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The Beginning of an Era

Posted on Mon Jul 16th, 2012 @ 7:28pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Patrick Noble & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Lieutenant Martin Smith & 1st Lieutenant S'Karum D'Kalynde

Mission: Rebirth
Location: USS Shanghai-A
Timeline: Launch, Beginning Rebirth Mission

Relau relaxed as he sat in the chair, a long cry from his previous posting. It was interesting to really be in a position that he enjoyed, something that had eluded him for the past two and a half years. He looked over to his side and was still momentarily surprised when he saw Noble there instead of Sun. He ignored that as best as he could, and stood up. He toggled the shipwide intercom.

"Greetings. Welcome back to those of you who are returning. If you aren't, then welcome aboard. We are all going to be here on the Shanghai for the foreseeable future, so we should all get along in the best way possible. Our mission is simple, ferry our diplomats to New Romulus. We will probably be back in the Federation within a few weeks. Now, let's get to it!"

He turned over to the helmsman. "Move us out of orbit. Go to warp as soon as possible." He said, nodding. The Shanghai was finally on its way again.

Noble stood next to the Executive Officers chair, down the step and closer to the helm and conn than he would have normally been. He still wasn't comfortable taking the place of the old Executive Officer quite yet. Besides, it may still have been temporary. "Communications, contact all departments. Once underway, have them prepare expected efficiency reports."

The aft turbolift opened and Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias stepped onto the bridge, "Permission to come aboard, Admiral?"

Relau didn't even turn around, a slight grin crossing his face. He could tell who it was by just the sound of the voice. "Granted, Commander." He said. "Welcome home."

Lyn smiled, "Thank you, Sir. I'm still on light duty after my little mishap at Starbase Three." She glanced down at her right arm, still hanging in a Starfleet Aerospace blue matching sling. "I'll take Mission Operations and assist however you need me, sir. Unless you needed something else?"

"Mission ops is fine. Keep me updated as normal. Also, I heard the weirdest thing about you, Commander. But we'll chat later tonight." Chlan said, teasing the petite Orion.

Kozlov monitored his station as the helmsman moved the ship towards there next journey, it was good to be back.

"Kozlov, make sure that we are at peak readiness. Conduct a series of drills over the next 16 hours with any contingency plan you can think of. I want everyone to go to bed tired tonight." Relau said, turning to the yellow-shirted Chief of Security.

"Aye sir," Kozlov said with a grin thinking about how much he may actually enjoy doing his new job.

Lieutenant Smith perked up as the intercom cut in. After the announcement, he returned his attention to the efficiency report he was in the middle of compiling. Getting a head start on that set of documents would allow him to focus more fully on the diplomatic material he was sure to be reviewing after the first staff meeting.


"Oh, I almost forgot." Relau said, his claw on his hip. "Mr. Noble, please call a senior staff meeting to be held in fifteen minutes in the conference room."

When he didn't hear a response, he turned around to look at the XO. "Captain Noble, did you hear me?" He asked.

"I've already sent the notice, sir," Noble spoke quickly, looking down at the console on the Executive Officer's chair, still standing to one side. "All senior officers should be alerted by the nearest console. Should you prefer though, I can send a verbal request."

"Captain, let's do verbal requests from now on. If I wanted it in writing, I would have written the order to you." Relau said, inwardly sighing. It had been a split second decision for the Ryuu to choose Noble. He was starting to regret his decision already, and they weren't even five minutes underway. He allowed himself to settle down though. It was, after all, the first five minutes. Of course there would be friction and problems for a few weeks.

"Of course, sir." He spoke quietly with a nod, "My apologies." He gave a tap of his comm-badge, "Noble to Senior Staff, please report to the Conference room for a staff meeting in fifteen minutes, that is all." He gave another tap of the badge, and glanced around to those staff members on the bridge who should have heard him anyway, "Anything else before then, sir?"

Relau decided to test the mettle of his XO at this point, giving out a few rapid-fire commands. "Efficiency reports, repair logs, a breakdown of the report filed two and a half years ago by myself explaining the damage, Starfleet repair logs and a coffee for yourself." He looked at the XO expectantly. "Will you be able to do those things?"

"Already done, sir. Efficiency reports done as soon as I came on board." Noble gave a light nod, "Repair logs have been looked over with notes sent to their respective department heads, and highlighted for you whenever you get a moment. I haven't had a chance to look over your report, due to required permissions, but it will be on your desk within half an hour after the staff meeting - and I don't drink coffee, but I appreciate the offer."

Smith saw the captain's notice come in. He finished the mug of tea he had been nursing, transferred the efficiency report he was working on to a paDD, and headed for the conference room. Fifteen minutes would allow him to find the conference room, finish the report, and possibly get another mug of tea before the meeting got underway.

"Very well then." Relau said, impressed. "Good job, Captain." He said, before sitting down in his chair again.

S'Karum was in the middle of unpacking when he heard the call. He grabbed his cover and headed out the door to the nearest turbo lift. He still had to meet with his men. They probably weren't up to his standards, no matter how good they were, so this was a bit of an...unwelcome distraction, but a necessary one.

Lyn withdrew an isolinear chip from her sling, standing and offering it to Noble, "Here's the readiness report on the Squadron and small craft, Sir. Lieutenant Jhaeryn had it prepared before I came aboard. You already have my Efficiency report, I believe?"

Noble seemed somewhat hesitant at first when the Commander approached, but gave a light nod, "Ah, yes. I have it. Thank you, commander." He gave a smile and slipped the chip into a pocket. "And thank your Lieutenant for me, I expect you'll see each other before I do."

Relau was sitting in his chair, pondering the upcoming mission. He knew that there was a lot riding on it, and that there was a lot of scrutiny on the crew of the ship. However, there wasn't much he could do about it, so he decided to not worry about it too much and just continued supervising the bridge.

"You know, Mister Fussy Pants is quite good at looking through books." Yazhi had been extremely quiet at the helm, her hands busy fiddling away with the task at hand. "I never thought we'd have a secretary for an XO." She glanced briefly down to her PaDD, a command issued for her relief already set in motion. "This staff meeting ought to be interesting.."

Christine stepped off the turbolift, giving her jacket one last tug to make sure it was in place. She glanced around the bridge, there were a few new faces, one being the new XO. It felt strange not to see Sun in that same position, standing in the same place as Noble was now. She gave him a warm smile anyways as she handed the PADD with her department readiness check over to him. "Sorry for the delay in the report, sir," Christine said with another smile before she moved to her place on the bridge.

Noble had given a light shake of his head towards Yahzi when the Counselor entered. He erred on the side of caution, though, and said nothing to the trill, before turning to the new comer and accepting the offered PaDD, "Thank you, Miss Descharmes." He gave her a quick nod and a smile in return.

To Be Continued

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