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Staff Meeting

Posted on Fri Jul 13th, 2012 @ 5:30pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Patrick Noble & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Lieutenant Martin Smith & 1st Lieutenant S'Karum D'Kalynde

Mission: Rebirth
Location: Observation Lounge

Relau finled into the Observation Lounge with every officer in tow. They had all been summoned, and Relau was quite happy at the result. There were a lot of senior officers that he knew, some he didn't, but all were there and all were punctual.

He sat down at the head of the table, the screen coming on behind him to show a Vulcan face, the ambassador. "Greetings all. Welcome back. For some of us this is bittersweet, coming back after this long. To those of you who have started out with us anew, welcome. Now, on to business. The Vulcan ambassador Saferek, you can see his picture on the wall, is coming aboard our ship within the hour, we are to rendevouzs with him and the USS Oregon. Our mission will be highly dangerous. They are meeting with the delegation on New Romulus to discuss reunification, especially after the Hobus supernova and it's aftereffects. There are still a lot of people who profit off of the two races being at odds, so we can expect heavy resistance, both from governments, but from privateers and the like. Captain Noble has readiness plans for each department. Captain?"

"All of the readiness reports are available on your PaDDs. However," Noble spoke from his position standing next to the table. He didn't finish the thought, instead simply beginning to give a quick rundown. "As the Admiral stated, Starfleet Intelligence has expects heavy resistance in the form of privateers and others. Governmental entities such as the Klingon Empire, the Cardassian Union, a Romulan group known as the Old Guard, though it wouldn't be to far fetched to be hit by Syndicate or Ferengi captains looking for a little renown. As such, each department needs to prepare accordingly. As we approach the Neutral Zone," He began to walk around lightly. "We will switch to a four shift schedule, in an attempt to keep fatigue down. Four six hour shifts will begin with alpha at 0800 the day prior to reaching the Neutral Zone."

Noble shook his head, "Operations and Engineering personnel; I'd like to see the efficiency of the power grid increased by two percent, and if possible, additional redundancies set up in the diplomatic offices, bridge, and shuttle bays. In addition, all Ops personnel, including Engineers, who are above the required proficiency in Phaser or other combat training will be expected to act as supplemental security forces for the duration of the mission. I'll explain that more in the security readiness."

"Science and Medical; With the combat almost guaranteed, I'd like to set up an additional triage center in a some of the bio labs. Science personnel with medical training should be prepared to serve as medics. Scientific objectives on this mission are very limited, unfortunately, but I'd like to see the Science department helping where and when it can."

"Flight Control and Fighters; Plan for possible emergency scenarios. Again, we expect attacks, and the objective is to get these talks completed. To that end, I'd like the Sacagewea, Talon, and Flyers set aside for diplomatic courier duty. Daily drills on that and evacuation of the ambassador and diplomatic attache will be held in one of the holodecks, just in case. Standard operating procedures do apply, but I'd like extra relief officers stationed on the bridge and other command centers as needed."

"Strat Ops and Intelligence; stay on top of our own readiness as needed, and enemy readiness. Daily reports until we reach the Neutral Zone, then updates at the end of each shift past that."

"Diplomatic Attache's job should be clear enough. In addition to taking care of and helping prepare the ambassador, I'd also like a report on the outlook of this meeting, and plans should the worst befall the ambassador. Given the possible implications of the situation, liaise with Intelligence to keep tabs on all incoming and outgoing transmissions for the duration of the mission."

"Security, Tactical, and Marines; Assign an escort of the Ambassador to be made up of marines and security personnel. I want him on a twenty four hour watch, armed escort. Plan various escape routes to the shuttlebay and other areas of the ship. Extra security details on sensitive areas such as the Diplomatic Suites, Sickbay, the Bridge, and the Shuttlebay. I want both marines and security in top form, and constant updates fed directly to the command Yeomen. Tactical should be prepared to engage multiple ships, and should plan accordingly, with insight from the Fighter Wing."

"Finally, all departments will be expected to report daily efficiency reports, and readiness updates. All departments will need to send crewmen to security drills until all crewmen are aware of the plans. Every officer and at least one in every five crew members should be armed with type two phasers while on duty."

"Details on each and every readiness plan can be discussed outside of the meeting if need be, and may be changed by the Admiral, myself, or Commander Morgan if so desired - simply place a request, and we'll see what we can do. If there are any questions or suggestions..." Noble trailed off, and simply stood glanced to the staff. He kept his composure, but he was frankly amazed he had. First meeting with a new staff, and his first time acting as an Executive Officer, he worried that had been appropriate and just hoped an officer would chime in.

S'Karum cleared his throat to get the Captain's attention. "I have planned for the Ambassador's defense, already, sir. If it suits this body, I will present?"

