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The Price of Friendship (Bridge)

Posted on Fri Aug 3rd, 2012 @ 3:09pm by Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Captain Patrick Noble & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Lieutenant Martin Smith

Mission: Rebirth
Location: USS Shanghai, Bridge
Timeline: Concurrent with "The Price of Friendship"

"Chlan to Bridge, intruder alert, sound general quarters and get every single marine down here!" Admiral Chlan's voice piped through the comm to the bridge. It didn't take long for the Relief Tactical Officer to finally nod her head and look across towards Lieutenant Kozlov.

"I'm not detecting any lifesigns out of the ordinary, they must be masking them. Otherwise, we'd have detec-"

"Dammit, Kozlov! Where's my marines!" The Admiral's voice played again.

"We are starting to detect their weapons fire. Can't pinpoint a number or where they are precisely though," She almost panted, "Orders sir?"

"Attack pattern delta!," Kozlov said to tactical calmly as he stood on his feet. He felt a sudden surge through his body. He had been in space fights on-board both Shanghai's and the Hood, but never from the command perspective. He now felt like a boy back on Turkana IV, but not he was no longer the scared little boy fighting for survival, he was that same boy, intent to live, but with intense Starfleet training. He would not die today, the Shanghai was not going to be destroyed on his watch.

Slapping his comm badge, "D'Alessandro, D'Kalynde intruders on board, get control of the ships now!" Kozlov said, knowing he could do nothing more from his vantage point, he had to trust the crew and concentrate on the issue on hand.

Meanwhile, the Warbird on the view screen seemed to slowly come to life, its disrupters powering, its head turning more towards the Shanghai, and a swarm of little green Scorpion fighters beginning to take to the space around the ships.

"Prepare all fighters to launch! Lock weapons, prepare to fire everything we have on that Warbird on my mark," Kozlov ordered, feeling a rush through his system as he stared at the attacking Warbird. The Young Officer had not felt the need to kill in a long time

Martin spun around. "With all due respect, Lieutenant Kozlov, if you actually hit that warbird you risk starting an interstellar war. Respectfully suggest that getting the hell out of here and continuing our original mission is the better part of valor right now." He eyed Kozlov nervously. The look in his eyes and the low-level emotional projections he was getting combined to make Martin rather nervous about the next few seconds.

Kozlov paused... only for a second... but it was enough to let the senior diplomatic officers words settle in. He was not on Turkana IV anymore, death was not the most humane option.

"Aye sir..." Kozlov said as he thought hard on how to deal with this situation. "Lt. Smith... do you think he can at least read there surface thoughts? Perhaps detect confusion?"

Martin closed his eyes for a moment. "I can give it a try. It would be easier if we had visual of their bridge, but failing that... The closer you can get me without losing paint, the better it will work. At the very least, if they get angry about whatever you plan to confuse them with I should catch that." He sat back down and waited for the plan.

Giving into Lt. Martin Smiths suggestion Kozlov changed his mind.

"Delay the fighters, I need them on board. Get your fighters ready to roll, but keep them in the bay," Kozlov ordered the Flight Deck Officer of the bridge, he had a plan and making those fighters stand by was risky, but he had to try it.

"Markus, modify the deflector dish to a proton magnetic pulse, widespread. I need you to disrupt there targeting for just a few seconds," Kozlov said defiantly stepping forward from the Command chair.

"Smith, I need your skills, I need to know the moment they are confused from the magnetic pulse. I need those telepathic abilities now... can you help me?" Kozlov said, looking less confident at his fellow Lieutenant hoping for assistance.

Martin took a deep breath and stared at the screen. The Romulan vessel was within his range, if only because there was a lot of emptiness between him and them. It had been a long while since he'd tried anything like this. He devoutly hoped that Romulans hadn't developed mental disciplines on par with the Vulcans, or this was going to give him one hell of a headache. He reached out, feeling for the predatory emotions a hunter would have while sighting trophy prey. After a few moments, he grumbled. There were more than a few people in that mindset within the same twenty meters. At least he'd probably found the bridge crew. "I think I have them, Lieutenant Kozlov. Hopefully we get them before they get me..." Martin suddenly stiffened in his chair.

"Lt Dan Smith, take over tactical, keep those blood sucking fighters off of us!" Kozlov ordered, "Helm maintain an evasive pattern, we are not here to start another Romulan war!" Kozlov called with the sudden clarity given to him by Martin.

"Activate Blue alert, I don't care what kind of mess we are in. Once Martin tells us they have confusion from Markus Magnetic Pulse, punch it into slipstream," Kozlov ordered.

Kozlov sat back in the Captains chair and watched as the Shanghai turned tail after firing a magnetic pulse from the deflector dish at the Romulan Warbird. Fleeing was not a choice Kozlov took lightly, but speed was a clear advantage that he knew they had. However, it was too dangerous to suffer a direct hit while entering slipstream... who knows where they would end up.

