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The Price of Friendship

Posted on Fri Aug 3rd, 2012 @ 2:57pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Patrick Noble & Commander River Morgan & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & 1st Lieutenant S'Karum D'Kalynde & Lieutenant JG Christian D'Alessandro & 2nd Lieutenant Zak Keevon

Mission: Rebirth
Location: USS Shanghai-A
Timeline: Immediately after "A Turn for the Worse"

Relau walked into the shuttlebay, surrounded by a bunch of people, including Noble and Barnes, whom had just come from the bridge. He motioned to D'Alessandro and D'Kalynde to pop the hatch. "Let's see what we have here." He said, peering intently.

Laiken was on the floor of the small craft, only dimly aware that the shooting had stopped. She saw a bright light, a weird outline, then blacked out from the stress and her injuries.

"Deck crew, get this shuttlebay cleared up; clear the debris, if you aren't helping, get off the deck," Noble spoke before spotting the wounded Laiken on the floor, "Get me a med kit," He spoke tapping one of the security officer on the arm, sending the man darting off to the medical station in the shuttle bay. "D'Kalynde, you know Caitan physiology, you're up until the Doc gets here," He pointed to the wounded woman before climbing into the ship.

D'Kalynde returned his phaser to his holster. "Aye, Captain. I'm no medic, though, and our physiology is very complex." S'Karum knelt before the Caitian woman, assessing her wounds. "She's very badly hurt, a few broken bones, internal injuries are a certainty, and God knows what else. She won't die...if we get her to sickbay soon."

Noble glanced around the shuttle as he climbed in, perhaps not first, but the first to bark anything out. "Two more here, pilot and another passenger. I'll check on the pilot, D'Alessandro double check that passenger."

"Aye, Sir." replied D'Alessandro, moving some debris out of the way in order to get to the other passenger. He quickly examined her before calling out for another med kit. It was thrust into his hand and he instinctively pulled out the medical tricorder.

" me!" she struggled to sit up.

"She's alive and there's nothing immediately life threatening here, Sir." he called out to Captain Noble. "However, the majority of these injuries don't appear to have occured on board the shuttle. Unless I'm very much mistaken, there are signs of beating and torture here. Broken bones, concussion, multiple lacerations. However, these injuries do require prompt treatme.....". D'Alessandro was cut off as a shower of sparks descended from a console in the direction of him and the woman he was treating. He threw himself forward over her to protect her from further injury before shouting "...and will somebody get a damned technician, or just shut down the power in here."

"One other thing, Sirs" D'Alessandro added, calling out to Admiral Chlan and Captain Noble. "She's Starfleet. Rank, Commander."

"That should simplify finding out who she is, at the very least." Noble responded, though he didn't say anything about the subject afterwards.

"I see." Relau said, peering inside. He couldn't see anything because of the blackness. "At least we know why she's here in the shuttle. That's a special operations uniform on the Petty Officer. Obviously they rescued her." He said, thinking.

Noble said something quietly, and ran a hand along the pilots eyes, before shaking his head. "Too late here." He glanced across the consoles and suddenly seemed to have a thought. "You," He pointed at a marine, "Keevon, was it, get some men, tear this thing apart. Don't be gentle, just look for anything out of the ordinary."

"Don't mind if I do, sirs," said a blue faced, white haired fighter pilot as she stepped into the cockpit, popping open a panel and attached a length of ODN cable to a port found underneath.

"That should start downloading this bucket's computer database. We have a secured server core just for this eventuality," Rhis announced.

"Once first aid is administered, lets get these people out of here and to sickbay." Noble climbed back through the shuttle and hopped down onto the deck, beginning to walk about the shuttle for a moment before going back to trying to get the deck crew to clear the deck.

A green face popped into the shuttle, "This thing looks like shit!" She blanched when she saw the XO walking about the shuttle, "Sorry, sir. Not sure how I can help, but you have Lieutenant Jhaeryn here to manage anything on the deck for you."

"One dead, two injured. Cordon off the wreckage, try to get things moving again. Get the shrapnel and debris off the deck, and reorganized the fighters and shuttle to keep them away from here. If something goes wrong, secondary explosion protocol and all." Noble ordered, still moving around the shuttle a bit, examining the damage as he could.

Two med techs carried the humanoid survivor out of the shuttle, she looked around blurrily as they brought her into the light, "Where am I??" She asked blinking.... "Ship? What ship?"

