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New Romulus (Bridge)

Posted on Tue Sep 11th, 2012 @ 12:13am by Captain Patrick Noble & Rear Admiral Relau Chlan (Ret.) & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna & Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Lieutenant Arseni Kozlov & Lieutenant JG Christian D'Alessandro

Mission: Rebirth
Location: In Orbit of New Romulus
Timeline: A few days after "The Price of Friendship"

As soon as the Ambassador's communication was finished, the Shanghai entered Slipstream. It sped along the artifically created tunnel until they arrived, a few days later at New Romulus. The normal threats of pirates seemed to steer clear of a Federation Flagship, however there was a tense feeling in the air as the Ambassador beamed down to the surface.

"Well," Noble spoke under his breath, before standing on the bridge. He wavered somewhat, rocking to one side as he took a step towards the Conn and began to bark orders. "This is it. Lets see if we can't prepare for anything." He looked around the bridge and couldn't help but give a quick smile. He had to admit, this wasn't a bad assignment; and he actually believed they may have a chance to make a difference here.

"Helm, take us to a standard orbit, but keep us moving with the planet's rotation, I don't want to lose track of that away team."

"You couldn't lose them if you wanted to at this point. It'll be cake. Delicious cake. Mmm..." Yazhi smiled warmly, her eyes closed for a moment. "I hope we can have some moist cake. Ou. Maybe we can have some on the bridge! With pink frosting. Mm.."

"Ops, keep a track on the Ryuu life-sign on the planet below. If something goes wrong, I intend to beam up everything near it. Keep an eye on power regulations, and eyes on any incoming and outgoing sensor or comm traffic."

"Aye sir. The Admiral should be easy to monitor," Petty Officer Middle responded, the Zaldan replacement bridge Operation Officer.

"Security, Get a team to transporter room one, and keep them there, just in case. I'd also like full patrols, gunners at their posts, and the whole ship ready to go to red alert at the first sign of trouble." Noble spoke quickly, before turning to security, "But don't power up anything yet - last thing we want is to provoke any hidden ships out there."

"Aye, sir. Security en route to the transporter room, patrols already underway and ready for red alert at your order - weapons and shields powered down but on standby." Ensign D'Alessandro replied, visibly calm but inside feeling very excited at his first full shift on the bridge.

"Strat, keep eyes on any nearby ships. Mission control the comms from the ground team, our marines and security here, and anyone else who might be in the fight."

"Wing Commander," Noble spoke abruptly, "I'd love to have an Early Warning squadron out in the black. Otherwise, load your fighters for bear, take quantum torpedoes from the ship's store if necessary. Every hard point locked, every able bodied pilot in a fighter and ready to go."

Instead of the usual green face, a blue face perked up and nodded, "Aye, sir. The Commander is not available right now, but I can head downstairs and get the kids ready to go. Which means I need to get suited up to fly, myself."

Standing, Rhis smiled, "Permission to head below, Commander?"

"Wait." Noble spoke for a moment, before turning to the Andorian pilot, "Where is Commander Lylyl-Llytheraias?"

"Oh," Rhis frowned a moment. "The Commander was taken off duty by the Chief Medical Officer. A combination of her arm and shoulder injury and the wounds received when the Remans captured and interrogated her have left her in something of a mess, Commander."

"She is not able to fly, regardless," Rhis looked ready to bolt for the lift, knowing she needed all the time possible to get their fighters prepared and out into the black.

"In that case, go. Make it fast. And send up a Controller to man that Station," Noble nodded before turning back to levy out more orders.

Rhis nodded, "Aye, Commander. I'll have the Deck Chief's second up here pronto."

"Medical, Counseling; get ready just in case. Not much I can tell you to do that won't seem like busy work. Just make it ready. Feel free to grab people from Science to help you set up as needed. And one in three members of staff should be armed." Noble reminded, trailing off somewhat at the end.

"Engineering, have damage control teams ready to go." Noble seemed to adjust, taking a step towards the view screen and glancing out to the planet they hovered around, "Belay any previous projects that are not absolutely necessary,"

"Aye, sir." Replied Azumi from engineering.

