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Family and Dessert

Posted on Mon Oct 23rd, 2017 @ 12:07am by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Sun Cai

Mission: Shakedown Mark II

Kachiko smiled as the hatch slid open to admit the newly engaged couple and the two girls.

Reiko looked a bit apprehensive at the arrival of two girls her own age, but recognized that the green one was definitely Lynnie's daughter.

She hopped to her feet and bounded across the room, skidding to a halt in front of Captain Sun and Cai, "Hi! I'm Reiko!"

"Cai," Cai spoke quickly and with a bit of excitement.

"Mei," Mei added as Hiroko caught up and stepped up behind them.

Reiko looked up at Hiroko, being the shortest one in the room, "Ohayo! Watashi wa Reiko desu. Anata no onamae wa?"

"Fujita Hiroko," Hiroko said with a quick bow, and a quiet but excited "Hajimemashite."

"Reiko-chan..." Kachiko warned. The spritely Marine pushed up from the couch along the bulkhead and walked over, "Captain. Lyn." Turning her attention to Cai, "I don't know if you got to meet me from whence you came, hon, but I am pleased to finally meet you. I am your mother's half-sister Kachiko. We share the same mother, in a sort of an odd way about it." She didn't yet want to say that they were linked in how they had both came to be.

Lyn took the opportunity to bend down and embrace Reiko, "Hi there my little Oniyuri."

Reiko embraced the half-Orion, "Hi Auntie Lynnie!"

Cai gave a little shrug, "I've met you - I mean, in my timeline. But they didn't give me all of the details then," She said with a little nod back to Sun and Lyn.

"Might I ask how far in the future you're from and if I still looked the same as I do now?" Kachiko smiled up at the pretty green girl. The genetically engineered clone was expected to live upwards of four hundred years and coupled with her Japanese genetics, outwardly aged unusually slowly. She currently looked as if in her later teen years, courtesy of an unexpected temporal rift encountered by her past posting, the USS London. She had been artificially aged after being initially created using chronitons, so she reacted strangely when encountering temporal phenomena.

"Well, in my timeline, you did look different." She said with a little shrug. "But, that's a couple decades off, and there was a war going on." She shrugged a bit more and seemed nervous to give much information on her timeline. "It was different, though." She smiled though, "But you aged much better that muqin and kaa-chan," That was clearly more of a tease, but there was likely a truth to that. "But - everything is different here. I really changed the timeline." She said softly.

Kachiko glanced over to the lovely Captain,"I got the entanglement comm set up and they're taking it to your family home for us. They said it should be ready in about five minutes from now."

"Thank you," Sun added, "Though Baba is going to be annoyed that anyone went through that much trouble for them." She gave a little bow, and then glanced over to the other girls, who seemed to be content to chat among themselves for a moment. "So, how long have you known the connection?"

"For almost as long as she has been here," Kachiko shrugged."We have some talking we have to do and not everyone present has enough vetting for me to discuss it here."

"As for going to the trouble, Command is willing to do much to help us in those little ways. We're expecting to be out here for a long time and Starfleet wants to minimize separation anxiety. Being able to talk to home is helpful in this regard," Kachiko had been on long assignments without the ability to "call home", though there wasn't always someone to call.

"Good. I hope they can keep that up as this mission goes on." Sun said, having only nodded to the earlier statement. "We'll have to pull up the comm center's schematics and see if we can't get one set up on the Station and Colony once we get the industrial replicators up." She shook her head quickly, "Sorry, hard to turn off work..." Then Mei added, "I hope they don't use your name when they get my parents... that might startle them."

As Kachiko was to reply, Karsel'lyn returned to Mei's side, quietly grasping one of the Captain's hands. The Marine then said, "I told them that the Captain had a personal call she wanted to make."

Lyn smiled at her sister, "Thank you, Chiko-chan. I'm happy that you finally got to meet my love and my little girl."

Kachiko shrugged, "It would have happened eventually. One way or another. You seem to have found a lovely lady, Lynnie. I'm really happy for the both of you."

"Xie xie, Colonel." Mei said with another little bow. "I appreciate it - and glad to have..."