Even after the magnetic pulse had fired, the Romulan Warbird's accuracy was pin-point. Kozlov nearly fell out of the chair twice as the Shanghai shook violently from a couple of direct hits. The console on the armrest next to him was reading out damage throughout the ship, but the shields were holding.

Martin had his eyes closed, reaching out through space trying to keep a bead on the Warbird's command crew - or what he thought was the command crew. The crew was focused on their target, when suddenly a bolt of emotional energy lashed around his target area. Martin's head whipped back in pain; the people he was tracking had gotten very angry at something, and anger always broadcast very loudly. Under the rage, he did sense a thread of bewilderment and... "Lieutenant Kozlov, one of them is confused and the rest are very angry. I'm hoping the confused one is at helm or tactical, but that is speculation and optimism only." He then slumped back into his chair, clamping down hard on his pain and trying to stay focused.

As soon as Kozlov heard Martin speak things started to kick into place. The Romulan Warbirds missed, three times, clearly wild shots. Kozlov leaned forward in his chair and grinned... the pulse had worked, they had only a few seconds... "Get us out of here!" he ordered, his voice sounding harsher then he intended as he stared at the screen.

Kozlov heard the hum of the slip stream engines begin to work. On the main view screen he saw the Romulan Warbird circling around for another attack. Clearly hell bent on hitting there engines. It fired two more shots... both missed. Then the stars expanded, the tell tale sign of warp, and the Warbird disappeared off the screen.

-A little bit later, into slipstream-

"Shanghai, come in. This is the Oregon. We are reading problems, do you require assistance?" The voice came over the comm.

"Mr. Smith, tell the Oregon to stand by at our rendezvous coordinates... tell them we have hostiles on-board and we need them to keep there distance for the time-being," Kozlov said to Lt (JG) Dan Smith.

"Roger that, Shanghai. Keeps us apprised." The voice said on the comm calmly.

Kozlov nodded what the Oregon responded, even though the Captain of it could not see him, it somehow re-assured himself. He looked at his armrest console, the ship was in chaos. A firefight on the lower decks, strange reports coming in. He wanted to pass the bridge off and head down... but D'Kalydne was there, D'Alessandro was there, his duty was here now. "Seal off the bridge..." he said with a heavy heart. Clicking on the Captains Communication he decided to make a ship wide announced, "Attention Romulan Guests aboard the USS Shanghai, your ship is now unable to help you. You are outnumbered and outgunned, surrender yourselves and we can guarantee fair treatment; continue to fight and we will start to beam you out into space. You have thirty seconds to comply."

Kozlov glanced at Dan Smith, "Lieutenant... in thirty seconds instruct transporter rooms to try on lock onto into combative guests and beam them off this ship."

Martin picked his head up out of his cupped hands. He would have loved to be in sickbay at the moment with the headache he was sporting from the psychic backlash, but with the bridge locked down that wasn't a viable option. He could not believe he had heard Kozlov correctly. He swallowed some of his pain and emotion and stood up unsteadily. "Respectfully wish to suggest that an empty cargo bay, flooded with anesthezine gas and low levels of curare, might be a better place to be transporting people. If one of our guests happens to be in melee with one of our crew when the beam comes in, the gas in the bay will be a lot less lethal to the crew member that accidentally gets beamed. Also respectfully wish to ask if the teleporter could be used to disable the energy weapons of our guests while beaming."

"The tactic is more of a bluff anyways Lieutenant. Chances are we won't get a clear lock on any of them. I really just wanted to let them know they are alone and we were willing to do anything. Still... you have a point," glancing back at Dan Smith he revised his order, "If you do manage to get a lock, put them in a brig. Make sure you beam out any weaponry."

Taking note of Martins pain Kozlov asked, "Whats your status Martin? Are you well enough to continue on the bridge?"

Martin nodded - and then winced at the sudden head movement. "I should be fine, Lieutenant. I don't know which is the more accurate description - a red-alert klaxon going off right on my tympanic membrane, or the worst morning-after kanar headache ever. Either way, I know where and when I am." He felt lucky; that was just the backlash he got from listening in. If someone had forced a contact with him, it could have been far worse.

"Good good," Kozlov said to himself settling away back in the Captains chair. He glanced at his side panel and noticed the Romulan Warbird was now impossibly far away, he had to grin at the advantage Slipstream engines gave to Starfleet.

After a few more minutes his arm rest control panel lit up with reports from Tactical that he had instructed the computer to monitor. The fighting was over and the ship was now secure, but that was the last of the good news. Early reports indicate 5 dead and 10 or more injured. Kozlov nodded to himself trying to think positively.

"Unseal the bridge," he said casually not trying to display any emotions about the losses, "the ship is now secure. Contact the Oregon, tell them we are on the way to pick up the ambassador."

Kozlov looked at Martin he nodded, "Well Lt. Smith, I hope you are up for this. It is show time for you."

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