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First Views of a New World

Posted on Mon Nov 6th, 2017 @ 3:47pm by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Ensign Liam O'Shea & Ensign Nikolas Laommiorvatovovich

Mission: Shakedown Mark II
Location: Colony
Timeline: About 36 hours after A Quiet Beginning


Sun was often soft spoken - but it appeared her meeting had gone poorly. "I do not care," She exaggerated each syllable in the sentence as she stopped just shy of entering the main hangar of the Shanghai. She was talking to an older man, with salt and pepper hair that was much more salt than pepper at his age. He wore red, and the rank of Captain on his collar. The crew had seen him before - at least on the viewscreen; Captain Foxwell of the USS Vauban - a Curry class ship that came with the group.

"Mei," He replied with a quiet, but ever present scratch in his throat. "I'm not takin' 'em back with me."

"There are two captain's in this entire section of the REI, Rory. You, and me." She pointed to some unseen officer. "That unrepentant brat is not fit to be an executive officer, much less the second ranking officer in the Fleet out of Seppala..."

"You, Sun." The captain said with a pat on her shoulder as he stepped passed her into the hangar. "Just you. I'm taking the Vauban back to Cait as soon as we're done here." He said looking around the bustling hangar bay. Shuttles were loading across the entire bay. Fighters were preparing for a rotation on patrol, but the older captain seemed to know exactly where they were going. He nodded towards a runabout that had been prepped and readied. "That one, right?"

She glanced over to where he was looking. "That obvious?"

"Yeah, to a flight engineer - and the crew is taking a hell of a berth around it." He laughed a bit. "Mind if I meet your team before heading back to my ship?"

"Not at all," Sun spoke moving with him across the hangar floor towards the runabout.

Lyn peeked out from the open hatch of her runabout, "Was he actually dismissive of my ship!?"

A short snort of laughter from inside, "Lynnie, don't take it personally. That Captain was just looking for reasons to be an ass."

"Mom?" Reiko spoke up from the hatch into the fighter bay. Kachiko sighed, "I don't know if now is a good time, Reiko-chan. I don't know how much room we will have aboard the ship heading dirtside."

Reiko pouted briefly, to which Kachiko rolled her eyes as she stepped out of the Runabout past Lyn, "Go back to our quarters, sweetie. Maybe you could spend some time with Hiroko-chan? I'm sure that the Captain would be okay with it."

Ensign Laommiorvatovovich hummed to himself as the doors to the shuttlebay opened, the man stepping out quickly enough. Were it not for the bags under his eyes, he would almost look perfectly neat and prepared. He quickly located Sun, Lyn, and the others, prompting him to move in their direction. Once within earshot that didn't require shouting at the top of his lungs to be heard, he gave a tired smile and a wave. "Hello Captain! Apologies for not being sooner, I might have been tinkering a little too long before catching some rest. Certainly paying the price now, eh?" He chuckled quietly, one hand coming up to rub over his eyes a little, his eyes lazily dragging themselves over to Lyn, glancing to the ship behind her. "Ah, hello Karsel'lyn, I hope you are having a better morning than I." He added, another short chuckle leaving the man.

"Ensign," Sun said with a quick bow. "And not a problem. My meeting ran long." She said softly. She motioned to the older captain next to her, "I'm not sure you've all met Captain Foxwell, of the Vauban. They're going to help finish unloading cargo and everything over the next few days. Then back to Cait. Checking and reinforcing the communications and buoy routes along the way."

"The Captain mentioned your trip down to the planet, and I wanted to come see you off. And say a quick thanks," Foxwell said softly. "It's a good idea. We'll get a care package beamed down before we leave."

The Ensign smirked a little at Captain Sun, shrugging. "They always seem to when I'm in one. Maybe I just find them boring, I guess." He joked, nodding to Foxwell. His smile remained, though his demeanour tightened slightly - a habit the man had when meeting someone new. "Is no need to thank me, Captain Foxwell. I do what I love because I love what I do. It is a shame you must go, but needs must, eh?"