"You, stop." Relau said immediately. "Azumi? Azumi Morganna?" He asked in disbelief. "You're on the Shanghai. How?" He asked, trailing off. He looked on in disbelief when the Commander got out of the orderlies' hands and stood up.

Azumi shrugged off the orderlies, she stood teetering on her broken feet. Blinking back tears 'Home... I'm home' she thought as she raised her right hand with its's shattered fingers to her temple in salute.

"Commander Azumi Morganna requesting permission to come aboard sir."

Relau stood at attention, causing everyone else to snap to as well. "Permission granted, Commander. Welcome home." He said, finishing the salute.

With a sigh she collapsed back in the orderlies arms.

Relau snapped off an order, "You, Ensign take her directly to sickbay and tell Commander Morgan I want updates on her status every ten minutes. Romulan bastards." He said, shaking his head.

D'Alessandro had allowed the medical staff to take over at that point, removing the injured personnel and the dead body of the pilot. He, his Security team, Keevon and his Marines were, at this point, almost literally tearing the inside of the shuttle apart looking for anything remotely suspicious and out of place.

He turned to one of his Security team. "Ensign, help me shift this debris so we can get a look back here.". Together, they lifted a long piece of surprisingly heavy metal out of the way so that they could examine the rear of the shuttle.

Everything appeared to be as it should, apart from the continual and random flares of sparks coming from overhead. D'Alessandro took his Tricorder out to conduct a more thorough examination and what he saw stunned him for a brief moment. He knelt down, ripping back what was left of the carpet in the shuttle, his Tricorder beeping louder as he did so. "Oh shit." he shouted, quietly cursing himself before regaining his composure.

"Captain, Admiral, we have a serious situation here. There's a transport enhancer hidden in a hatch under the floor. It's definately of Romulan design." he finished, turning to look at the CO and XO, both of whom looked as stunned as he did.

"Damnit," Noble spoke from just outside the shuttle, having heard enough to have a good guess as to what was about to happen. "Alright, get the injured out of here," Noble shook his head, and turned back towards the nearby deck crew members, "Let's get th-"

Noble was cut off as a green streak of light arched across the room. The disruptor beam seemed to narrowly miss the Captain's more vital organs, instead cutting through a portion of the back of his leg warranting a string of curses in Orion. The truth had been, the crew had stumbled upon the object too late. The first and second waves had already beamed aboard. As more beams arched across the shuttle bay, it became evident that this was very well planned out.

The Romulans had already handily beamed aboard a small group of Marines; well armed, well trained Reman soldiers, which had then prepared the 'boarding area' by setting up yet another transport enhancer, they were able to rapidly reinforce, and they had. A fireteam of Remans had opened up fire from behind some crates on the deck, pinning down Noble and the shuttle hatch rather easily. Another team appeared in the observation deck just above, and more were beginning to flank around from cover to cover, in hopes of taking the Shuttlebay quickly, and effectively.

Relau was almost completely overwhelmed with the situation, and he resolved to have words with his security team, as green lances flew across the shuttlebay. "Chlan to Bridge, intruder alert, sound general quarters and get every single marine down here!" He tapped his commbadge, rolling out of the way as he took a lance across the shoulder.

It slowed him down a little bit, but he was still standing as he knelt next to a weapon locker and drew out a Type 2. "Captain. Your leg." He said, noticing his partner under cover and the injury.

"Dammit, Kozlov! Where's my marines!" He said, tapping his commbadge again.

"Thanks." Noble groaned and shook his head, he didn't seem to do anything for a moment until he bent his knee. "Its fine, I've had worse. Toes and knee still work, I'll get it looked at when I can..." He groaned again and pulled himself against better cover, "I wish I had brought a damn rifle," He said, pulling a type two phaser out of his uniform and shaking his head again, before blind firing a couple of shots back over the cover towards where the shot that had hit him came from.

D'Alessandro remained inside the cabin on the shuttle, using it as cover as he periodically leant out to fire as often as he could having unholstered his type II, which now seemed rather small in comparison to the rifles being used by the Reman attackers.

