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Turn for the Worse

Posted on Sat Jul 28th, 2012 @ 7:03pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Patrick Noble & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Lieutenant Martin Smith & 1st Lieutenant S'Karum D'Kalynde & Lieutenant JG Christian D'Alessandro

Mission: Rebirth
Location: USS Shanghai

The chair was decidedly too low. Relau was uncomfortable, to say the least. It was hard on him to have to bend his knees in order to keep himself relatively comfortable. Thus, he spent most of the time pacing the bridge, much to the chagrin of the officers there. A warning sound went off, and Relau looked up at the security station.

"We just received a distress call for a shuttle sir, Identity still unknown," Kozlov informed the Admiral.

"Well then. Helm, notify the Oregon that we will be late in picking up the ambassador. Move us to red alert. Intercept course." He said. "Helm, time to intercept."

"Red alert up. Course set." Yazhi puckered her lips in a curious manner before she tapped out some more commands. "Yo Oregon." Her notification began. "We're totes late. Sorry for the tardiness. Pickin' up our new friend real soon. Love you!"

"Move us to warp 9. Prepare for slipstream entry. All stations report confirmation of Blue Alert in conjunction with red alert." Relau said, nodding to Noble.

"Dragons Two and Five are prepped for launch, sir. Three and Four are coming up to Ready-Two," Karsel`lyn announced from the rear of the bridge as she exited the turbolift onto the command deck. The small pilot crossed the bridge and sat at Mission Operations.

"Security get a team together, pack along a medic and a technician - Marines, bring along a fire team. We'll need to secure the shuttle as soon as we're able. Meet up in the transporter bay nearest the Fighter Deck, we'll need quick access to both, depending on where this goes." Noble chimed in.

"Aye sir," Kozlov replied. "Lieutenant D'Kalynde, we require your marines at the Flight deck transporter." He then tapped into his console to send similar message to Sick Bay and the Security Office.

"D'Kalynde here. Three Marines enroute." S'Karum hit his comm badge as he worked his way over to the Marines running drills. "Chief Keevon, take two more men to the flight deck transporter, heavily armed. Report when you know more."

"Move us into the slipstream vector. All hands, brace for entry." Relau said as the drive was engaged. There was a minor shake, and then the forward viewscreen flashed, showing the blue-green of the conduit. "Helm, time now to intercept." He said, his voice betraying no emotion. In truth, he was worried, but they had passed the slipstream threshold without any problems. Unlike last time...

Smith had reported that his department was prepared for red alert and blue alert. He finished his tea with an uneasy mind. On one hand, he hoped that this situation had nothing to do with the ambassador. On the other hand, if it was something serious enough to divert the current mission, that was worrying him more than the thought of someone attacking the Oregon. Not that there was anything he could do from where he was other than wait it out and prepare for the worst.

"Sir," Kozlov said looking at his console, "The shuttle is under attack by a Romulan Warbird. The identity of the shuttle is still unknown, but it appears to be Federation, possibly Military. They are reporting they have injuries."

"Dragons Two and Five away!" Karsel`lyn announced. "I have Three and Four ready to go now, Admiral. I reccommend deploying all fighters, just in case."

"Lieutenant Kozlov, Hail them. Give them the usual bit - stand down, explain yourself, etcetera. Try to get them to open a channel. Full shields fore, hold off on weapon locks. Commander, Prep your remaining Fighters, scan for Scorpions and intercept if required," Noble spoke calmly, before turning to the Admiral, "We could deploy them in an escort formation around the Shanghai, but I if that Warbird wanted that shuttle destroyed, it would've been gone already. Seems capture is the more likely goal."

"Aye sir..." Kozlov said concentrating on the orders and sending out the request for the Romulan warbird to stand down, "Fore shields at maximum, standing by to lock weapons."

"Sir, I recommend we attempt to beam to occupants of the shuttle out, I should be able to beat the shield frequency of the already heavily shuttle and get a transporter lock," Kozlov suggested letting his Ops and Security training mesh.

"Try it." Relau said. "Fire a warning shot across the bow of the Warbird, Dragons in the wild, get that shuttle under guard, protect it as much as possible."

"Aye sir!" Kozlov said now focused on his work. He immediately locked onto the Warbird and intentional missed across the bow as the Shanghai pushed closer to the shuttle. His sensors showed the two small fighters flinging wildly toward the Shuttle. He then maneuvered to the other side of his panel and hacked the prefix codes of the unknown federation shuttle, "three life signs, that shuttle won't last much longer," Kozlov noted, not really speaking to anyone. He then attempted to engage the transporter.