Popping out of the Runabout was the black uniformed Marine, her white hair and incredibly pale complexion a stark contrast to the uniform and the darkened deck plates & bulkheads,"Greetings, Captain. I appreciate the comfortable ride out here. Safe travels, sir."

"Always happy to help, Colonel." Foxwell added with a smirk, "Glad we had an extra guest quarters up. Part of me wishes we were going to get to stay out here and help. But ferrying people back and making sure infrastructure is secure is important too."

"That infrastructure is needed, Captain," Kachiko remarked. "Especially for those of us staying out here for good."

Before anyone else could add to the discussion, the small half-Orion fighter pilot poked her head out of the open hatch behind the Lieutenant Colonel, "All aboard!"

"The ride down to Busara Five is prepared to go, Captain's, Colonel," Karsel'lyn announced. "All cargo aboard and secured. Engines are hot and ready."

Christine burst in through the doors to the hold. She had a PADD in hand, and a messenger bag slung over one shoulder and across her chest. She inwardly cursed to herself as she sprinted in the direction of the runabout. Thank goodness her junior counselors came through and had the gifts accrued loaded and ready to go for her. Delegation was a new idea to her, but she was still in the habit of wanting to do everything herself, hence the reason she was late. The counselor sprinted towards the others, blonde hair coming loose out of her hair-tie as she made a mad dash and jumped through the open hatch. Panting and out of breath, she gasped as she took her seat, "I am so, so, so sorry."

Lyn guided the lovely Counselor to a plush pink couch, which was then filled as the black uniformed Lieutenant Colonel sat down next to her, "Glad you're here, Counselor. Christine, meet Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi Kachiko, my half sister."

The tiny white haired Marine turned and looked up at the blonde, offering a smile,"Good morning, Miss DesCharmes. I am under orders from Command to visit with you at least twice every fortnight. So I think that we will be getting to know one another."

Christine gave a warm, inviting smile to the woman. "Very pleased to meet you, and I look forward to our sessions. I'm not very formal, so there is no need to be on guard around me."

"I take it that Cai is helping you fly this thing, Lynnie?" Kachiko asked just in time for Cai to climb aboard.

"She is," Cai said pushing past everyone and to the front.

"And she is?"

"Sun Cai," Mei added, "It's a long story, but she's our daughter."

"Our who?" Foxwell joked a bit, laughing at his own joke quietly as if there was any question as to who the other parent was. "I think that's my cue, anyway. Nice to see your crew. Enjoy the colony, and if any of you need anything, let us know." He said with a little wave before starting to head off.

Back at the Runabout's hatch to button it up, Lyn leaned out and called after Foxwell, "Fair winds and following seas, Captain."

She finished buttoning up and turned around and headed aft. The people aboard could hear the runabout engines fire up as Lyn slid into the couch across from Christine and Kachiko, next to Mei. Grinning at Christine, she lifted Mei's hand, displaying the crystalline ring bearing the massive glowing red gemstone from the troposphere of Rigel VII, an unusually large and valuable gem. Lyn was lucky as the only surviving slave of her mine owning master: His assets were seized and granted to little Karsel'lyn as a teenager and she had made some very wise investments. The little half-Orion was now incredibly wealthy, but desired the Starfleet life. She would be incredibly bored otherwise.

Christine finished fumbling around in her bag, making sure she had everything needed for the meeting. She glanced up when something caught the corner of her eye. "That' impressive gemstone," she said, momentarily at a loss for words.

"Who is flying?" Kachiko asked.

Lyn grinned, "Same as the last time you and I were together on this ship."

"Hey boss!" Chirped a blue face from the cockpit. Lyn grinned, "That's Rhis, who is the commander of the Valkyrie Squadron. She is flying because the Captain is aboard and I'm not permitted to pilot anything officially, which this is."

