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Posted on Thu Jul 19th, 2012 @ 1:26am by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Rebirth
Location: Nanhai, China, Earth
Timeline: Following Syun Neoi


Lyn sat up suddenly, panting for breath, her forehead slick with sweat.

She looked to the wall for the chronometer, which indicated it was midnight. Turning the other way, she found that she was alone in their bed.

"Mei-chan?" she called out. Nothing.

The room was dark, as expected, but something about it made the petite pilot uneasy. As she began to rise, the door opened violently, and a large Naussican stood there leering at the nude Half-Orion. In the man's hands was a collar, the symbol of servitude Lyn had worn for so long, so long ago.

Past the man's legs, Lyn could see Mei on the floor, blood oozing slowly from a number of grievous wounds. She looked, as far as Lyn could tell, quite dead. A much smaller foot could be seen from further down the hall - Hiroko.

Lyn grabbed for the bronze table lamp, and swung it at the Naussican as hard as she could, a shriek of grief and rage drowning out the beast's feral roar.


Lyn sat up in the bed, suddenly, a shriek of terror frightening her right out of the dream.

She was still in bed, but again the bed was empty besides herself. This time, however, pale yellow sunlight bathed the room in a pleasant morning glow.

"Mei?" Lyn called out, her voice shaky as she continued to shiver from the fear generated by the brutally realistic dream.

Mei had appeared in the doorway just a few seconds later, apparently having heard the shriek, and moved there shortly after. It spurred her instinct, her protective nature, and the quiver in Lyn's voice just before she spoke, made her chest hurt.

"Lyn," Mei's voice spoke calmly, not wanting to startle her as she slipped in, and moved over to the bed, sitting gently, before leaning back towards her, "Is everything alright?" She hadn't been up for too long, but it was early, even for her, the sun just barely risen over the horizon to light up the city. A light work out, as told by her calm breath, and the scent of fresh tea following her into the room told precisely what she had done this morning.

Lyn's arms wrapped around her lover as she made a small plaintive sound, "Oh... just a dream. Just a dream."

"Oh," Sun spoke lightly, letting her arms wrap around Lyn as she slipped a bit closer, a bit more comfortably next to her, "We can talk about it, if you wish,"

Lyn looked up, "I... I woke up, just like now, but it was dark. You weren't in bed. After I called for you, the door burst open and... and you and Hiroko-chan..."

Tears cascading down her face, Lyn found that she couldn't continue recounting the vivid nightmare. Maybe after her racing heart had calmed, and she'd found control of her wild fears. The tightened muscles of the small pilot began to loosen as she held onto Mei, each breath taking in the woman's delicate scent, slowly calming her.

Mei gave a hug to the woman, hopefully a comforting wrap and squeeze as the woman's tale and the feeling of her tears falling on thin cloth and bare skin cause her heart to sink lightly. "I'm sorry," She spoke quietly, and knew she couldn't assure her that it was safe on Earth - a popular misconception that she assumed would only bring up memories and make the situation worse, "It was just a dream, but I know that doesn't help... but I'm right here, and I'm sure we can get a hold of Hiroko before school if you wanted. Sometimes it helped me to ask the computer if you were okay on Shanghai, maybe... it always seemed to help just to know." She gave a little sigh, "Or I can give you a minute, or just talk... whatever you need, ai."

"I-" she paused, trying to push down the fear and adrenaline. "I saw you there, behind a Naussican slaver who was after me. It was just like when I was a girl, and they first collared me. Except it was my Father on the ground, not you."

"I'm sure Hiroko-chan is okay, that was just one of the worst dreams I've ever had," Lyn sighed, taking the opportunity to nuzzle under Mei's jaw. Kissing the skin before she drew back, Lyn looked up at her lover. "Maybe we can take Cai with us to the school, and figure out if that's a good place for her? I'm sure Hiroko would love to introduce us to her class. We could take her home after class is over, too."

"It probably would be good to take Cai to the school," Mei replied lightly, and then adjusted a bit. Her smile widened to a light smirk, "I'm not sure teenage girls want their Aunts to visit their classmates too much." She shook her head, "But, Hiroko does seem to think you are simply amazing. I'm sure the fleet would love to have two successful officers visiting a school and being hailed as awesome without being told to do so." She gave a little shrug, "Though, it would be fun to be able to spoil the girl a bit and keep our top place as aunts... so that might just be a brilliant plan."

Finally pushing up off the bed, Lyn helped Mei back up to her feet, "Smells like you have been busy already, Mei love."

Finally offering a smile, "What are our plans today, lovely?"

"Well," Mei blushed, "I hadn't thought about it much," She lied. She had thought about it. It was all she had thought about for days, really. "Maybe I could draw a bath, let you relax in luxury - a fresh meal with myself and your daughter..." Mei all but teased, dancing a couple fingers across the side of the woman's neck, before continuing, "Cai promised Muqin they'd go to the tailor, and I could scurry her out soon, maybe just a day with us. Unless you wanted a tailor made qipan, which would be fine. I'm sure you'd look wonderful in one," She gave a warm smile, she really didn't mind either way, "I never really got to show you my homeland the last few times we were here... So, there is plenty we could do."