"D'Alessandro to Security. Intruder alert. All available Security personnel both on duty and off duty, report to the Security Office and arm yourselves with type III phaser rifles immediately. Make your way to the Shuttlebay. Bring some spare type IIIs, we're outgunned, around 20 ought to do it. Also ensure that you have as many energy packs as you can carry. Get here as fast as you can." he shouted over the sound of Phaser and Disruptor fire.

"Admiral, Captain, do you need assistance?" D'Alessandro yelled to the CO and XO. Without waiting for an answer, he added "If we can, I recommend we withdraw from the Shuttlebay for the time being. We're outgunned, outflanked and outnumbered at least two to one, by my estimate. We need to regroup with the rest of the Marines and Security. We can retake the Shuttlebay later, right now our best chance of staying alive is to get out and return with reinforcements." he finished, ducking behind the Shuttle door as several disruptor blasts narrowly missed his head, green light exploding all around him.

Leaning out from the Shuttle again, he fired his phaser in the direction of the Observation Deck. One Reman took the beam to the chest and fell over the railing, crumpling on the Shuttlebay floor with a pool of green blood oozing around him. D'Alessandro fired again, this time managing to catch another Reman on the arm with no apparent effect. He continued to fire in the general direction of the Observation Deck, hitting nothing but air. At this point he and the other Security officers were merely attempting to keep them at bay with blind fire until reinforcements could arrive. He ducked behind his cover again, kneeling down just inside the shuttle as he increased the setting on his Phaser. Just as he was getting up to return fire again, an NCO from the Security department further back, behind the Shuttle got hit in the abdomen and fell against the Shuttle. Christian wanted to help but he was pinned down, and even if he hadn't been, there was nothing he could do. He turned back towards the intruders and fired again.

Noble leaned around the crate he had found himself behind, hearing the blasts of disrupter fire smashing against hit. He took one oddly precise shot at some random Reman. He didn't know who shot him, but when he saw his beam strike a reman's leg, and then a second strike him in the chest. He couldn't help but smirk, as he ducked back behind the crate. "I'm only going to slow you down, and god knows where these bastards are. I agree though, fall back is the best plan."

"We'll get you out of here, Sir." replied D'Alessandro as he fired several shots in quick succession before ducking back behind cover, inside the shuttle. "We're not going to last here much longer. Chief Watkins, search inside the shuttle for some additional energy supplies for our weapons." he told the Chief, who promptly responded, searching the weapons locker and picking out all the energy packs, along with two type III Phaser Rifles. D'Alessandro threw one to both the Captain and the Admiral, smiling to Captain Noble as he did so "Now you have a damned rifle, Sir." before turning and firing rapidly again.

"Is it just me, or are three more Remans appearing for every one we shoot?" he asked over the chaos. "Sirs, if you can provide suitable cover, Chief Watkins and I can try to extricate ourselves to find a usable escape route. When we do, we'll cover you and so forth until we can everybody out of here. Captain, I'll leave Ensign Delvok with you so that he can support you when we move out so that you don't have to put too much weight on that leg. How does that sound, Sirs?" D'Alessandro continued. Both he and Chief Watkins leant out and fired blindly into the horde of Remans on the Obs Deck, missing for the most part but scoring hits that were insignificant in the grand scheme of things.

"D'Alessandro, D'Kalynde intruders on board, get control of the ships now!" Kozlov ordered over the comm-badge, obviously sounding desperate that he couldn't be done in the fight.

Petty Officer Second Class Ghaindah raced through the corridor towards the shuttle bay leading a mixed team of Marines and Security that had initially been assigned to run diplomatic escape drills on deck 5. The older Bajoran woman cursed at her bad luck in missing all the action, she had served on the Enterprise when they had went back in time and fought Borg over Earth. She felt not fear.

Opening the shuttle bay doors she began to fire and the impossibly large group of Romulan/Reman personnel in the bay despite the fact that the man next to her was torn apart by a well placed disruptor shot. She searched the room and spotted her trapped Security Chief, Ensign D'Alessandro, "SUPPRESSING FIRE!" she ordered as she tried to keep an opening for those still in a bay to escape.

"D'Alessandro, that sure looks like an opening," Noble spoke before poking over the crate and popping off a couple shots at the Reman and Romulans on the Flight Deck. He missed the first shot and cursed under his breath, before picking off one of the Remans who had just popped out of his own cover. He took cover again and continued barking orders, "Get whoever you can back behind that cover and out of the shuttlebay to regroup. We have to be..."

