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Preparing for Protection

Posted on Thu Aug 2nd, 2012 @ 6:21pm by Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & 1st Lieutenant S'Karum D'Kalynde & Lieutenant JG Christian D'Alessandro & 2nd Lieutenant Zak Keevon

Mission: Rebirth
Location: Observation Lounge
Timeline: Current


As always, Kozlov was early to meetings, he had his coffee mug in hand and looked out the windows at the stars as the Shanghai sped along in it's slipstream. He hoped this meeting would go smoothly and quickly. The Marine and Security departments both had a lot of work to do.

Zak arrived early as well, eager to make a good impression on superiors he hadn't met in his brief time on board. Seeing Kozlov already there, he nodded slightly. "Good morning, Sir."

"Good Morning, Chief," Kozlov said to the Warrant Officer. He hadn't met the man, but he understood that making the rank of Warrant Officer was not an easy task and that in itself is to enough to be able to have confidence in the marine.

D'Kalynde came in a few moments after Zak. "Good day Marine, Kozlov." He took the seat opposite Kozlov, a few PaDDs in his hand.

"Lieutenant," Kozlov replied curtly to D'Kalynde as he took his seat.

Ensign D'Alessandro entered the room with a large cup of coffee and two PaDDs held in place under his shoulder. Noting that he was the last in the room, albeit only just after D'Kalynde, he quickly sat down alongside Kozlov, putting the PaDDs on the table. "Good morning, Sirs, Chief" he added, nodding at the appropriate people in the rooom respectively.

Kozlov nodded to D'Alessandro and then turned to face the table, "Good day Gentlemen, thank you for your cooperation in showing up on a timely fashion. We have a lot to discuss, but even more to do so I am hoping our meeting won't take too long."

Standing Kozlov activated the screen on the back room, "In less than..." he looked at the screens clock, "30 minutes, we should be meeting with the USS Oregon and then we will be picking up Vulcan ambassador Saferek." An image of the Ambassador showed on the main viewer and then it switch to the Planet New Romulus, "Ambassador Saferk will be attending New Romulus to discuss Re-Unification." Kozlov paused to let the idea of Re-unification sink in to the members around. The screen behind flash back to the Star Fleet symbol and Kozlov sat back down.

"We need to protect the Ambassador," Kozlov said, despite it being obvious, "and it will not be easy. Now in two other staff meeting Lt. D'Kalynde and I attended there is clearly some disagreements between Security and Marines on this, but our orders are clear so lets not debate jurisdiction here please."

Turning on his paDD, "lets start with the basics. The Marines will supply a quick response team. While on-board they will be posted at the Transporter rooms for quick access around since we can't have them crowding the corridors and they can't be seen by the Ambassador. What resources do you have to handle this," Kozlov said looking at the Chief Warrant and Lt. D'Kalynde.

S'Karum looked to Keevon for a moment. He said quietly for a moment,"My resources are not yours to allocate or command, Lieutenant.

"Well, far be it for me to complicate things, but we were ordered to scale back plans on the surface. As for the ship, we will be patrolling the deck once every hour as well as I expect your men to monitor activities aboard. Our guard with him aboard will also stick. Our mounted weapons are nicked but outside the quarters we will position a fire team, two to three man team, and also we'll increase patrols to every half our, though we'll disappear as soon as your team inside signals it. As for shuttles and such, we'll have a small two man team in all shuttle bays, out of the way, maybe in a control room or someting.

"As for transporter rooms, that can be arranged. And, just for reference, we won't "crowd" the corridors of this ship. On the surface, we are ordered to provide a fire team, which I will lead. Any objections so far. Keevon, make note of this. I want you on every other patrol." S'Karum leaned forward a bit. "Oh, and we also need to make arrangements for the men you choose to run drills with those I choose when off duty. It might not serve obvious benefit on this mission, but it will prove beneficial in the long run."

Chief Keevon nodded at his commander, tapping away at his own PADD to keep track of his instructions. He'd been told to expect some disagreements between Marines and Security personnel, but was a bit surprised at how quickly the fireworks had started.

D'Alessandro sensed that if he was going to have a chance to reiterate some of the suggestions he had made to Lt. Kozlov, now would be the appropriate time.

"Lieutenant D'Kalynde, Sir, in our Security meeting, I made some suggestions to Lieutenant Kozlov that are dependant on the crew roster - I'm not altogether familiar with the crew yet, but I've been examining the roster in the last fifteen minutes and it would appear that we have satistactory numbers of crew appropriate to my suggestion. It occured to me that if it were possible, both on the away missions and on the ship that the Ambassador may feel more comfortable and less intimidated if we assign as many Vulcan personnel to the protection detail." said D'Alessandro.

Christian was concerned that it should have been Lt. Kozlov and not himself that responded to Lt. D'Kalynde's statement and was irritated with himself for not thinking before he spoke. Christian was not the department head after all, however, Lt. Kozlov had asked for his support and he wanted to ensure that he made the very best impression and was as informative and helpful as he could be. He looked at Lt. Kozlov for permission to continue, although he was quite happy for Kozlov to take over at this point to make further suggestions as he saw fit, as well, hopefully reiterate further suggestions that D'Alessandro had suggested during the Security meeting not 30 minutes ago.