Nikolai watched the ship fire up, taking a moment to admire the craft. He found most of the ships quite brilliant, though it was more his admiration of everything it took to make one. He stood for a moment more before it clicked that he was supposed to be on that ship. With a hurried wave to the departing Captain Foxwell, making a brisk pace towards the craft before clambering aboard, taking his seat. "Apologies Captain, daydreaming. Hello again Kachiko, Cai. It'll be good to get our feet planetside, no? It's been a while since I've been off-ship."

Lyn perked up at the arrival of the Chief Engineer, "I don't imagine that we will have long before we ship out again, Nikolai." Lyn wasn't going to try and pronounce the man's last name. "Though I think that we have some time still while Shanghai teams are helping set things up on the station and I imagine at the colony as well. It's useful having all of these technically minded people, huh?"

Kachiko had kept her peace since Captain Foxwell had departed, amused at her green sister's excitable nature. She truly had missed the little green monster. She found herself admiring the serene beauty of Captain Sun but most of her attention was drawn to the lovely blonde she was sat next to. Apparently, from what Lyn had said, the Counselor was a sweet and likeable woman and that Kachiko could trust her. Kachiko had already performed background checks on the Counselor and the rest of the senior staff and now knew that Christine DesCharmes was cleared by Intelligence to counsel her. And counsel Kachiko she would, as a necessary requirement for Kachiko's return to active duty, after the disaster of her last assignment, was to have weekly counseling sessions and if possible, checkups even more often. She had discussed a lot of things with the Captain the night before, but not even Lyn knew about what Kachiko endured last time out.

Rhis sighed and called back, "Commander? Are we ready to go or are we waiting for O'Shea?"

Lyn returned with, "Let me check." Turning to Mei, "Captain? We waiting on the tardy Ensign?"

"We'll give him a few more minutes." She said, "But not long. We're probably technically late for the meeting now as it is..." She gave a quick point towards the pilots as she moved to find a seat, "Don't either of you take that as permission to fly fancy."

"No worry, Captain. I like my wings too much to lose them doing something stupid," Rhis quipped.

Lyn laughed, "I doubt that CaiCai would do anything to endanger her family, Captain," Lyn grinned up at Mei.

The youngish Ensign entered the cargo bay, very tardy, quite uncharacteristic of himself. However, that didn't stop him from being as polite as possible. The Irishman was late for a good reason. He was escorting the former Admiral, having met up with him in the hallway. "Your bags aren't that heavy, sir." He said, sweating a little bit under the large duffel that was slung over his shoulder. Maybe it was a bit of that Irish pride, but Liam could be a bit stubborn at times.

"Well, if you say so, Ensign." The venerable retired Admiral said, wearing a simple sash across his front as he tapped on the hull of the runabout. "Ah, this takes me back a bit." He said, humming to himself as he worked his way inside the cargo hold. "Captain, permission to come aboard?" The Ryuu asked, dipping his head in deference to the red-shirted Chinese woman.

Lyn spoke up instead, "It's my ship, Admiral and you will always be welcome aboard, sir."

"My apologies for my tardiness, the Ensign was kind enough to help me." He gestured to the human who'd put the bag in stowage. "We'll take our seats right away."

"Captain." The Ensign said with a frazzled salute, then turning around, almost bumping into the Colonel. "Uh, pardon." He muttered, finding a seat in the cockpit, as he was still a rated pilot even though he'd not been asked to pilot the mission.

Kachiko was highly amused at O'shea's flailing about, "Don't worry, Ensign. I make it a habit to go unnoticed."

"Here I am, thinking I was going to miss the departure," Christine said with a laugh. "I'm not the only one who's late." She fell into silence, still musing about the upcoming meeting. She never had a problem with new introductions, but as the Shanghai lacked the availability of a Chief Diplomatic Officer at the moment, it did fall to her to make the necessary arrangements. And she was nervous, although she did a remarkable job of hiding it. Her right leg started shaking though, slightly.

"I can sense your worry, Counselor," Kachiko set a hand on Christine's arm. Her telepathic senses were wide open, wanting to utilize them to help negotiate anything that the Captain needed. "I'm sure that you will be just fine."

