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Engineering Magic

Posted on Thu Apr 10th, 2014 @ 8:54pm by Lieutenant JG Dominic Delaney Jr. & Ensign Nikolas Laommiorvatovovich

Mission: Intermission
Location: Dom's Quarters
Timeline: Before "Solid Light"

The door to the room whooshed open and Dominic groaned as he tossed his overcoat on the chair by the door. What a day. So much had happened, the young officer was about dead from exhaustion. Meetings, drinking... hell, there was so much to do in his new department that it was insane. Oh well, let bygones be bygones, he thought as the male stepped into the bathroom, groaning.

Putting his hands underneath the faucet, he was surprised when it didn't work. Oh no... not a room malfunction to cap off his tiring day. Sighing, he shook his head and tried again. This time it worked! Spraying water everywhere. Yelping in an undignified way, Dominic sputtered and almost yelled to the ceiling. "Computer! Cut of the water supply to this room."

As the torrent ceased, the wet Lieutenant tapped his commbadge. "Delaney to Engineering. Can I get someone up to my quarters to fix my water?"

Nicholas Laommiorvatovovich, or Nicky, as the others called him due to his long name, was down in the Engineering deck, fiddling and tinkering with some of the scrap they had left over as he killed time. He wore his usual uniform, a little crushed as it was, with his signature brown leather jacket hung over a chair. It was slightly cracked, and rather aged, but it was comfortable and it fit him like a glove. The moment a voice came through the comms, he stopped what he was doing and listened for a moment, before sighing and replying.

"Nicholas to Delaney, I'll be up in a few minutes. What exactly is the problem?" He asked, rubbing four-day old stubble as he grumbled to himself. At least he had something to take up his time again. He stood, stretched, and sighed, before grabbing his coat and heading to the elevator whilst slipping it on. The job shouldn't take too long, it was probably just a broken faucet.

"Just bring a raincoat..." The Lieutenant replied as he quickly stripped his soaking uniform off and changed into at least a bathrobe as he opened the door to the ding that followed shortly after. "Ensign. Great to see you. I'm Lieutenant Delaney, the new Chief Science Officer on the ship. I seem to have a problem with my water."

Giving a loud sigh, Nicky just shrugged a bit. His voice slipped into the more Russian area of his accent. "Chief Science Officer, and cannot fix broken pipe? Yeesh, where did we scrape you from?" He asked, chuckling at the end as he moved past. "And please, Lieutennant, just call me Nicky or Laommi, not Ensign. I do in fact have a name." He added, walking to the bathroom. "Computer, activate water supply to this room." He commanded, instantly seeing the faucet spray out water everywhere. "Cancel command!" He said quickly, rubbing the bridge of his nose. "Have you done anything to the pipe? Or the faucet?"

"Well, no, Ensi... Nicky." He said correcting himself. Above all, the newcomer didn't want to spoil his first few interactions on the ship. "I've not actually been able to be in my quarters before now. Just transferred over from the USS Saratoga."

Nicholas just gave a small smirk as he opened up a panel below the faucet, checking over the pipes. Nothing wrong. He closed the panel, before taking off the faucet and looking over it. "Saragota, eh? And what, pray tell, did you bugger up to manage getting put on that heap of crap?" He asked, glancing up at the Science Officer. "While I'm asking, how'd you get transferred here?"

Dominic had just began unpacking from the crates in the other room. With a small beep, a portable stasis field generator deactivated, the figurine being caught by the waiting hands. "Well, to keep a long story short, I was part of the crew that went missing for a time in that subspace pocket. After the general deterioration of the health of the crew while we were inside, they placed us all on Medical Leave." He placed the small dragon sculpture on his nightstand before continuing. "After that was up, I got transfer orders to this ship. Quite sudden, I suppose." The human said before coming back in to lean on the doorway. "So what do you think is the problem, any idea yet?"

The Engineer just turned and shrugged a bit. "I see. It surprises me to know that no one jettisoned a few energy cells and tried to use the energy fluctuation to jump out." He replied, looking over the faucet a little. "There. Faucet's been damaged by the previous tenant." He answered, speaking into his comm-badge to order one to be brought up. "Give it a couple minutes, someone'll bring up the new fa-" He stopped, looking at the sculpture. "Where'd you get that from...?" He asked, moving over and inspecting it. "I've not seen something this nice for quite a while..."

At the praise of his dragon scultpture, the Lieutenant smiled a bit and reddened from the compliment. "Hand made from Goyua Prime." He said with a bit of pride. "I really enjoy dragons. Their flight, their wings, their mystery... I find that studying their rise and fall throughout the ages can be enlightening."

The Russian/Scottish man turned his head, eyes wider than before at that. "Goyua Prime? Holy shit... Who's ass did you climb up to get there?" He asked, in awe. "I've been wanting to go there since I was knee high to a grasshopper!" He exclaimed, looking over the ornament again. "Dragons are some of the best creatures... Although fennecs are pretty awesome." He smirked, turning as one of the Engineering crew came in, handing the CEO the new faucet. "Thank you." He moved to the bathroom again, and, before a minute had passed, he came out with a big smile on his face. "Done. Would you like to be left in peace?"

Dominic nodded briefly at the question. "Yeah, if you don't mind. I have a lot to unpack and get settled in, but you and I will have to meet up for drinks later." The male turned around and then snapped his fingers. "And if I need any new equipment for the science bays, can I come directly to you?" He asked, hoping that he could bypass a lot of the red tape if he made friends with the Chief Engineer.

Nicky turned his head a bit at hearing the word 'drinks'. Back on his previous assigned ship, he was notorious for being unbeaten in a drinking contest, and that included a Vulcan and a Romulan trying to best him. "Drinks, sure. New equipment... Ah... I shall see what I can do, but I suppose. It would depend on exactly what you're wanting, Delaney." He replied with a small smile.

Raising an eyebrow, the Lieutenant gave a bit of a nod. "Yeah, I'll get you a list of parts and such. I promise there won't be too many illegal things on there." He said with a chuckle. "Regardless, thank you for your time. I'm sure that we'll get to know each other quite well over the next few months. I find that new assignments make it... well, interesting to get acclimated to."

Laommiorvatovovich just grinned a bit, nodding as he headed to the door. "Remember, we're going for drinks. And first round's on you!" He laughed, the door shutting behind him as the CEO headed back down to his own domain on the ship. Delaney seemed nice enough... But could he hold a drink compared to someone born of two of the most notorious Earth countries for drinking?

Dominic just laughed as he waved the Ensign out the door. "Have a good night!" He said, before hearing the door close and peering around the corner into the washroom. "So, faucet... we meet again..."


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