He cut off mid sentence, and his face distorted like he was in excruciating pain almost before he shook his head and all but growled. "Wow, remind me not to get on your badside," He spoke to no-one, before going back to the Security officer, "We have to be quick, we can't let them get time to dig in. And the Admiral has to go - not that I wouldn't mind getting out of here, but if someone has to stay, at least I have an excuse," He said quickly, shaking his leg lightly.

All of a sudden the blue alert sounded letting the crew know the Ship was preparing to enter slipstream.

Relau growled a little bit, an instinctual response to the chaos that they were in. Phaser and disruptor fire was raining down from every way and they were effectively cornered. "Get the wounded out. I'm not losing another XO." He said through gritted teeth. Regulations flashed through his mind, he was probably breaking the lot of them, but he didn't care. The lives of his crew and the safety of his ship were paramount, and he was, in a term expendable when it came to everyone else. "That's an order!" He barked, laying down suppressing fire.

When they moved, they moved as quickly as possible. Relau took up the rear as they exited the shuttlebay. "Computer, seal off this deck, forcefields at every choke point, only voice command authorization to drop." As the computer beeped and complied, he knew that he was really taxing the ship's power systems if they were really going into slipstream. "Kozlov, I've sealed off this deck. Where the hell are my marines, Lieutenant?" He asked, supporting Noble and another officer, his phaser tucked into his waistband.

Once he'd seen that everybody was going to be safely out of harms way, D'Alessandro rolled out from his cover and fired his phaser continuously into the crowd of Remens. As quickly as he could, he ran to the back of the shuttle, ordering Chief Watkins to get the hell out of the shuttlebay. D'Alessandro examined the Security NCO crumpled against the side of the shuttle, checking his pulse.

"I'm sorry." he muttered, as he ran a hand over the eyes of the man, closing them for the last time, before running as fast as he could to escape the bedlam in the Shuttlebay, joining everybody else outside just as the Admiral sealed off the deck.

"I've lost two Security personnel" he muttered, a little breathless in the direction of the Captain and Admiral. "Hopefully the Marines fared a bit better. How are the casualties?". He turned to the Security team that had come to join the fun. "Thank you, Crewman Ghaindah. Did you bring those Type IIIs?" he asked.

"Too many." Relau said. "We're taxing the ship's power systems. We need to end this now. What's our weapon count?"

"Negative sir," Ghaindah replied to the Ensign, "We only have the Type III's we were carrying on the drill we were doing, we didn't bring any extras, but you can have mine sir, I am just as comfortable with my type II," she said passing her Type III to the Ensign and pulling out her type II.

D'Alessandro gratefully accepted the type III from Ghaindah, but was nonetheless irritated. "Whilst I appreciate the gesture, crewman, if you recall, I did ask for extra type IIIs." he replied curtly, before tapping his Combadge.

"D'Alessandro to any remaining Security personnel. If you're on your way down here, for the love of God bring some type IIIs, we're outgunned enough as it is." he spoke, tapping his Combadge again.

"I'm sorry sir," Ghaindah replied," but we weren't in position. I believe there is a plasma fire on Deck 9 and from the last reports I heard two turbolifts shorted out due to something caused in the fire. It may delay any additional equipment sir."

D'Kalynde stood just before the Admiral and tapped his comm badge. "I want a fucking vocal report from every platoon leader, NOW. If you don't say your en route to our position, you won't need an Admiral to hand you your asses." S'Karum looked to the Admiral, a bit dissapointed. "Admiral, I've got three here. I can protect us when they make it through that door and those forcefields, but I don't know for how long. If my men can't get in here..." S'Karum dropped off as his comm badge went off.

"Sir, all Marines en route. Ten men on their way to safeguard the bridge, ten more on their way to engineering. We'll be there within the next few minutes, sir." S'Karum cut off the link as he drew his phaser, grabbed on of his men's rifles, and extended his claws.

"Sir, we can't let them just keep appearing. If you give me a few men, I can go in and depressurize the bay." Before moving to the Caitian woman and ripping off a few pieces of his shirt and widening his eyes, he tapped his comm badge. "All Marines en route, stop. I want ten men in the jefferies tubes to the shuttle bay with heavy weapons and grenades. Do ALL the damage you need to, just don't blow up the ship and kill those bastards. Let me know if you need more. All the rest, come in from opposite ends of the deck. I want the port team to meet me here, we'll work things out there. Send five men back to retrieve mounted weapons, fast as Hell. Other team, meet here for a brief rendezvous. I'll be joining you." S'Karum again cut the link before crudely stuffing a rag in an open wound and cringing before beginning to rap a few others.