Noble glanced across to the Caitan officer and gave a light nod, "Of course, though my requests still stand; all the better if you had planned accordingly." He spoke simply, before sighing and holding up a finger, "And, sorry, D3 Zone, as it is no longer the Neutral Zone, officially."

"I believe I have, Captain. I find it is better to alter already made plans then to create them form scratch. Once we rendezvous with the Oregon, a squadron of my men will transport over to re-transport with the Ambassador and his staff. At all times the ambassador and his people will be escorted by a squadron of my best Marines. At each of their quarters or offices, a squadron will be posted outside and two more patrolling the deck in full formation. They will each be broken up into two parts and will patrol from four checkpoints which will be managed by me at alternating times. In addition, in all non-sealed meetings, I will be with the Ambassador when my schedule allows, which it will 75% of the time.

"Before they are transported ANYWHERE, I will transport down with a heavily armed platoon to patrol the area with artificiers to ensure no booby traps have been set. We will sweep the area, scanning ten kilometers into the surface of any body as well as turn every rock, things of that sort. After that is done, they will transport down with my XO, where I will take over his guard and be with the Ambassador at all times. After I have the Ambassador's permanent schedule, I will alter my evacuation plans and get them to you, Admiral.

"While on duty, which I will have 70% of my staff on duty at all times, Marines will be armed with type 2 phasers and other standard armaments. Patrol teams will be equipped with MK17s and guards with MK1s. At the checkpoints, SAWPs will be set up just beneath the deck for quick deployment. At the loading areas of all shuttles authorized to carry the Ambassador, ballistic launchers will be set up, just in case they are chased. Are there any concerns on what I have established so far? It is a bit militarized, but I believe the Ambassador will appreciate the precaution."

"Admiral... Captain... I believe the 1st Lieutenant S'Karum D'Kalynde plan will provide maximum security... however... I believe the over militarized approach will undoubtedly send the wrong message to the meetings the Ambassador will attend and most likely under mind the Ambassadors efforts. I suggest a combined effort between my Security team and the marines. I would like to have a security team posted with the Ambassador at all times. One dressed in regular security uniform, one dressed in a medical uniform, and two dressed as civilian advisors. Alongside with this, I propose a full compliment on D'Kalynde marines on stand by within transporter range to beam in case of disaster, with a security team armed with type III phasers standing by out of sight within the perimeter in case transporters are somehow blocked. I also suggest that Lieutenant Smith be assigned to attend any closed door functions with the Ambassador as I believe in his combat prowess and no doubt he has a satisfactory record with Starfleet as a diplomat."

"Excuse me, Admiral, Captain, but I disagree. My measures would take place on the ship, and the Ambassador will attend meetings on planet. Should they board the vessel, then the only adjustment to be made would be the removal of the SWAPs and decrease of the squadron assignment. I agree with Kozlov about disguising guards, but I believe I have Marines better...equipped to do that. We are trained in stealth guard of that matter and better trained in the close combat that would be required and are better at waiting for the right moment. As for tranporter, I agree with that. But, we could have one squadrons nearby with the security personnel. As for Lt. Smith, I'm sure you were not aware of this, Lieutenant, but he has already planned to be with the Ambassador at all times and was notified of these plans." S'Karum readjusted in his seat, tugging on his dog tags a bit.

Smith figured now was as good a time as any to join the fray. "Far be it from me to inject myself into any military strategy, as I'm sure most everyone in the room is better at it than I am. The diplomatic ramifications of this meeting cannot be overemphasized enough - if relations get much worse, the stability of the entire quadrant is at risk because of the political chains that will be dragged into play. That said, I have every reason to believe the negotiations can succeed - Ambassador Safelek is supremely qualified, and both sides have the advantage of knowing that peace will be far better for them than war. The reunification discussion is part of that, but not necessarily the foundation for peace. Worst case scenario: Frankly, that involves the death or complete incapacitation of the Ambassador, at which point it will fall upon the next most senior diplomat in line to hold the situation together. I haven't seen a listing of the Ambassador's staff, but that honor would fall either to me or to one of them. Caring for and preparing the Ambassador should be fairly straightforward, as most of the Vulcan diplomatic corps favors austerity and have nearly photographic memories. Setting up a collation protocol with Intelligence is on the to-do list and will be addressed before we break contact with the Oregon. As to the security arrangements..." Smith took a breath. He was about to annoy the hell out of at least one person, probably two, and he was going to be depending on them for protection very shortly. "I did talk with Lieutenant D'Kalynde with regards to security arrangements, on the Admiral's orders. It's been a long while since I've been on a ship with more than one force capable of providing security arrangements, but that's no excuse for screwing this up as badly as I did. I had planned to be in the Ambassador's party pending re-certification in weapons qualifications, more for my telepathic abilities than for my weapons skills. I can see the merits to including both Security and the Marines in the security details, if only by virtue of having more people to assign across the duty shifts. But again, I defer to the military expertise of the lieutenants as to what they feel would be the most efficient and coordinated use of their personnel. I do owe Lieutenant Kozlov an apology, though, for not handling things better with him prior to this meeting."