When the woman touched Christine, she calmed a bit and her leg stopped shaking. She looked sideways at her. "Thanks for the vote of confidence," she said. "The captain believes in me, otherwise she would have found someone else for this." Christine let out a nervous giggle.

O'Shea ran through a mental bit of checklists in his head, then did his best to keep quiet. He was not used to not being the pilot! Liam scratched his arm, the red shirt chafing against something as it was quickly readjusted. He toggled his console and then sat patiently for departure.

Rhis glanced over at young Cai, "You ready, darling?"

"Always," Cai said softly with her hands brushing across the controls.

Rhis nodded, "Dragon's Roost to the bridge, permission to disembark?"

When the affirmative came back, Rhis grinned, "Okay, if you would, Miss Cai, take us out."

"Taking us out," Cai replied, with the small ship lifting off from the deck of the shuttlebay and towards the door. The shuttle smoothly pushed out into the black and twisted up and around the Vesta's nacelles. The traffic was heavy in the area - with workbees and cargo shuttles and runabouts buzzing about the station and colony orbital space. It almost felt like a populated planet. There was a short glimpse of the old R1 style Seppala Station and the Curry Class USS Vauban docked with her, before the shuttle arched quickly away from that sight and towards the larger planet below.

The planet was large, with deep blues and greens, with brushstrokes of color scattered across its continents. Over the visible ocean, large storm systems churned, tossing streaks of clouds and rain across the land masses from place to place. The vessel pushed quickly towards the planet, brushing past the thin icy rings between the world and its moons. Then into the atmosphere of the planet. For a few moments the runabouts shields lit up, friction and heat rushing past it as the shuttle moved swiftly into the atmosphere and down towards the planets surface. When the heat abated, there was the first real view of the planet.

The shuttle came in lower and lower along the coastline of one of the major continents - pristine blue waters meeting green shores overgrown by native fauna and untouched wilds as far as one could see. For a few minutes, this was the view. Sparks of color within the wilds shown through with massive flowering plants. Soft, rolling mountains could be seen in the distance as well, just as covered with fauna as the rest of the continent. But then there was a break in the shoreline, a small protected bay nestled between the wilds and waves. Then, a small grouping of prefabricated buildings began to come into view.

"Ladies and Gentlemen," Sun said after standing and giving a little wave of her hand. "Welcome to Golovin Colony," More of the colony began to come into view. While most was prefabricated colonial buildings, the colony had constructed a few purpose built buildings, including a central colony center, and small docks. "Just as a quick reminder - the planet is virtually overrun with fauna and megafauna, with a massive underground biosphere. A vast majority of the planets fresh water is in that underground biosphere, with most rivers as we'd think of them there - but its not well explored yet. Nothing is. So, after the meeting - don't wander off without a tricorder and commbadge." As she finished she stepped aside to watch the colony come into view. There wasn't even a landing padd yet, just a flattened space near the edge of the colony they had been using. A small gathering of people waited for them to land nearby the landing zone. She gave a little peak into the cockpit, "Sorry, Cai - Lieutenant, put us down softly."

Rhis nodded, "I'm taking the helm, setting us down."

"Everyone, remember - this isn't just a visit. This is work. Colony leadership should be waiting for us." Sun gave a quick addition. "We'll meet and greet, offer gifts, and then get to it. Lieutenant," She glanced to Descharmes, "You'll take lead as our official liaison for this mission. Ensign," She looked to Nicholas, "Be sure to touch base with their Operations and Engineering lead, get an assessment of how much work we'll need to put in." She twisted toward O'Shae, "Ensign, get a list of their auxiliary vehicles, needs, repairs. If they're going to be exploring, they may need a few things." She gave a glance to Bayushi after that, "Colonel, on that note, we have a reconnaissance company for a reason. Try to get a feel for their plans on exploring the region and see where we can help. Commander," She glanced to Lyn, "I know the colony has a Raven at their disposal, but get a wishlist together for them. Maybe we can run Ventures or Valkyries on early warning suites to help map." She paused for a moment. "Anything else? Suggestions? Something I missed?" She gave a quiet look across the crew, but did linger on the Admiral out of habit.