There was a chiming, "Colonel? That communication you requested is ready for the Captain. Enabling holo-emitters." The room dimmed as the lights were extinguished and the windows shuttered, before the holograms of both Sun parents popped into place to the Captain's right.

Mei took a second to let the holograms appear. It was one of the benefits of such an advanced ship. Her parents stood in the same room as her, and her family, though they were many sectors distant. She took a breath. "Mama, baba." Sun was a bit more excited than usual.

There was a flicker of the holograms as they turned to her, "Mei Xiang - is everything alright?" Her mother asked quickly, her father nodding quietly behind her.

"Yes, muqin. Everything is alright. We're fine. We're over Golovin now, in the Perseus arm." Mei said, though as soon as she had she started to get nervous, "We wanted to fill you in. Are Hiroko's parents on the way?"

"Yes, they'll be here in a bit. Fujita was able to get a shuttle." Mei's mother added.

"Good," Mei realized she was stalling, not sure how to continue. She decided to just go for it, "There is another bit of news though." She actually bit her lip, and tightened her grip on Lyn's hand before holding it out towards the holograms. It wasn't the same, but it was still something between terrifying and exciting to her. "Lyn proposed to me."

There was a little pause before her parents gave a bow and then gave a couple quick, "Congratulations," Before her mother added, "We're very happy you two are finally getting married. Do you have any plans yet?"

"No plans just yet, mother, " Karsel'lyn responded quietly. She reached out and drew Cai into their view, then Hiroko.

"I would really hope that we get an opportunity, however brief, to return home and have a beautiful Chinese wedding," Karsel'lyn had put considerable thought into this. She knew that Mama Sun wanted a traditional Chinese wedding. "I know that when I marry my beautiful MeiMei, I marry not just her but her family as well."

"I would be honored to be your newest daughter, mother and father. Especially considering that I don't have a family of my own, except for Mei and Cai" Lyn concluded, before turning to look up at Mei. "Of course, this isn't just up to me, so I leave that discussion to the three of you.”

"There isn't any discussion to be had, Lyn." Xue, Sun's mother, said with a little nod.

"You've been part of the family for a long time." Jiang, her father, replied quietly - his voice just naturally quiet at this point in his life. "We're just happy to know you want to make that official."

"And I don't exist otherwise, so..." Cai added, before giving a quick bow to her grandparents. Hiroko did as well.

The two both added a quick "Nihao zufu, zumu," With Hiroko adding a quick, "It's good to see you both."

"And I already said yes," Mei teased with a little, quick kiss to Lyn's cheek.

"And who else is there with you?" Xue added after a moment.

That would be us, Mrs. Sun," Kachiko stepped into view, drawing little Reiko with her. "I'm an old friend of Lyn's, and apparently also her half-sister. This is my little girl, Reiko." The girl waved a bit timidly, "Ohayo gozaimasu.."

"I'm a shipmate of Lyn and Mei's as well and will do everything I can to keep them both safe, that much I can promise," Kachiko smiled at both elders. She had a sudden feeling of envy for little Lyn. Finding family like this, not to mention a beautiful fiance.

Mei's parents gave polite bows to Kachiko and Reiko. Xue added a quick, "Excellent. It is good to know that Lyn has family nearby." She smiled wide, "And Hiroko has someone who might share a bit of her culture, from the looks of it."

"We are indeed Japanese, Mrs. Sun. Reiko and Hiroko-chan are the same age and I anticipate that they will find themselves in trouble sooner than later," Kachiko smiled.

"Lyn," Jiang spoke up after a bit of silence. He was naturally quiet, rarely spoke out. "Do us a favor and get a couple of good still of the ring, and you all as a group, so that we can see you a bit more often. I know Xue would like it, but wouldn't ask."

"I will arrange to get us in the holodeck for a bit of time, father. I will have the computer record everything and transmit the recording to you. Of course, we will have both of your grandchildren with us," Lyn was happy to make the elder Suns happy. They were, after all, her own family now.

