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Brothel Joint Post

Posted on Sat May 17th, 2014 @ 3:20pm by Commander Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Commander James Barnes

Mission: Solid Light
Location: Brothel


Mei had been feeling a bit better. It had been sometime since she had gone through the motions of confusing the holograms in the brothel she had been dragged into. Calling for the program to end or the arch was about as useful as trying to explain she wasn't a lady of the night like them... or for that matter, getting some decent clothes. And, since she had a head wound healing, she didn't trust that the safeties were on in the place either, so the friendly bouncer types in the place had been able to keep her rather well contained. So, she found herself avoiding confrontation as best as possible. Still, she was apparently expected to sit up front, just like the other ladies, but for now she couldn't complain. The couch they had set her up on was comfortable enough, and it gave her a good view of the room. So, she mostly was concentrating on healing. Though her eyes drifted to the foyer as she heard some sort of commotion from that direction.

James had spent some time wandering through the seedier areas of town, having found a manor house with a red lantern hanging outside. He figured, from what he remembered, that it was as good a place as any to start. He had cleaned himself up a bit, now confident his rib hadn't been broken. He had already checked out one brothel, not finding the girl he was looking for. Coming through the foyer area of this house, he began to notice the girls all appeared to be of Asian descent. Still, he couldn't leave any stones unturned. The madam came forward to talk to him.

"I'd like to take a look at the girls," he smiled, "The poker tables has been generous to me." She nodded and led him back towards where the majority of the girls were sitting. James began to look them over, briefly at first. They all appeared to not be the girl he was looking for until - James almost froze, but almost as instantly played it off. His eyes went from her eyes and down her body. He had worked for the Captain for years, and had never really looked at her in that particular light, as off character for him as that seemed. Still, he was impressed. He made direct eye contact again, hoping she wouldn't blow their cover.

"How much for her?" he looked at the madam, grinning as he pointed at the Captain, "She's perfect."

Sun was clearly unhappy about a number of things. One was being paraded, and one was having to put up with this damned charade. If she hadn't still been a hint nauseated, she... her thought stopped again as she glanced down somewhat sheepishly for the act, but found herself truly blushing. Looking down at the red qipao, she found herself more embarrassed than anything. There it was - a cut out in the dress that made it only cover the bear minimum of her breasts - and tight as it was, it may have been showing off more of her feminine side than she wanted. That and the faded scars over her heart and breast peaking out somewhat.

"Wo?" She spoke in Chinese pointing to herself lightly, still observing her dress. Unhappiness had faded to a light embarrassment of an officer seeing her like that, and the realization that the thought might have been somewhat hypocritical. But as she raised her eyes, she realized the madam didn't seem to have a problem with renting her out, even with the knock on the head.

The madam, who wasn't a particularly bad looker herself, was more than happy to beckon James back past the foyer and wave the girls off while telling him, "Well, we ought to settle up then, and she'll go get herself more comfortable," She had said, directing the last bit towards Mei.

"I would hope she would clean up," James commented, "I've been away for a bit, off working the trails. Feeling a little....pent up. How much for the whole night?" James asked, looking at the Captain hungrily. 'At least I only have to half pretend', he mused to himself, still keeping the charade up. James handed over quite a bit of money. He looked at the madam and mused out loud. "Or both of you...." He turned back to the Captain.

"You're all mine, little lady," he grinned, looking her over. "This isn't going to be supervised is it?"

The madam was quick to assure him, in a somewhat drab and clearly less than impressed tone that, "She gave up that life," but of course, "It was tempting for him," but that she, "Just couldn't do that to her girls." Her tone of course with his second question was, "Of course not... you'll have all the privacy you could want." To which she added, "After payment - and for her, how about eighty five dollars?"

James was a little hurt, then he remembered that he reeked of booze from having a bottle broken over him, though he doubt she could tell. The cuts probably didn't help. James nodded, counting out what amounted to most of the money he had left and handed it over to the madam.

"Where to?"

The madam led him up towards the stairs leading to the second floor - motioning to the upper level as Sun slipped past her onto the stairs. The young captain had to stabilize herself as she headed up, as she heard the madam continue. "Well, just head up the stairs to the far corner room - should give you plenty privacy, and a bit of a taste of the orient. Other than your lovely companion." She smirked as she finished double checking the cash, "And enjoy your night," She said with a wave towards the stairs and a nod.

James smiled back, motioning for the Captain to lead the way up the steps. He followed behind her, with them making their way towards the back room. He waited until they were mostly out of earshot of the madam before speaking up. "You know, you certainly clean up well," he observed.

Mei glanced back to him with a smirk, "I know," She said with a surprising bit of confidence. She led him to the room quick enough, and even made sure to give the appropriate show on the way there. She had a sway that her uniform did not show off quite as well a tight, side-slit qipao. She glanced back as they reached the door and stepped on through to the gaudy and frankly offensive "oriental" styled bedroom. She gave a shake of her head at the silks and lack of chairs, and statues from various Asian cultures sort of strewn about hoping to evoke an exotic feel without really sticking to any one culture enough to be unoffensive. She sighed lightly, and turned back to him.