Suddenly, a brilliant arc of light flashed, followed by a short shrill whine. The transport enhancers exploded in place, and a pair of Valkyries rose from the deck and turned in place, towards the Romulan and Reman troops.

Lieutenant Rhis Jhaeryn's sultry voice boomed over loud speakers, "trunvuiteihjiwh uwheawhoiiik'heqhr! (Stand down, immediately!)"

Noble had hobled back alongside the Admiral, somewhat surprised that his wound wasn't completely cauterized by the blast. "I didn't know you cared, sir," He joked as he arrived, glancing back towards the sealed off shuttle bay. "I sure wish those pilots had remembered the damn Argos... I'm not sure those Type VIs will be good for the inside of the ship."

The Romulans and Remans had suddenly found themselves outgunned, and without reinforcements. Still, there were a lot of them, and they didn't agree on which path to take. Some squads continued to fire on those who were left, or the hovering fighters, though the blue shimmer of shields indicated a Reman Disruptor wasn't going to pierce the fighter. Some attempted to flank, running across the shuttlebay, or some even moving into other rooms or corridors to try to find a new path. Though, a squad or two took the 'smart' road, however, throwing down their weapons and placing their hands on their heads in hopes of survival.

There were running battles on the deck. Relau was trying to lead his small group to a rally point at the turbolift, but there were Remans all over the place. He shot one in the head as he waved everyone along. "Let's get all of our forces consolidated. We need to get our people safe."

D'Alessandro followed the Admiral, ducking behind cover, running or firing as appropriate. A Reman popped up in front of him and Christian instinctively fired two shots from his type III straight into the Reman's chest; the first to take him down, the second to make sure he damn well stayed down.

As he turned around to make sure there were no Remans following them, he discovered that there was in fact a lone Reman following them. Rifle raised, D'Alessandro didn't hesitate for a moment before pressing the trigger twice. Then nothing happened. Realising his weapon had decided it no longer wanted to work or had run out of energy, he quickly reached for his side arm but he wasn't quick enough, particularly as the rest of the team had disappeared around a corner.

"Drop it." commanded the Reman.

Utterly astonished that he wasn't already dead, D'Alessandro complied, slowly bending down, lowering the now useless rifle and sliding it along the floor to the Reman's feet. Then, as he stood up, turning slightly sideways to prepare himself, he spun around and lashed out with the ball of his foot in the direction of the weapon, which fired moments before he made contact with it, cutting an angry red line through Christian's shoulder and although it was somewhat painful, he knew that if he didn't ignore it and follow up his attack, he would be dead. The weapon then flew out of the Reman's hand and before the Reman could react, D'Alessandro followed up with a butterfly kick, sending his opponent flying into the wall and dropped unconcious onto the floor of the deck, before D'Alessandro himself landed on his feet, drew his sidearm and proceeded to catch up with the rest of the party led by the Admiral.

"Dammit sir," Ghaindah said to Ensign D'Alessandro, "why did you have to go and get shot, and lose my lucky rifle too." She slapped a med patch roughly on his wounded arm. "You best stay close to me for the rest of this sir, I really don't want Lt. Kozlov thinking he will have to field promote one of his enlisted troops to an Officer if his Second in command goes down."

"Your lucky rifle is back there, somewhere. Feel free to retrieve it when this situation is out of the way. Although I'd just like to point out that your lucky rifle almost got me killed, so it may be worth considering getting a new lucky rifle." D'Alessandro retorted and winced slightly as the patch made contact with his shoulder. "Remind me to report you for assaulting an officer with a med patch when this is over." he chuckled, before quickly taking his phaser out and dispatching a Reman that had attempted to sneak up on them. "You think that they'd give up by now."

The ship suddenly shook, for those experienced on the Shanghai or near a window they knew the Shanghai had suddenly entered slipstream. Then over the comms a ship wide announcement came from the voice of Kozlov, "Attention Romulan Guests aboard the USS Shanghai, your ship is now unable to help you. You are outnumbered and outgunned, surrender yourselves and we can guarantee fair treatment; continue to fight and we will start to beam you out into space. You have thirty seconds to comply."

