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Two Side Affects

Posted on Sat Oct 14th, 2017 @ 1:14pm by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Sun Cai

Mission: Between the Pages
Location: USS Shanghai - Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Late Night; Stationary Orbit near Seppala


Sun sat with her legs against her chest, along the soft couch just under the viewport of her window. She was not the vision of a Starfleet Captain at the moment. She clearly wanted to be comfortable, so she was only wearing a loose undershirt, and a pair of tight shorts. Bed clothes. She held a cup between her hands, but this time of night it was just water. She stared out into the void, with the ships they escorted lagging just behind them - nearly in view, but not quite. From the way she rested her head it was clear she had a bit of a headache. The expended hypospray was another good sign. But that was just one of the dangers of living with an orion partner. Headaches.

Mei had messed up tonight. Maybe it was the travel, maybe it was something else. She didn't know. It was a bad night, now, though. Or maybe, rather, a bad few days. With the headache abating a bit, she was starting to feel better. Which, oddly, just made her feel worse. There were two major side-effects of living in close proximity with an Orion. Headaches, which she had handled now, she thought. Then agitation. That one she had been ignoring. It was stress, it would pass. And, it had. She didn't feel agitated anymore.

But... the cost was higher than she wanted. And now she was watching nothingness through teary eyes.

A conversation had come up at dinner, and when Cai pushed her a bit. So, she had pushed back. It was the same sort of argument Mei had with her mother when she was that age. Just...

Mei sighed and sank into the couch a bit. How could she handle a capital ship crew, but a teenager could break her? And then when Lyn had been the voice of reason, Mei snapped at her. She didn't deserve it, especially since she was right. It was just a heated discussion - one they disagreed on vehemently, it looked like - only words were exchanged, but they had been unkind. Still, Mei had said the wrong thing in the wrong tone. Now, she was alone.

So she sat, and teared up, and cried a little bit; and waited. It felt like forever. But she'd wait there, sitting on her couch, thinking up apology after apology until she could give one. It was in Lyn's control now, though. She sniffled, a bit, and rubbed her eyes, and turned to watch the dim stars in the distance for a few moments.

Thankfully, as the Captain of the Shanghai, Lyn's beautiful lover was able to assign guest quarters to Cai, granting both women a reprieve from the girl's potent pheromones.

Little Karsel'lyn had gotten to their quarters minutes ahead of Mei and took the time to cool off. She had managed to hold back any harsh words earlier at dinner, instead choosing to withdraw and speak to her love after they had both allowed the anger to pass. She had waited silently in the shadows, completely unseen, a skill that Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi had taught her all that time ago, and waited. She had watched silently over Mei as she simmered down and felt terrible when she could hear her love crying.

Inaudibly, she stood and moved behind the sitting Chinese beauty. She could tell that Mei was having the headaches again, which meant that the last inoculation she had received had finally worn off. Yet again, Lyn found herself hating her damned pheromones.

So she did what she had learned to help her past "clients" relax before they forced her into bed with them. Two fingers from each hand came up to the Captain's temples and began a gentle massage over the twin nerve junctions, and the little woman kissed the crown of Mei's head. She didn't say anything, she just worked at relieving her paramour's pain.

Mei was quick to relax into the orion's touch. She didn't say anything at first, just folded herself up a bit less and let herself fall into Lyn. She had nothing to say, or well - she had nothing she knew how to say, at first. It took her a few moments of massage to finally let out a little noise, a soft indication of her finally coming around a bit. She swallowed her pride for a moment, and finally spoke up to the other.

"Duibuqi," Mei said softly, the sounds caught in her throat for a minute. She almost continued her apology in mandarin, but switched. "I'm sorry, ai..." She spoke, a little sniffle brought on by her earlier sobbing cutting her off. "...I shouldn't have said anything, and I put you in the middle..." She all but whispered the words, before finally finding her eyes locking with Lyn for a second. "Be honest... how badly did I do? How mad is Cai? ... And you?"