'Stop thinking this way, James.....' he ordered himself, watching her walk down the hallway. He closed the door behind them. "What if I told you I was actually just a really smart hologram?" he laughed. "The thing to figure out is what is going on that the computer has you dressed in that piece of tissue paper," he motioned, "Not that it looks bad on you....I'm the one who looks like a bum."

"I'm not sure I like that I look good dressed as a stereotypical whore," Her voice was off a little bit - as she was actually speaking Standard. Her odd mix of the usual pitfalls coming from Cantonese or Mandarin to standard, and a hint of that Australian accent from having lived there and learned there wasn't normal, unless, "Also, the U-T has decided I lapse into Mandarin from time to time because I don't speak great standard? Or english, or whatever. So, I'm going to try to stay in Standard..." She took a few steps backward, and actually sat down on the bed. She gave a smirk, "And, feel free to have a seat - do think into it too much. I have a mild concussion... well, I think... turbolift gave out and there was a fall and I have a memory lapse... So I'm going to need to take my time."

James paused, taking a seat himself. "I'm just saying there were worse things you could've appeared as," he chuckled. "I remember going out with some of my department last night for an officer's birthday. Had a little bit to drink. Woke up this morning in a place I didn't recognize with a woman I didn't know," he took a deep breath, "That's when things got unusual. I," he motioned around, looking at her, "Let me see your head, how badly are you injured?"

"Its not bad. Surprisingly, the lady holograms were helpful in cleaning it up and tending to it," She said, twisting to give him a view if he wanted. "I don't know how far I fell or how long I was out. I can only think that the holo-systems took more power than they should have and knocked out other systems... like the lift." She gave a light shrug. "Any idea what caused all of this?"

James looked at her head wound closely, brushing her hair aside with his hand. "Doesn't look too bad," he bit his lower lip before letting her head go so she could look at him, "But you still need to get to a sickbay to get that concussion looked at. In regards to what's going on, I was going to ask you the same thing," he chuckled, "My guess is that since you fell into the simulation, we weren't beamed to a holodeck or a holoship. That would indicate the ship-wide holo-emitters used for the emergency command, medical, and engineering holograms are projecting this environment. Which explains the power loss, as they're only designed to project a limited number of human-sized holograms and not the Ancient West from Earth."

"We need to figure out who, or what, has control of the Shanghai, and where, if anywhere, they are taking us," James motioned around, "But you and I need to figure out what we're going to do right now. I paid quite a bit for the whole night, so we have some time."

"Agreed," Sun spoke quietly. She had no idea what to do with the time, that wasn't something she had really planned for. She gave a shake of her head. "Yeah, and I wander how much they really pay attention to what goes on..." She gave a smirk, and she gave a sigh, "I don't know why someone picked this particular timeline," She groaned, "And made me a whore," She adjusted a bit on the chair, pushing her dress down a bit to stay decent as she moved, "I am wildly uncomfortable with both." She said with a shake of her head. She paused for a moment, "Any ideas on who's program this is?"

"No, sadly. Budget cuts at Starfleet Intelligence have really put a dent in my onboard surveillance programs. I had to cut everything but the locker room camera," James said with a ridiculous grin before turning and looking out the window. He looked back at the Captain as she fidgeted in the chair, "My guess is it's purposely constructed for whatever particular goal they have in mind. Maybe not, however. They seem to have placed us all in narrative roles that fit us to some extent," he paused, realizing how she might interpret that, "I mean, they obviously cast me as the dashing cowboy hero type. If I had materialized in here in that," he motioned at her dress, "I don't everything would fit under the hemline and I would look a little ridiculous running around here."

"So, Captain, what's your idea for getting out of here?" he looked around, rubbing his sides, "I'm not necessarily in fighting shape so we'll have to be crafty about it."

"Well..." She gave a shake of her head, a light grin from his earlier jokes, "I don't." She answered lightly, "Like you said, you're in no shape to fight, I am in no shape to fight... and I'd like to find out what precisely is going on in this simulation and why. We have to find a safe way to that..." She gave a light shake of her head, "Besides, given there are a number of other ladies, and you've paid for a full night, I assume I will have some time to recover from my night of passion with a cowboy," She gave a bit of a smirk, "You have free reign to travel - and if we can get a few more officers together, I am sure we can start to discretely plan from within here, without much outside intervention..." She gave a slight displeased look, "Sound good? Think you can find some crew, and spread the word to bring some supplies here?"

"I think you can get away with the rest excuse," James grinned, sliding the window open, "I mean, after all, the madame did see the cowboy that took you up here." He chuckled, sliding halfway out before turning back to the Captain, "I'll see who I can rustle up. Grab anyone else who wanders through here," he thought for a moment, "Then again, I don't know many of our officers who would." With that, James shimmied out of the window and started to move across the porch roof.



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