"A tailor made outfit would be fun," Lyn grinned. "I don't exactly change all that much, size and shape wise. So there's that. As for Mother, I'd love to spend time with her, too."

"Maybe after we collect Hiroko from school, we can take a ladies night and spend a bit of time at a bath together, just relax and have fun?" Lyn thought aloud.

"That sounds fine to me," Mei spoke quietly, before leaning in and placing a swift little kiss on the woman's cheek. "The tea should be ready." She said lightly, before backing away a bit.

Lyn closed her eyes as she sniffed at the air, smelling the bitter scent of the tea, "It does smell like it's ready."

"We'll have to take some time to make sure all of Cai's paperwork is in order too. Citizenship and status, and all of that. Just, before the end of the week," Sun spoke as she slipped out towards the kitchen, quietly pondering.

"That probably won't be a problem," Lyn grinned. "I'm going to see if I can get a hold of Shu Lien, see if she could do something to help it along?"

"And Lyn, I think I will take that command. I want to talk about it more, but... if Cai's timeline was right, I need to take it... and if she isn't. Well, it'd be a dream come true. Command of a Carrier." She shrugged, "Even if it is an Escort Carrier." Her eyes drifted to the ground, "It'd just be temporary, as my term is almost up... and if I decide to stay with the Fleet... command would be great. A lot easier on you and Cai..." She sighed, "But I'll admit, I have thought about suggesting we just... stay here and be a mom, a wife..." She trailed off at the end and turned to give a little smile. "Sorry, I shouldn't have brought it up this early, not after your dreams, especially."

"Well, some things have changed, so her timeline is probably already disrupted," Lyn noted aloud. "My runabout is gone, as is the Shanghai she grew up on. She grew up on the Akira-class Shanghai, not this new model, this Vesta."

"If so, her future is no longer there, and her Dunedin cannot return to pick her up, as it no longer exists, either," Lyn frowned. "Not really supposed to talk about it, but I've been through a temporal event myself. Things that were back then that were destroyed stayed so in the time we're from. Mostly Klingons, but I can't tell you anything else about it, except I was on the London back then."

"Aiya..." Sun groaned before shaking her head as she reached the tea, "I hate time travel. But, I can't start questioning her story more now... the last thing she needs is me or us trying to figure it all out. If her time line no longer exists though, why is she still -" Sun held up a hand, "You know what, forget it. Its too early to wrap my head around this non-sense. Any other situation, I'd say 'Lyn, ai, please be my Wing Commander,' but some idiot wasn't paying attention. And for some reason they won't tell me who. And they won't let me ask..."

"It wouldn't have worked anyway, love. They know we are together, and would refuse to have me assigned to your command like that," Lyn frowned. "Though I'd love to ship out with you. It's just... someone has to keep an eye on the Admiral. And Mirella Yahzi... I'm afraid she'll get in all kinds of weird trouble without at least one of us present."

"Anyway... I'm sorry for bringing it up... tea..." Mei spoke, offering a small cup she had somehow prepared without seeming to prepare anything, before continuing, "and then a girls day out?"

Lyn nodded, accepting the small round cup. With another sad frown, "Have you heard anything about Doc Franz or Rai'ya?"

Sun paused mid drink, before shaking her head. "No." Was all she said for a moment, but it was enough to hear a light tone of sadness in her term. "SFHQ wants to move them to 'presumed dead'. I guess two years is long enough to wait for any clues..." She shook her head, and didn't finish speaking about it. At this point, they were just ghosts haunting her dreams. More ghosts.

She sighed, and took another sip, and then glanced up, poorly deflecting the conversation, "And not too close of an eye." She said giving a little smirk.

"Then, well, it's another thing that prevents Cai's bad future from happening. In her future time, Rai'ya's daughter is her best friend, and she knows Rai'ya well. As for her being with us still, then, it's likely that her presence here in the past is what changed. A miniature paradox, if you will," Lyn rose, cup on the counter as she took Mei's empty hand with her own.

Her right arm still hanging limp, Lyn pulled herself close to the lovely Sun daughter, head resting on the woman's chest, "Love you, Mei-Mei."

"Ngoh oi nyeh, Lyn," Sun spoke quietly before wrapping herself around the petite pilot and brushing her hand across the woman's back softly, trying to make sure she didn't brush the wounded arm to harshly, of course.

Lyn suddenly straightened up as she heard feet trying to remain quiet. The soft shuffling was recognizable to her already, "Cai-chan, you can come out here now, it's okay."

"Gomen," Cai's voice came through the room lightly, barely audible as she peaked around a corner, "I didn't mean to interrupt." She spoke, moving a bit more out of the hall in the distance before finally sliding all the way into the room, "I woke up, and heard talking, could smell the tea. Is everything okay?" She spoke simply, revealing that she may have actually heard more than she let on.

Lyn held an arm out to the girl, "Come here, darling."

Cai slipped over, and slipped into the offered arm, still a bit tired and letting a little yawn slip out.

When Cai had closed the distance, she pressed close to Mei once more, and with that outstretched hand, drew Cai to her mothers. Embracing the girl along with Mei, Lyn sighed happily.

"I am home. I have my beautiful Mei-Mei and my sweet little Cai-Cai," Lyn intoned as she held onto both women. "It is everything I have ever wanted, and everything I never thought I could have."



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