"You are your mother's daughter," Lyn remarked after a brief pause to gather her thoughts. "Cai isn't used to the discipline, which is why I think that we should have her spend time with Colonel Bayushi. She's the friend of mine that helped us out on Earth after you were attacked?"

"As for me, I'm not angry at all. You are her mother and she your teen daughter. These arguments are inevitable, no matter how close we all are," Lyn concluded. "At least from what I have learned. I didn't get to have my teenaged years. Or a mother."

Now the tiny Orion pilot draped her arms over the Captain's shoulders, her hands clasped around something. She whispered into Mei's ear, "I have been waiting for an opportunity for us to be alone, my darling love."

Those small green hands unclasped to reveal a crystalline ring, topped with a fiery red gemstone that glowed very faintly and Lyn whispered, "Mei, my eternal love, you have completed me. You have made me the woman I should have always been and you have given me a family and a reason to keep going. I would beg like a good slave, but you have drawn me up out of the depths of the misery of being trapped as an eternal slave to the past and pulled me into the bright happy future. Please, my beautiful love, marry me?"

Mei had planned on responding, adding notes to part of the conversation, but then that last little bit took her breath away. She was speechless for a few moments, and felt a shiver start at the small of her back and spread across her form. Finally, she finally made some sort of response, a quiet sobbing, "Aiyo..." before a shaking hand rose to wrap her fingers under Lyn's hands. Her small fingers quivered against her lovers hands before she finally cupped them around her. Her eyes were locked on the ring for a moment. She stared at the ring for a moment, her eyes stuck on that red for just a moment. She was stunned.

There was a little sniffle, and Mei felt the first of a couple tears drip down her face. But, there was a wide smile across her lips, and deep blush, and she finally let out a couple quick nods. "Wo hui..." She said first before repeating in standard, "I will - yes." She sat up a bit to give more room on the furniture. She gave a little laugh through her tears, "I will, Lyn." She added, pulling one hand away and waving her over to join her. And offering the left hand over to her partner.

"I figured that you wouldn't want to make a spectacle, so I decided to do it in private," Lyn said as she knelt on both knees before her lover, taking Mei's hand and slowly sliding the ring onto her ring finger. Once it was there, she kept ahold of that hand, pushing up to slide into Mei's lap, straddling her legs facing her, "I love you, MeiMei."

Now her dark green lips pressed to Mei's pink, kissing her gently and lovingly, letting her new fiance feel her feelings through the kiss. Lyn was holding back tears at the moment, not able to contain an up swelling of emotion. She never thought that she would find happiness in life, a soul mate and family. She had previously watched her only family executed in front of her in a bid to break her spirit. Now she had a future wife, a teenaged daughter and wonderful in-laws. She couldn't imagine her life getting any better.

"I love you, Lyn," Mei spoke softly, as she pulled away from the kiss for a moment. She had lingered there for a time, maybe longer than she should have, before letting her hands wrap around the waist of the little orion in front of her. She was still shaking just a bit, a warm smile on her face. She leaned in again, another quick kiss, then a brush of her cheek against her fiance's. She brushed against her purposefully, a mix of her warm cheek and a few cool tears.

She spoke quietly for a moment, "This is not how I imagined the night going," She admitted in a whisper, before adding a quiet sigh. She paused and shook her head, looking over Lyn a moment to her hand behind her. She couldn't help but smile, and let out a little laugh. "You are too wonderful," She gave a tight squeeze of her partner. "Cai's mad at me, I have a headache, we're in void space, and you propose... and I could not be happier," She quietly admitted, "A little guilty." Then a sudden realization, "We have to tell Cai, and everyone..." She meant her family, of course, "And plan."

"Well, like I said before, at tea, that I want to build a home in the colony," Lyn nuzzled into Mei's warm throat. "Maybe Cai needs a little time away from us? The colony has a number of uninhabited homes that Cai could stay in while we head back out?"

