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Posted on Fri Sep 14th, 2012 @ 12:57am by Lieutenant Mirella Yazhi & Captain Patrick Noble

Mission: Intermission
Location: Officer's Lounge
Timeline: [Backpost]



Noble had followed Yahzi to the nearby Officer's Lounge. It was almost always abandoned compared to the main Lounge, the Bund. She was an interesting character for sure - he couldn't quite pin down what was on her mind at any given point. He moved over to the counter and wrapped around behind to find a bottle of spiced rum. He gave a light smile, and moved over towards the replicator. He tapped a couple buttons, a small glass with ice appearing in a blue shimmer. He moved to a table, pausing a moment to look about the stunningly empty lounge, and then back to Yahzi.

"When it comes to spiced rum, is it really spicy? I always look for something sweet... or peppermint. I rather like peppermint." Yazhi quickly zipped off her jacket then slung it over carelessly onto an empty table. "And it is synth? Or is it legit? I heard you liked a good drink from time to time, so, I would assume it's legit." Her hands moved to her hair, smoothing it down. He was interesting so far and didn't have any of the noise that she'd been dealing with lately. She looked him over carefully. "You're alien. What type? I'll be honest, I haven't been able to focus on files lately."

"I'm part Oran'taku," He spoke quietly, pouring a small cup of the rum, "It's a race from the Delphic Expanse, or what was the Expanse - near the Orion border." He didn't explain more than that. He capped off his drink and placed the bottle on the table. "Its legit. I don't drink on duty, but I do drink off duty, when I get the chance." He spoke slightly, "Feel free, though it isn't spicy or sweet, really. I don't know how to explain it." He sighed a bit before taking a sip, "But it's got a good heat,"

"So, this entire time you've been able to hear what I've been thinking? Is that why you wouldn't play the game?" She lowered her head down parallel to the table, eyes glaring at the bottle and poking it cautiously. Pink and silver hair stood out against the amber colored liquor. "Hot like fire? It doesn't feel hot. Heat. Hot. Hot hot heat." She continued in her sing song manner as she poured herself a glass. "We could always set it on fire. That would be pretty."

"Heat... the warm feeling when it slides down your throat. Some people say burn. Have you ever drank at all?" He gave a smile and shook his head, and leaned back. "And yes and no. I mostly use it to keep people from hearing my thoughts, don't like listening in - too confusing as I mostly see images. Besides, you should have notice earlier. It isn't like I didn't notice you, as much as you seem to want to keep it hush hush. Or were you waiting to hear my ancestry to pretend like that's how you noticed the telepathic abilities?"

"I drink. Sometimes." For the first time in a long time, she looked sheepish. She ran her index finger along the rim of her glass. "I met a very lovely man drinking not too long ago. He was such a lovely shade of blue." Her mind wandered for a minute, thinking about that past encounter. "And. I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Nope. But, yes, hearing what you are clued me in. I didn't spend years in a windowless room looking at books, data pads and computers for nothing." She thought that perhaps the brush off would do something. She wasn't too pleased with the fact that something was so different with her. Her image, her attitude, all things of her own doing. This, this wasn't. She didn't like it.

"Uh huh," Noble gave a light sigh, before leaning back. He noticed the brush off, but it was one of those buttons he had realized. He didn't really intend on pressing the issue. He moved the subject, back a bit, "I'd guess you were talking about an Andorian - I'd guess you're not the type to risk a Bolian or, Benzite. I guess I could be wrong, though. Hard to guess from how much we've talked."

"Bolians are rather... uninteresting. Benzites look far too much like fish for me to enjoy. Catfish, I think, are what Terrans call them behind their backs. After seeing a catfish, I have a tendency to agree. Though, I'd call one that to their face. Not to be offensive, mind you, but because that's what they look like. So, yes, he was Andorian." Yazhi wrapped her hands around her glass before lifting it up to her nose. A little sniff here and there before she took a drink. Her nose scrunched up a bit. "I'd like an apple slice with it. That burn is like fall. Ou! Ou! Caramel apples!"

The Captain pointed towards the replicator behind her, before coiling back around his drink. "Ten steps behind you, and you can have all the caramel and apples you want," He smirked widely and took a sip of his drink, his eyes glancing across her with a shake of his head, "Well, Andorian. Good for you," He spoke with a little flair, moving the drink around in circles for a moment. He looked to her with a light smile before changing the subject again, trying to let her drive the conversation. "But, I'm sure you don't want to sit around and talk about previous flings with another officer."

"Or maybe the other officer doesn't want to hear about previous flings?" She smiled widely at him before getting up to replicate some apples and caramel. "Got someone you miss somewhere? A person you're pining after? Or do you miss flying more than people?" She thought it kind to give him a bit of a out, should he so need it. Scooping up the plate and caramel precariously, Yazhi moved back to and plopped down into her seat. "Don't have to be psychic to read that one. Or, well, that smart. Just gotta look hard enough, eh? Didn't want a doctor to fix some of those lighter burns? I've got them myself, you know." After taking another drink, she picked up an apple slice. Slowly, she turned it between fingertips before dipping it in the caramel.

"Observant," He gave a shake of his head, "I don't have a miss somewhere, or a mister, or whatever," He gave a nod and smirked a bit, "I have a ship in storage. Aya - an old Raven class courier. I didn't always work in uniform." He gave a shrug, "No reason to waste time with the lighter burns, inevitably I'll make more. Just a waste of time to fix them I think." He glanced across the table, pausing for a moment before sipping the booze again, finishing off his drink, and moving to pour another. "I think that's pretty good, all things considered. How are your apples?"