Smith saw the telltale corona of the Romulan disruptor as it lanced through space and swore in fluent Andorian. If the Shanghai opened fire, the diplomatic repercussions ranged from bad to atrocious. He caught a lucky break on the timing of the turbolift and made it to the bridge as Kozlov announced the status of the shuttle. He tucked himself into an auxiliary console and took a breath, trying to come down from frantic to merely urgent. "Sir, respectfully request to remind the admiral that a Federation vessel firing on a Romulan Bird of Prey could provoke a particularly... pointed diplomatic incident. Also, respectfully request consideration of the idea that this could be a diversion with regards to said points of diplomacy."

Ensgin D'Alessandro was sitting in the Security Office and was just about to go off-duty before the red alert sounded and orders from the bridge were relayed to his desk by Lt. Kozlov. He quickly assembled a small contingent of Security personnel and led the team of himself and three others to the Flight deck transporter bay. He saw to it that they were all suitably armed with Type II phasers before leaving, just in case. He then tapped his Combadge.

"D'Alessandro to Lieutenant Kozlov. Security team is in place in the transporter bay, Sir. Waiting on technician and medic. I'm a field medic but there may be casualties beyond my capabilities to treat. Anything I can do would be a stop-gap measure at best. Orders, Sir?" he spoke. This was D'Alessandro's first real Red Alert situation and he was desperately trying to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

Kozlov wished he could pass on some orders to Ensign D'Alessandro, but he was too busy. He had to trust the young Ensign to make the right decisions. He had managed to breach the shields of the runabout, but the damage was too sever and the small shuttle was shaking too much for him to confirm a lock without risking beaming a person out into two pieces. Losing hope, he suddenly remembered the cargo bay was equipped with heavy duty transporters for large cargo. It wasn't designed for a shuttle craft, but it should hold... they were too far off to tractor it in, the ship was doomed without some sort of intervention.

He quickly hacked into the shuttles controls and decided he had to chance it, he deactivated the shuttles shields. Severely damaged and now completely unable to defend itself Kozlov re-activated the transporter beam and sucked power from all the ships reserves. The bridges lights flashed for a second as the view screen showed the small shuttle being engulfed in a transporter lock... then it disappeared from view.

Glancing at his controls he tapped his comm badge, "Kozlov to Shuttle Bay, stay close to the walls, you have a Shuttle beaming in."

"Dragon's returning to station, sir, unless you have other orders?" Lyn announced, grinning at the sound of the Deck Chief on the Flight Deck cursing over the open comm as the Warrant Officer down below reported back.

"Sorry Commander..." Kozlov said quickly to Llytherraias as he kept watch on the Romulan Warbird from his station.

"Helm, remove ourselves from this situation. Get us away from this warbird." Relau said. "Captain Noble, Commander Barnes, you're with me. Let's go greet our guests. Lieutenant Kozlov, you have the bridge."

"Aye sir," Kozlov said, nearly in disbelief as you moved towards the center chair like a robot. The view screen showed the massive Warbird just off the Shanghai's bow and now he was in charge of the safety of this ship and could even possibly start a war. As soon as he took the chair though his battle hardened focus kicked in. "Tactical, keep an eye on that warship, don't lock weapons unless they fire on us," he said surely to the crewman who took his last post. He leaned on his right elbow eyeing the Warbird and monitoring the systems, pushing the concerns about the shuttle down below out of his mind.

In the shuttlebay, no sooner had Kozlov's message got through than D'Alessandro's Security team had to scramble to get out of the way. The shuttle materialised in front of them and within ten seconds, orders for the Security team to surround the shuttle were shouted by D'Alessandro and subsequently executed with surprising speed. Given how little time he'd spent with the rest of the department, D'Alessandro was pleased with how well they accepted him and reacted. He undertook a quick scan of the shuttle and its contents with his Tricorder before tapping his Combadge.

"D'Alessandro to Lieutenant Kozlov, the shuttle is aboard. Repeat, the shuttle is aboard. We have it secured and are standing by. Heavy damage. I'm reading three lifesigns, two Humoid, one Caitian, all of which are becoming more erractic. We've still got no medics down here. Recommend we go in with what we've got, Sir. Hopefully I can be of some use in dealing with casualties for the time being - I don't think we have much choice." said D'Alessandro, secretly exhilerated as the situation gradually become more and more dramatic and real to him. They certainly told him the truth during his training - all the simulations in the world couldn't quite compare to the reality.

"Understood," Kozlov replied from the bridge, pleased to finally have confirmation from the shuttle bay that his plan had succeeded without killing anybody, "Senior staff is on the way down, hold position and stand by, bridge out." Kozlov replied turning his attention back to the Warbird.

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Rear Admiral Relau Chlan
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Captain Patrick Noble
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Commander River Morgan
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Commander Karsel'lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias
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Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna
Unassigned/Missing in Action

Lieutenant Commander James Barnes
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Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi
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Lieutenant Christine Descharmes
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Lieutenant Martin Smith
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USS Shanghai-A

Ensign Christian D'Alessandro
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USS Shanghai-A


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