Lyn looked up at the chronograph, which had its time set to local time in San Francisco. "It's mid-morning back home in Nanhai. Maybe we should give your parents a call and give Hiroko the opportunity to talk to her grandparents and parents if either are at home?"

Sun made a little noise at the ideas - one that proved she wasn't sure on those ideas. "Maybe..." She spoke about leaving Cai alone on the colony. "I don't know if I trust her alone..." She moved a bit to look over Lyn before quickly adding, "I mean, I trust her, I just... know me." She smiled, "I think it would be good... but we need to talk about it more. A lot more..." She added at the end, before softly sighing.

"We can call them in a minute, Ai..." Mei said lightly. She swallowed and gave a kiss to the orion, "First..." She swallowed, "We should tell Cai... and," She sighed softly, "I should apologize to her again. Just..." She laughed a bit, "Give me a few more seconds with just you?" She asked softly.

"Of course, love," Lyn murmured after the kiss, "I just thought that your parents would appreciate the news. Not to mention that Min and your parents would be happy to know that we arrived safely with no incident. I imagine that we shouldn't leave Hiroko on the Colony without either you or me. I don't want to imagine the fight that would cause you to have with your sister."

"Min probably wouldn't appreciate that, you're right..." Sun replied. "And she takes after muqin - and would probably bring her down on me too..." The captain laughed a bit and tightened her grip on Lyn. "I'm glad you get along with my family." She spoke softly and drifted into thought for a few moments of silence. She wouldn't stay quiet though. Truth be told, there was an excitement there that was rare for Mei. "Aiya..." She softened her grip on Lyn, "To Cai then?" She asked, before another though came to her mind and then left her lips before she realized it. "And... Cai is a Sun..." She prodded a bit, "So, think I'll be able to talk you into Sun Lyn or are we keeping our surnames?" She paused and corrected, "Sun Karsel'lyn - Sorry, Sun Lyn sounds like Sun Lin. It made more sense in my head..." She was clearly excited, nervous, taken off guard. And a bit vulnerable, if the light rub scratching and grip against Lyn's back was any indication. And generally, it was.

"We should go talk to our 'little' girl," Lyn grinned, referencing how their lovely daughter now stood taller than both of her mothers. "As for the name thing, I have not thought about it. I couldn't stick you with my crazy family name, but I don't know if I want to purge the last vestige of my father that I have left."

Taking but another moment to nuzzle under Mei's jaw, Lyn kissed the soft skin there before drawing back and finding her feet. She reached out with her fully functioning hand to draw Mei to her own feet, before, "I don't think that our daughter was too terribly upset when we left the dining room. She doesn't like arguing with either of us. I imagine that she's sadder more than madder."

"Upset is upset," Sun replied as she stood, wrapping a hand around Lyn's waist for a minute as she adjusted. She gave a hint of a sniffle, and then rubbed her free hand along her eyes. She adjusted herself and sighed, "And she probably should be mad..." She shrugged, "Or at least disappointed. I should do better about pheromones. We've been together long enough to get engaged," She said softly, with a little playful bump as they headed out. The captain blushed a bit as they walked, "You have no idea how much I want to plan now..." She said, a rare shine of the young woman usually hidden behind her marine and fleet training. She gave a grin, "Where we should have the ceremony, what to wear... who to even invite... honeymoon."

"Cai handles her Orion temper better than most, not to mention the wild side she inherited from you, love," Lyn remarked as she followed the Captain to the hatch to the corridor. "If the planet is as beautiful as it has been said, that would be a great place for it. We will probably have to delay the honeymoon, since we do have our duties, of course."

"Well, I always imagined taking on the Betazoid tradition when it comes to the wedding dress," Lyn grinned sideways at her new fiancé. The pair arrived at Cai's guest quarters in under a minute, it being among the few quarters on Deck 2. Her two mothers found it necessary to keep the girl nearby, yet a bit separate. For both of their sake.

"We're here," Lyn whispered.