Noble paused, that was all he could do from here, for now. He felt like there should have been more. He swallowed and looked about the room, "We have to expect the worst. Who knows how many cloaked ships are in this system, friendly or otherwise. We're already at a disadvantage, so, lets keep on the top of our game." He glanced to some of the senior staff, "Now, any suggestions, worries?"

Chief Blackthorn walked onto the bridge, a PADD in hand. "Captain, where's the Admiral?" He asked formally. Blackthorn was a Intelligence Division specialist temporarily assigned to the Shanghai.

"The surface, with the ambassador." Noble spoke with a light shake of his head, "What do you need chief?"

"I need to see him immediately." The Chief replied. "Is there any way that we can interrupt the proceedings?"

"No." The captain didn't even hesitate at the statement. It was simple. He wasn't going to risk interrupting unless it was catastrophically important.

"Then, I guess this falls into your hands, considering you do have Level Four Security Access." He said, handing off the PADD. It read:

FROM: ADM HOLLAND, Starfleet Headquarters


Outpost K-280 was attacked by what appears to be a Borg weapons signature. You are hereby requested and required to lead the Expeditionary Task Force on a critical, surgical strike at your top speed in order to deal with this threat. This order supercedes all others at this time. Additional forces are enroute, but are at least 3 days away. Godspeed, and good luck.




Noble stood staring at the PaDD for much too long. He took a deep breath and realized what a situation that put him in. He gave a nod, "Ops, I want every senior or acting senior staff member here now, or on intership comms." He glanced around the room, "Even the ones off duty. Contact the away team on Emergency channels."

"That might be a problem, sir. There's a dampening field around the planet. We wont be able to get through to the away team unless we can shut it down. It may not be, but chances are that the Romulans decided that contact with the away team wasn't advantageous for them and thus elected to prevent it. Transporters are also useless, although a shuttle may be able to get through to them once into the atmostphere." replied D'Alessandro, staring down at the tactical station and realising more by the second how far away from training this was.

"Channel open to all senior personnel," Middle responded from Ops.

"Good." Noble spoke as the officers checked in, "Starfleet has apparently ordered us to assist a station apparently under attack by Borg weapon signatures. Same time, the Romulans have apparently cut us off from the Away Team. This screams trap to me. However, if the message is genuine, we are the only ship in response range, but we cannot leave this point. I need suggestions, options. Go."

"Sir, how far away is the Oregon? If they're not far from our previous rendevous point, perhaps they could set a course for New Romulus and be here soon enough that we could go and investigate the Borg situation. I appreciate that we can't leave the away team and that this reeks of a trap, but if these orders from Starfleet are confirmed as legitimate, do we have much of a choice? If necessary, it should be possible for us to send a shuttle down to retrieve and/or keep the away team appraised of the situation." piped up D'Alessandro, visibly shaken as soon as the word 'Borg' escaped the Captain's lips.

It was his only real failing, his fear of the Borg, and had almost led to his failing the psychological test of the academy entrance exam - a recreation of the battle at Wolf 359. Aside from that, his father, Lieutenant Commander Antonio D'Alessandro, had been the Chief Security/Tactical Officer on the Melbourne and all hands were lost during the real battle of Wolf 359. He was truly terrified, although he was trying his very best to harness it and hide it.

Blackthorn was standing at the entrance to the turbolift. "Captain, if I may." He said, coming around to the front of the bridge. "I received that information on less than official channels, but still a secure frequency due to the communications blackout. I would recommend punching us into warp, immediately stopping behind New Romulus's moon. If we can get into a low enough orbit, we can hide in the magnetic field and then see if we are right about a trap. K-280 is gone, either way we look at it, and we are at least 8 hours away in slipstream time."

"Sir..." the young Chief Petty officer Middle asked nervously to the Captain, "I detect signatures... on the planet. Odd readings, I can't determine what they are due to the field. I think.... for what it is worth, that I agree with Ensign D'Alessandro to send a shuttle through the field... but... if they are in trouble? What can we do? We can't ignore that distress call can we?"