"Stop. All of you." Relau said, standing up. "I'm not about to let this degenerate into an argument. We will mix the security, and I will go down with the Ambassador to provide protection as much as a figurehead of support. Marines will be limited to a fire support team. Security, 2 uniformed officers, 2 plainclothes. Are there any questions? And, if there are no questions, only comments about my decision to join the away team, you can put it in writing and submit it to Captain Noble." He waited expectantly to hear the officer's consent.

"Aye sir," was all Kozlov replied to the Admirals orders.

S'Karum saddened a bit. This was the kind of thing he was told to expect from Starfleet personnel, not like he didn't have first hand experience. They were a bit apprehensive of using resources. This was the kind of planning that would kill the Ambassador. Phasing Marines out of the equation, limiting them to two officers in place of SHIP'S security was blasphemous to D'Kalynde, but he had no choice but to yield. "I would just like to say one thing, sir, if you do not mind: That's what my men and I are here for. This is what we train for, to protect and defend in any way possible. I apologize if my comments were considered aggressive, but it is the duty of the Marines on this ship to do this sort of thing, and the security officers are not as trained at this type of thing as we are. I do not mean to insult anyone or stir trouble, all departments have their strengths and this is ours. I do yield, Admiral. But, I do have on question: do you require my plans on the ship to be scaled back or to incorporate Security officers?"

"Lieutenant," Noble spoke up, "I require you to incorporate Security officers in your plans. I'd like to see you and Lieutenant Kozlov after the meeting and we'll hammer out jurisdiction for future reference." He seemed rather polite on the subject, though he was forcing that lack of emotion a bit.

"Of course, Captain," said S'Karum, now a bit annoyed.

"Yes, sir." Kozlov said in response to the Captain.

"Mr. Smith, my apologies," Noble continued without responding to the others, "Lets fast track your certification and make sure you have a place on that security team. I have to agree that a telepath would be a useful thing to have."

"Now, anyone else with suggestions or questions?" Noble asked simply.

Smith turned to the admiral. "No questions, sir." He then addressed the captain, keeping himself positioned such that he turned away from the admiral as little as possible. "Lieutenant Kozlov has already administered my certification for Type 1, 2, and 3 phase weapons and photon grenades, sir. If there are additional certifications you would like to see, I'll certainly do my best to attain them before we reach our destination, sir."

"That is sufficient, Lieutenant." Relau said simply, before turning againt to Captain Noble.

"Captain," Kozlov said to Noble, "I would like to continue assisting with Operations on my own time if that is ok with you. I know this ship well enough, I should be able to assist in getting the efficiency ratings you requested in on time. I will make sure it won't effect my duties to security."

"The squadron will be ready, as always. I may not be cleared to fly, but I trust that Lieutenant Jhaeryn can handle escort duties as needed," Lyn spoke up after remaining silent thus far. "I'll need to coordinate with Miss Yahzi on how we'll manage ferrying dignitaries back and forth. I assume they will be the typical Ambassadorial types and refuse transporters?"

Relau nodded at this. "Of course. Also, make sure that your pilots receive a refresher in proper priority clearances. I don't want some fighter jockey cutting off the transport shuttle and us having a major problem on our hands."

Lyn nodded, "Aye, sir. One precaution I request we use, sir? If possible, can we avoid allowing any of their small craft on the flight deck? The security risk posed by having a potential enemy craft aboard is a bit much for me, sirs. I assure that we have the craft and manpower to handle any personnel transfers required."

"Agreed, we'll make sure to have the diplomats draft up a requirement that only Federation and Affiliated vessels may board the Shanghai, with the exception of the Runabout Pad. I believe we can scan and secure if need be. If that sounds acceptable to you and Security." Noble added.

"Yes, please utilize the Runabout Pad. It is fully rated to carry ships on it during warp speeds. Slipstream is an entirely different story, but that's the case all the time with slipstream." Relau said. "Also, we are short people in the following departments. Medical, Science and Engineering/Ops. Please allow your staff to be pulled if necessary. If there are any conflicts, Captain Noble will take care of it. Any questions?"

"No questions sir," Kozlov responded.

"No further questions, sir.", replied Smith.

"Then you're all dismissed. Good work." Relau said, standing up, signaling the meeting was to end.

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