Mei snapped back to the task at hand after the whisper - though she had been lost in other thoughts before, if the blush on her cheeks was anything to go by. She took a breath and then gave a little nod. Then, a sudden rapid kiss to her fiance for luck, and she leaned to hit the door chime. "Cai," Mei spoke softly. "I'm sorry, do you have a few minutes for us?"

There was a bit of a pause. Cai didn't answer right away, but after a while she finally let them in. The door chimed in acknowledgement and slid open, revealing a small guest quarters usually inhabited by Cai and Hiroko. It seemed smaller than most, though, due to the configuration to give both girls a private bedroom suite - so the shared living area was not very large. But, it had all the trappings one would expect with such a room. There was no one there though, and after Mei leaned in, the only response from Cai was a quick, "I'll be out in a minute," from her bedroom.

"Okay," Sun had responded, before looking to Lyn. "Well?"

"We wait inside, unless you want the entire deck stopping by to visit," Lyn smiled as she gently led the beautiful Captain inside, the hatch sliding shut behind them.

Looking towards the girl's bedroom door, Lyn spoke up, "CaiCai, are you coming?"

There wasn't a response for a little while. Mei might have made her mad, but like clockwork, before either of her mothers could get to anxious. A strange benefit of her displacement, Cai knew Mei and Lyn much better than they did, in some ways. She had lived with them for her childhood. Little quirks of their personalities she recognized quickly. So she had waited until the last second before coming out with a quick and formal, "Muqin," Because she was still a little upset with Mei.

Mei on the other hand still felt like she wasn't where she should be with her. When she had arrived, it had been hard to believe - impossible even. Now, with her a bit taller than both women and coming into her own - which originally Sun had thought would probably distance her. But, she was clearly related to her. The orion was there, and that was different. But Lyn's terran DNA and Mei's own were clearly there too - and it was impossible to miss how much she looked like them. She was clearly related to Hiroko. You would know the two were cousins just by looking - not to mention the similar personalities and shared familial culture. Mei finally snapped out of the thoughts, "Duibuqi, Cai,"

"Wo zhidao, muqin," Cai replied with a little bit of a sigh. Mei had held a hand out instinctively somewhere in that short exchange. And as Cai was continuing she had started to say something more but barely a single syllable escaped her lips before she paused. Her eyes had caught a glimpse of the ring, and there was a glimmer in her eyes. She switched to standard, her tone shifting quickly to a bit of excited surprise, and her eyes turned to Lyn, somewhat knowingly, as if she had already put the entire story together, "Wait, when did you ask?" She seemed a little stunned, and then shook her head and gave a quick bow, "Sorry, sorry! Wo dou ti ni gao xing! I'm happy for you!" She repeated, not sure how good Lyn's mandarin was at this point if she was honest. She then swept in and gave a tight hug to both.

"Cai," Lyn murmured before the gentle girl embraced she and Mei. Returning the embrace with one arm, she spoke quietly, not sure if Hiroko was asleep, "About fifteen minutes ago. We had thought of calling your grandparents but Mei wanted to tell you, first."

"Besides, it would be good for Hiroko to speak with her parents and grandparents, since it's going to be a long while before we can head back home," Lyn concluded.

Cai seemed just a little confused by the happening. She gave a little squeeze of her parents and then paused before a smile crossed her lips. "You picked a weird night in my timeline too..." She said with a little prod given the earlier fighting. "But, over a new home and new world, that has a bit of a romantic flare, kaa-chan," She smiled a bit. "A little weird to be here for it, thinking about it." Then without another thought she called out, "Hiro-chan!"

Mei jumped a bit at the sudden change in volume, but couldn't help but smirk when the other door in the room hissed open and Hiroko popped her head out.

"Ehh?" She sort of hissed back, "Obasan," She shook her head and stepped out of the room. "Gomen," She said with a quick bow. "I didn't know you were-"

"They're engaged," Cai blurted out with an excited little bounce.