"I'd rather have mine back. But they blew the fuck up." She gritted her teeth into a wicked smile as she squished one slice in her hand. Tossing it aside, she picked up another and calmly dipped it into her sauce. "It's nice to have things. Have you tried some of the modified fighters here? Quite fun. Also, beautiful to work on. We could go make some burns together sometime." She quietly sucked the caramel off the slice before finishing off her drink. "I'd like to see your ship. Though, to be honest, I didn't peg you for a speed junkie. Just a mechanic."

Noble smirked and nodded. He hadn't been on a ship that was destroyed in a long time, and even when he was, he hadn't really had anything to treasure - even if it was as small as apples. "I haven't had a chance. I don't know that I will." There were a lot of reasons he didn't think he'd be down there working on fighters. "While I wouldn't be against making some burns, as you say," He nodded his head back and forth. "It might have to wait until we're around Sol. I'd love to show you the ship, maybe even let you play with the systems - and the faster the better."

"I lost a lot that day." Yazhi grumbled quietly to herself. It was like a dark cloud shifted over her face for a moment, the dispersed as quickly as it came. "Why wait? I mean, seriously. What's life without a little fun?" Eyes shone brightly while she picked up her glass and shook it lightly at him. "I think I like this? Would it be okay if I had another? It is, yours, I do believe? Pleaseeee...?" She batted her eyelashes sweetly.

The Captain shook his head and let out a light sigh as she batted her eyelashes. "Fine..." He said, grabbing the bottle, and pouring her another glass before topping off his own again. He took a sip, and for a second tried to figure out her game, but when he didn't want to pause to long, he just spoke. "Why wait? I left the ship in storage in Sol, I don't have a holo of her, and I don't have time to try to craft one. Is that what we're talking about?" He asked somewhat confusedly, sounding a bit more relaxed.

"Nope! I was talking about working here, on these ships. They can be fun. I know! I scurry down there from time to time." She cupped her glass happily before taking a large drink. Bouncing in her seat excitedly, she continued. "OR! I know you said you didn't have a holo, but we could form one. I know you said you didn't have time but I always have time. I rarely sleep and even if I did sleep, I can program in my sleep. Oh oh oh that would be so fun..." Her words spilled out, going a mile a minute. She muttered to herself quietly in Trill, so quietly the translator wasn't picking it up at that speed.

"Well, I suppose you could use a Raven template from the database, and work from there - still... I put a lot of time into modifying that thing. So, forever. I stand by that. Besides, why waste the time on a holo; when we'll be back for the real thing later." He shrugged and gave a sigh, before beginning to sip on his drink. The drink turned into much more than a sip. He smiled and looked over her, "I would like to get my hands on the Sacagewea, but... I don't know really know how much time I'd have to play with ships on the hangar floor. Not that I don't appreciate the offer."

"Well, then, I'll build you a holo for the Sacagewea. How does that sound? Too much?" Some of her hair had fallen from her ponytail at this point, pink bits cascading down over her face. "I don't know. I like making things... and you are right. There really isn't a point if you can get your hands on the real deal. I just. I don't know. I don't socialize much. I think people are afraid of me." Yazhi tapped a finger against her glass, staring at it before finishing the rest quickly.

"That would be nice of you," He spoke quietly. He sighed and then sipped quietly on his drink. He glanced across at her with a shake of his head, "I can't help you with that. Hit a bar in some backwater station, I'll socialize. Since living on Earth, living on ships... I haven't made many friends either." He shrugged, "I don't think people are scared of you, I think people don't know how to approach you. Most people speak warmly. Try approaching them. This crew seems to have that problem - they aren't reaching out to one another." He paused, and shook his head, "I shouldn't have said that last part out loud."

"It wouldn't have mattered, and you know that. You've been thinking without shielding for a little while now." Her glass hit the table with a loud clink before she picked up another apple slice. "It's just how it is. Though, I don't understand why you are so afraid of getting close to someone. That's part of the problem. I'm just weird, you're just scared." Another bit of bait.

"Ouch," He spoke, feigning a bit of hurt before finishing another drink and striking back, "But you're not fooling anyone - it's not just weird. I think someone is hiding something. Maybe scared, maybe angry; hard to tell." He spoke simply, then shrugged, "You're welcome to deny it, though. I know I would deny the same thing, no matter how true it might be."

"You show me yours and I'll show you mine." She smirked, eyes focusing in on his, trying not to leave his gaze.

"Flirty, but poignant," He spoke with a grin and shook his head, "I don't know you well enough to tell you to be honest. Don't take offense, but I'm not getting into it." He gave a nod towards her, "Someday you might be able to talk me into it, but not yet. Gotta clear that getting to know each other part first."

"So sue me, I'm flirtatious." She shrugged, hands in the air. "And you're right. A couple of drinks isn't enough to reveal ones deepest darkest secrets. I haven't even shown you my silly straw!" Seeming to appear out of no where, a long pink swirly straw found its way into her hand. "I've been so... focused.. on the game that I forgot a fun bit of myself. I apologize in advance, we'll have to do this more often."

"Well then, we'll have to do this more often." He gave a nod, raised a glass and smiled warmly. "It's a shame we hadn't before." He paused to take a sip of his drink and shook his head with a bit of a laugh, "And Sweets, where were you hiding that straw?"

"That's my little secret. And I adore, positively adore, the nickie." Yazhi twirled the straw between her fingers before standing. "I'll pencil in another drinking session. I'll bring my favorite next time." She slung her jacket over her shoulder. "I'll catch you on the bridge, Tightpants." With that, she gave a small little wave and walked out.

"Hm," He spoke quietly and slid his glass back onto the table. He instinctively jumped up to stand as she left. He gave a smile and twisted his head to a nod as she walked off. "Alright sweets, have a nice night," He spoke with a shake of his head, before sitting back down and returning to the drink on the table.



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