Kachiko grinned at the prospect of exploration, "I would like to recommend we post a platoon down here with heavy weapons. You mentioned megafauna, so I don't want to get caught with our pants down. Until then, I want everyone on active duty armed with at least a Type Two until the colony automated defensive systems are online. Communicators are mandatory, even after defense systems are up."

Lyn had perked up at the thought of building up the colony's small vessel complement,"I have some thoughts on that, Captain. I want to recommend a long range transporter with a planet-wide network of pattern enhancing satellites in low orbit. Sometimes it will just be better to retrieve people immediately."

Christine nodded in response to the captain, and listened to the others' responses. "If I may, Captain," she said, for everyone aboard to hear her. "Just a brief overview of the meet and greet. I gave the outline earlier but I would just like to make sure we are all on the same page once we are on the ground. They are expecting me to disembark first, as we have already met over the comm. Then I'll introduce the others, starting with yourself and the Admiral, and then Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi and the Commander. Ensign Laommi will follow and then the pilots. If I forgot you, please jump in and say so. After the introductions, then we may unload the cargo.

Being the sole security trained officer aboard, Kachiko didn't like the idea of letting the Captain disembark first. Even if this were a Federation colony, it was a frontier world and she took the Captain's safety seriously. Sighing, she stood and pulled Karsel'lyn to her feet, "Looks like it's me and you again, monster. Just like old times, huh?"

Lyn helped the Captain to her feet once she was upright, courtesy of her sister. Looking at Kachiko, she smirked, "Not exactly, Chiko-chan. That would be positively indecent for this meeting."

What nervousness she had dissipated as she jumped into her role as liaison. Three colonists, two men and a woman stepped forward out of the small crowd. After she made sure her bag was secure, she stood up. Christine gave a smile to the rest of the crew as the hatch opened and she stepped out onto solid ground. The group were dressed in simple, plain clothes; tan and dark brown tunic and pants.

The older man approached her. "Miss Descharmes, it is a pleasure to meet you in person," he said, and reached a hand out. "My associates, " he continued and the other two stepped forward on cue. "Eugenia Raine and Riley Delgado."

The counselor gave the man's hand a firm shake, along with a bright smile. "The pleasure is all my mine, Mr. Kirkland. But please, call me Christine." She gave a polite handshake to the two beside him before she moved off to the side and gestured back towards the hatch.. "Allow me to officially introduce the crew of the Shanghai."

“Captain Sun Mei Xiang, Retired Rear Admiral Relau Chlan.”

"Ni hao ma," Mei said softly as she took a step out of the runabout and gave a little bow to the assembled group there to greet them, gently directing attention to the Admiral as she rose back up.

"Pleasure." The reptile rumbled, inclining his head.

“Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi, Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias,” Christine smiled inwardly. She was actually proud of that one.

Lyn grabbed one of Cai's hands, the other hand snaring Kachiko's arm and lead them both out. She was impressed with Christine managing to get her name right the first time.

The three stepped off of the Runabout into the bright sunlight, Kachiko squinting against the brilliance yet smiling at the feeling of the heat suffusing her with a sudden burst of energy.

“Ensigns Nikolas Laommiorvatovovich, Liam O'Shea.”

"Charming lil' colony!" The young Ensign said, nodding with his Irish accent. It was definitely out of place here, but he was used to being out of place.

Nikolas gave a short bow to the colonists, complimented by a warm smile. "It's impressive as is, and I imagine it'll get more so in time." He chimed after the Irish Ensign, his voice notably quieter.

After the introductions, Kirkland spoke again, turning to the captain and Christine. “It is a pleasure to have you here at the colony. We have gifts of our own we would like to present you with. We would also like to invite you to a welcoming banquet in a few hours. We have converted one of our community services buildings into a banquet hall. It's not often we get visitors out this way and we would like to share what our colony has produced so far."

Lyn spoke up after looking around with wide eyes at the dense wall of huge trees, "You certainly found a beautiful place to settle."