A harried looking Half-Orion fighter pilot was pushed around the corner, the entirety of her slender neck enclosed in the iron grip of a Reman shock trooper.

The small Commander's eyes were nearly swollen shut, a cut on her face still slowly seeping green onto her pale-green skin. Her eyes widened as much as they could as she was greeted by a number of phasers pointed at her. She mouthed the word 'Sorry', before stiffening as the Reman's grip tightened around her throat.

"I want to negotiate!" the Reman yelled haltingly in hard-to-understand Standard.

Ghaindah forced Ensign D'Alessandro behind her and she focused her type II phaser on the hostage negotiator. Her mind race as she noticed that the hostage was one of the senior officer aboard the Shanghai. -Officers... can't survive on a ship without em, can't survive with'em- she thought as she stared on. She had no wish to interact with the Reman though, she only took aim, she doubted she could hit the Reman without killing the hostage. This was not a situation for an enlisted member to deal with. She was well aware that the senior officers here on deck would have to decide the hostages fate and she knew that all officers and enlisted personnel are considered disposable when the safety of the ship was on the line, but she wondered if any of them had it them to ask her to take the shot.

Keevon's fist went up as he rounded a corner at the head of his platoon, spotting a Reman with a hostage in hand further down the corridor. He silently directed his Marines to take up defensive positions, then gently eased down into a crouch to get a more stable platform for his rifle. He hadn't expected a sniping mission in this situation and didn't have all the usual equipment for the task, but there didn't seem to be much choice. Noticing several of the Shanghai's officers closer to the enemy, and no shooting for the moment, he decided to get into position and wait for the situation to develop further. "No second chances," he silently reminded himself as he took aim, "one shot, one kill."

Relau stepped out, his gun held at the ready. "I am her commanding officer, you will release her immediately and we will let you live. You have 10 seconds to comply." He said, grim-faced. He could see what the Reman couldn't, the team behind him.

The Reman nodded, "As you wish."

He quickly released the Commander, while dropping his sidearm and lifting both hands up to rest atop his head, "I am surrendering, and requesting amnesty." Truth be told, few Remans had any love for the Empire, and were little more than conscripts in the Romulan Empire's military machine. There were stories of one Reman who had been rescued by the Federation, and now served in their Fleet Marine Corps. Here was his chance to make the same move ahead in life.

Relau kicked the sidearm away helping Lyn up off the floor. "Brig." he said, motioning the security forward.

Karsel`lyn stumbled forward as she was released, passing the nearest security officers, then collapsing in a heap.

The stout Reman sighed, "They tried to interrogate her and get access past forcefields. When she wouldn't give them anything, they were going to kill her, but I would not let them. I am sorry."

Relau nodded. "We will chat later. Get him out of here." He said, brushing past the Reman, being held by security.

In sickbay the wounded began to mount up. Morgan was treating the first to arrive, Lt Cmdr Morganna as her staff took on the influx valiantly. With Azumi's immediately threatening wounds under control in a bio-bed with the med-arch raised and all her vitals monitored and balanced automatically, River reported that the patient was stable and left her briefly in the care of the Lead Nurse whilst she went out to tend to the critical who were still arriving by emergency medical transporter and also by physical transfer on hover gurneys and even helped by their colleagues if appropriate.

Looking all around and reassuring herself that all lives were being stabilised and all cases assessed and prioritorised, she slapped her comm badge.

=^= Morgan to Wallis =^= she contacted her ACMO who was out of her sight at this moment. She remembered that he had headed out a remote team but was sure he had reported back.

=^= Wallis =^= he replied quickly.

=^= We need the Auxilliary Sickbay opened. Can you get there? =^= she asked.

=^= Already on it =^= he replied.

~Ah! So THAT's where he is!~ she smiled to herself, the first smile in several hours!

=^= Remind me I owe you a drink. =^= she responded and cut the comm channel, reassured.

~.... and note to self. Don't let that man know how damned good he is at reading my mind!~ she thought as she deftly reattached a large flapping chunk of blue flesh to a heavily dosed Bolian before handing him over to the waiting junior and moving on to the next critical case.

Relau sighed. All clear reports were coming in fron around the ship. At least the majority of people were safe. Now it was time for some answers.

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