"Why not send a shuttle down for the away team, stay for long enough to make sure they get down safely then follow through with Chief Blackthorn's idea and hide. I'm not sure what reaction to expect, but if it's a trap, our apparent disappearance is likely to provoke whatever's out there to do something. Whatever happens, we can go from there. Whichever way we look at it, there may be people on K-280 holding out hope whilst fending off the Borg purely because they think we are coming. That bothers me." said D'Alessandro.

"The Ensign is right. We should leave for K-280 immediately. We should put ahead the lives of those people before the small delegation on the planet. I apologize for even suggesting the orders, Captain." Blackthorn said.

"Chief," Noble spoke, holding up a hand towards Blackthorn "Shut it. Right now, I don't trust you." He gave a forced smile and turned away from the man, "So we're calling it - this is a trap. Now we need to spring it." He gave a shake of his head, "D'Alessandro, get a team together, get the best pilot you can find, and prep the Sacagewea. Take Marines. I need a second team, and the second best pilot on the Captain's Yacht."

"Here's the plan. D'Alessandro, I need you leading the away team to get in touch, and reinforce our... original... away team," Noble spoke, "I need someone on the Captain's Yacht. We'll pull a Picard Maneuver; accelerate to near constant, give the illusion that we're still here. We'll open slipstream to give the Yacht a boost; it can slide in as we hit warp one and hide behind something; star, moon... whatever." He took a breath, "When the yacht leaves slipstream in a few minutes, they should be far enough away to contact the Oregon and confirm or deny our earlier communique. If its confirmed, they break radio silence, we'll recall, and slipstream to the Outpost. Oregon can pick them up. Just need a man or two on the Yacht."

"Simple - Sacagewea retrieves and reinforces the Away Team. Yacht confirms or denies the comm. Shanghai nails the trap maker to the wall - or rushes off to fight Borg. Any questions or comments?" Noble ended.

D'Alessandro paused for a moment, considering the plan before commenting, "Sir, I agree with your plan, however, I feel I'd be in remiss not to point out that if the Shanghai is going to be fighting the Borg, you may need me. With Lieutenant Kozlov and myself gone you will have no senior staff member from the Security or Tactical departments present. Either way, the Security department is spread relatively thinly at the moment so any away missions may have to pull people from other departments, if that is acceptable to you?".

"If the Borg are detected, the yacht will signal back, and will bring you all back onboard; but if you're more comfortable, get another officer to take your place, and stay here." Noble spoke. He gave a shake of his head, "I don't care so much who's on the team as that it gets done."

"I'm happy to go, sir. I just wanted to ensure that you had a heads up of the situation with Security. I'll go and prep the Sacagewea. With your permission, I'll take a medic just in case as well as Security personnel and Marines. Could you recommend a pilot?" D'Alessandro answered, relaying the situation to the Marine and Medical departments instructing them to meet him in the shuttlebay via the console in front of him.

"Unless one of the fighter pilots offers, I'd say take the Runabout specialist on duty... no idea on a name right now." Noble spoke, "So, go, get it done."

The Ensign left his station, heading towards the turbolift, tapping his Combadge as he walked before speaking "D'Alessandro to Security. Ensign Rollins, please report to the Bridge and assume the tactical station. Chief Watkins and Crewman Ghaindah, report to the shuttlebay on the double, you're with me. D'Alessandro out." he said, walking into the turbolift and disappearing, the words 'Shuttlebay' being quietly audible through the turbolift door.

Ensign Rollins strolled onto the bridge like a conquering hero. Being nearly seven feet high and built like an Ox gave him a certain arrogant swagger to his strut. He took his post at Tactical. He felt much safer now that the on-board ship weapons were in his skilled care.


Captain Patrick Noble
Executive Officer

Lieutenant (JG) Rhis Jhaeryn (played by CDR Lylyl-Llytherraias)
Fighter Pilot

Lieutenant Commander Azumi Morganna
Chief Engineering Officer

Ensign Christian D'Alessandro
Assistant Chief Tactical/Security Officer

NPC Chief Petty Officer Middle - OPs
NPC Ensign Rollins - Security
Both played by Arseni Kozlov

Chief Blackthorn (played by Admiral Chlan)
Intelligence Analyst

And Lieutenant Mirella Yahzi
Chief Flight Control Officer


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