"We appreciate the offer," Sun added quietly, after a bit of a nod in agreement to Lyn, before looking to Kirkland. "We'd be honored to stay and share a meal with you."

Karsel'lyn spoke up, "Captain, since we have our daughter here, we should have Hiroko and Reiko join us. Since this is our temporary home for a time?"

Kachiko smiled, "I am sure that Reiko is desperate to see the colony, since we would like to start a homestead here." To which Karsel'lyn nodded, "The same for the Captain and I."

"It's only fair. If the Lieutenant or Ensign are willing to serve as a ferry pilot for a bit." Sun added, nodding to Rhis and Liam. "Until we get solid transport receivers up on the colony, I'd prefer civilians travel by shuttle."

Kirkland gave them a friendly smile, hands clasped behind his back as he rocked back on his feet. "The more, the merrier," he said, jovially. "We have several family houses available. If you would like to take a look before the banquet tonight. Councillor Delgado-" He turned to the younger man beside him, who then took another step forward and bowed his head slightly, "- is in charge of the housing for the colony, the farming, the day-to-day operations. Feel free to ask him any questions, I'm sure he would be happy to answer any you may have, perhaps he will give you a tour."

"Councillor Raine," he said, gesturing to the woman beside him, "oversees our science and medical departments. Any questions relating to those she would love to answer. Between the three of us, we manage to keep the colony running, through the good times and bad." He gave another warm smile. "Now," he said, "let's help get that shuttle unloaded."

Lyn smiled at Kirkland, before looking over at Mei, "We have a transport enhancer, Captain. My runabout has the full transportation suite online." I'm more than happy to offer it to use to move people back and forth for the banquet."

Kachiko was focused on Kirkland for now, "I can't speak for my daughter, who wants to enroll in the Academy in around thirty months, when she will be old enough to be eligible."

"When she is finished training, I will see if I could pull strings and have her assigned to the colony, as I imagine that having a doctor around would be beneficial? I too am thinking about moving here permanently, once I retire from the Corps." Truth be told, the tiny woman was tired. She has served in Starfleet and the Corps since before the outbreak of the Dominion War, more than twenty five Earth years past. She enjoyed her work and her body was incredibly resilient, yet she was mentally and emotionally weary.

Lyn looked up at Cai, "I believe that Cai here hasn't decided what she plans on doing just yet. I know that she won't be flying fighters. No way in hell that's happening! But the Captain and I would be splitting our time between here and Earth, I think. That would be up to her, really. I'm pretty malleable, personally."

Ensign Laommiorvatovovich had stayed silent since his greeting for good reason - he didn't quite know what to say. Or, rather, he didn't know what would be best to say. He certainly wanted to ask where he could find the Operations and Engineering personnel, and get started on work as soon as possible, but now that they had been invited to a banquet he felt his question would be rude. He hid fidgeting hands behind his back, clasping them together to try and stay them. Meeting new people also wasn't quite his forte, and he mentally chided himself for doing what would probably get him a stern word from Captain Sun - He'd forgotten to bring his gift to the colony. "I was hoping to ask, Kirkland, where might I find the Operations and Engineering? If we have some time before the banquet, I'd like to get acquainted to what I'm working with, make things go smoother, yes?"

"We could always use the extra help here," Kirkland said in response to Kachiko. "As for retirement, it is a lovely spot." He turned to Nikolas. "Ah, yes, You are eager to get started. I suppose it's business before pleasure." He waved a few from the group forward, who started unloading supplies and equipment from the cargo hold onto the hover transports. "The ops and engineering center is not far. The road here will take us to the center of the colony."

"I'm going to take a quick tour of your perimeter," Kachiko spoke after the Engineer had finished."I want to get an idea of your security situation and make recommendations for changes and upgrades."

Lyn took the opportunity to stretch briefly while Kachiko was speaking, then, "I am going to sync the Dragons Roost's computer and transporter with the Shanghai and then bring the few additional people down here," she looked over at her daughter, "Come, CaiCai. I could use your extra hands."



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