"Maji?" Hiroko said with a quick clap, "Congratulations! How long have you planned, when did you ask? Who asked? Have you told anyone?"

Lyn was grinning like a fool, "Come here, Hiroko-chan." When the girl approached, Lyn drew the younger girl into the group embrace. "I have been planning for almost an Earth year, actually. I had to take some interesting actions to find out Mei's ring size and then go through back channels to get the gemstone from Rigel VII."

"I proposed about a half hour ago, after Mei came back from tonight's dinner with Cai and I," Lyn said before leaning over and kissing the top of Hiroko's dark haired head. "Pretty soon, I will be your aunt too. I am happy to have a sweet niece like you."

"Oh!" Lyn gasped aloud, suddenly."I almost forgot!"

"My mother, whom I never got to meet, was the woman who was... well, the 'mother' of Colonel Bayushi," Lyn had had a hard time learning this from the other woman, after the earlier staff lunch and tea. "The Colonel, my half-sister, came aboard today with her daughter Reiko and Reiko's kitten, named Hiroko."

"Reiko is your age, Hiroko-chan, and I thought that you two would get along pretty good," Lyn concluded.

"Oh, you'll have to introduce us." Hiroko replied quickly. She seemed excited by the idea of another person their age in the area - and maybe a bit of one who shared a culture with her. Cai did too, but didn't say anything specifically.

Mei shook her head a little bit and tossed her head onto Lyn's lightly. "We should see if we can set up a comm. The delay will be a bit, so we can send a message and hear from them soon enough," Mei paused for a moment and looked around. She had an odd feeling for a moment, and then gave a smile. "Then maybe we can borrow the officers galley for a bit. Make a little dessert from home to celebrate?"

"Of course. Could we invite my sister and niece as well as these two darlings?" Lyn asked. "That way I can introduce Hiroko-chan to Reiko-chan. I imagine that they're going to get along great, though Reiko isn't as exuberant as Hiroko. She's more sedate and introspective."

"Not to mention that she has had a lot of trouble with discrimination back in Japan," Lyn frowned up at Mei. "Both Hiroko and her mother are telepaths. A lot of people on Earth are still afraid of that particular ability. The poor girl has been beaten by her bigger classmates on numerous occasions."

"Oh, Lyn..." Mei gave her a quick kiss, "Family is family." She gave a little smile, "You don't have to ask that sort of thing you know. Family is always welcome. I'll let you know when I want it to be just us." She gave a little squeeze, but hesitated for a moment. "I'm not the best at helping with bullying." She thought back to her own experiences, "But, we're Fleet, and family. We'll give what support we can." She gave a smile.

"I didn't know that she was family until about three hours ago," Lyn admitted. "Kachiko told me after tea. And I got to visit with sweet little Reiko."

"I will give her a comm," Lyn was still grinning from the quick kiss. "Now I am really happy to have Hiroko-chan and CaiCai here with us. Family is important to have with you, even out here in the middle of nowhere."

Sun gave a little pause before shaking her head. She would have admitted she was confused if asked, but not before that. She instead decided to just give it a minute to sit in her mind instead. She was still feeling the effects of her partners natural scent. So, she felt a little agitation, but she was pushing it aside for now. As happy as she was, there was still a bit of the chemical in her mind it seemed. So she opted to just add, "Especially in the middle of nowhere."

"How long do you think the delay will be?" Cai chimed in quickly.

Mei answered. "Entanglement comms are instant... but we have to send a message to Earth, then get that message to Muqin and Cheng, and then get them to a QE comm on a base. So... an hour, or there about. Perfect for dessert." She turned to Lyn, "Oh, and Lyn, when you comm - be kind enough to warn them that I'm not a cook."

"You're not a cook?" Lyn looked confused. "I am confused, love?"

Mei gave a little playful push, "I'm going to make a quick dessert - only fair to warn them before hand."

Lyn didn't follow, but replied with, "Of course, love. I'm looking forward to talking to your dad again."


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