for the same reasons."

"You're hard to play with in these halls. Perhaps we should grab something to drink? You pick the place, darling." Her voice accented greatly at 'darling'. "I feel we could connect better, or, perhaps, learn to hate one another a little more. Either way, sweets!" She was glowing at the point, bouncing on the back of her heels, looking as if she was about to take off in flight.

Noble paused for a moment and raised a brow, looking away from her for a moment, and finally giving a light nod. "Well, if you really want a drink, then there is a lounge right around the corner. We can keep prodding there." He gave a shrug, and walked in that direction, "See what turns up. If you really want to play this game,"

"Yay drinks!" She clapped her hands rapidly together in joy. "Away we go!" Yazhi skipped down the hall, ignoring him behind her.



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