S'Karum was a bit taken aback. Caitians were very open to others, that's why Cait joined the Federation. To here that statement insulted him a bit, and visibly shook him. "Excuse me, Ensign, Lieutenant, but the Ambassador has spent his career, and life, uniting people and bringing peace to the Federation. The thought that he would not be comfortable around other species, especially when trying to unite Vulcan and Romulus, is insulting to him and all he's worked for. Though, I do see the diplomatic benefit of having more Vulcans there than usual. But, the chances of something going awry are to great. I believe we should just pick the best men we have available, be they Vulcan, Andorian, Human, Bajoran, ANY species." D'Kalynde leaned back a bit, re-composing himself. He'd never encountered that attitude, or the appearance of it, in Starfleet officers or Marines.

Kozlov shook his head, " 1st. Lieutenant, your assignments you mentioned before are satisfactory. However, there is no need for you to be rude. I was not trying to command your resources, I only asked what resources you had to do assignments that were previously discussed. And furthermore, your implication that Ensign D'Alessandro is being racist is unwarranted and insulting. For a person that forces your opinions on everyone else, it saddens me that you can not take someone else suggestion with more grace. Ensign D'Alessandro suggestion is good and it is quite obvious that only qualified members will be chosen for the assignment. Considering, the close quarter detail is going to be a security assignment, then I will remind you of what you previously and so rudely stated to me, you do not allocate or control my resources. If Ensign D'Alessandro feels that he has the personnel to place an all Vulcan team and it seems justified then he will do so, whether you object or not."

Kozlov stood up and moved to the view screen, "Now lets get over our pettiness people and move on from our last conversation." Turning on the screen, a 3D design of the ship appeared showing several escape routes from different locations, "In our last meeting you asked that Security handle the escape route on the ship. I have devised several strategies, but as you suggested earlier 1st Lt. we need to do drills on this. If it is OK with you I would like Chief Keevon and Ensign D'Alessandro to work on running these drills together."

D'Alessandro, still slightly annoyed at having been all but called a racist, turned promptly towards Lt. Kozlov, to whom he was grateful for support in that matter, so that his disdain was hidden from 1st. Lieutenant D'Kalynde.

"Lieutenant Kozlov, Sir, could we have further information on said escape strategies? It would undoubtedly make it easier for us all to determine the number of men required, the way we run the drills, et cetera." asked D'Alessandro.

D'Kalynde fought back an outburst as he stared at D'Alessandro, who wouldn't look at him. "That's perfectly fine, Lieutenant," the last part he announced very curtly. "But, I don't want the Ambassador to see the drills in progress. It would undoubtedly remove some faith placed in this crew. Chief, you and the other platoon commanders will handle the drills with the Ensign. Send a copy of those plans to the Marine Office, Lieutenant, and our men will meet yours at the Ambassador's planned quarters fifteen minutes after this meeting is adjourned.

"Now, as for lacking grace, when a suggestion worth accepting presents itself, I shall accept it with GRACE. The Ensign's forethought was good, albeit a bit misguided in my opinion. As for QUALIFIED personnel being chosen, qualified isn't good enough, exceptional isn't good enough, though I'm sure you understand that. I'll make no more statements about your personnel, but I do expect you to choose only your best. As your objections to my personnel carry no weight, mine shall carry no weight to you, of course." S'Karum smiled towards the Lieutenant before typing on a few PaDDs. He thought to himself, "That wretched General Harrington put me here precisely because of these...officers."

"The plans with be sent 1st Lieutenant," Kozlov said ignoring the rest. Kozlov spoke to Ensign D'Alessandro, "The escape routes are the standard VIP e-vac plans, with modifications to fit the Ambassadors needs. Unfortunately, we don't have time to go over them here in fine detail as we will be picking up the ambassador shortly and I will need to report to the Bridge soon. The basic principle is to attempt to transport the Ambassador to a secure location if an escape is necessary. The general standard is to transport to the shuttle bay where we have Marines and Security stationed and it allows the Ambassador to escape aboard a shuttle with fighter support available. Of course, it will always be assumed that the Transporter will be disabled, so while the close protection team calls for the transport they will begin making there way along a designated escape path to get out of the area and meet up with more fire support,"

"Any other questions," Kozlov asked looking around the room.

"Nothing more from me, Sir. If you could give me a copy of the strategies before you report to the Bridge so the Chief and I can get things moving on the drills, it'd be appreciated." replied D'Alessandro.

Keevon lowered his PADD a bit. "I haven't heard anything about medical personnel. I assume the Marine contingents will need to include a Corpsman?"

"Good point Chief," Kozlov said, "I will touch base with Commander Morgan and see what she will supply us with."

Turning off the briefing screen Kozlov nodded to the group, "I need to report to the bridge. I think we have covered the basics and I think we should meet again and re-assess as the mission continues. Good day, Gentlemen." As Kozlov finished he picked up his paDD and headed out of the lounge.

D'Alessandro turned towards Keevon, "Chief, shall we have a quick read through these plans and then start on those drills?" he asked politely.

"Sounds good, Sir." He glanced down at his PADD, nodding slowly as he quickly ran through his platoon roster in his head, considering his personnel choices.


A Joint Post between

Lt. Arseni Kozlov
Chief of Security/Tactics
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Ensign Christian D'Alessandro
Assistant Chief of Security/Tactical
USS Shanghai-A


1st Lt. S'Karum D'Kalynde
Marine Commanding officer
USS Shanghai-A


Chief Warrant officer Zak Keevon
Platoon Leader
USS Shanghai-A


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