"I won't be in the recording. It's not you, Mr. and Mrs. Sun. It's a matter of operational security. I am sure you remember me from when you first met Lyn?" Kachiko asked in a sideways manner, not wanting to dredge up bad memories from when the lovely Captain had been grievously injured. "The work that I do precludes my involvement in such matters."

"We understand," Jiang added with a quick bow. "And we do."

"You should consider a less stressful line of work, though." Xue added.

"Muqin," Mei said with a likely all too familiar tone of a daughter trying to hush a mother. Then there was a rapid bit of Chinese.

"Shénme, Mei?" Xue asked swiftly.

"Zhè bùshì ni kěyi jiànyì de," Mei replied softly, but with a bit of a bite.

"Wèishéme bù?" Xue again spoke.

They were interrupted when Jiang cleared his throat, with both responding. "Duibuqi," and Mei adding a quiet, "Fuqin."

"Apologies, Bayushi-san," Jiang added, "Mei and Xue forget themselves when together some times. Mei was a bit rebellious in her youth, and she and her mother seemed to grow to enjoy their little clashes. And they have yet to grow out of it." He smiled, "I'm proud of the path that she has found though. Glad she has a talented young woman to share that road with. And friends to join her." He paused, glancing to the younger women in the room. "And, of course, a daughter and nieces to repay her three-fold for the trouble she caused us at that age."

"Of course, Sir," Kachiko grinned. "I imagine that Reiko-chan and Hiroko-chan will be in a fair bit of trouble before long. At least we don't have anything like Roppongi nearby for the girls to get into trouble running around in."

Then she turned to the Captain's lovely mother, "Apologies, Mrs. Sun. I am uniquely qualified at what I do, if my uniform wasn't a giveaway." Kachiko wore the unmistakable all black uniform of the Marine Covert Operations Division. Even the rank insignia, communicator and ever-present phaser were a matching flat black. "I want to do everything possible to protect your daughter and my sister, and the girls. I am also going to establish a home out here in the colony, from where I intend to establish a colony wide entanglement communications system. So we can stay in touch with you all the time, if we happen to be at the colony and not aboard the Shanghai."

"We know you will." Xue added quietly, with a polite bow. "And it is good to hear that you will help set up the colony to communicate. I imagine there will be a lot of people who want to speak with their families back home."

"We'll get the colony set up first, Muqin." Mei added, "We have a few hundred people who want nothing more than to get down to the planet and begin building up our home here. Then the region will have someone stable, we hope."

"Good, we can't wait to see it." Xue said, though her husband's gaze turned away form the others. She soon followed. Both bowed quickly.

"Ni hao," Came from off screen before another Sun faded into view. "Everything okay, Mei Mei?"

"Min," Mei's voice changed, an excitement she didn't normally display. But, she was close to her oldest sister.

"Okaasan!" Hiroko was likewise excited.

"Hiroko-chin," Min added quickly. "We didn't expect to hear from you for a while still - at least not like this." She glanced around for a moment, "What's the occasion?" Mei just held out a hand, which her older sister seemed able to spot almost instantly, which made her let out a little excited squeal, before she turned her attention to another, "Lyn! Congratulations - I'm glad you didn't wait for Mei to ask."

Lyn smiled at Hiroko's mother, "Oh, it's your sister who deserves the congratulation. I guess that I'm just happy that she said Yes. We are going to look for the next opportunity to return back home for the wedding, just not sure when that could possibly be."

"Fujita-san, this is my half-sister, Bayushi Kachiko and her daughter Reiko," Lyn drew the pair forward. "Reiko is Hiroko-chan's age and I imagine that they will probably get along well. So your little girl will have more than enough girls aboard to spend time with."

Reiko bowed politely, "Ohayo, Fujita-sama." The diminutive Marine just nodded politely with a faint smile.

"Oh," Min spoke quickly. "Sama is too formal, but thank you. San or Oba will work, Bayushi-san." She added. "I'm glad to see Hiroko has someone around from home. When you are all back here on Earth, we should take in a festival or something." More figures appeared in the background. A bow or two to Hiroko from her siblings and father, but they did not speak immediately, save for one quick.

"Probably head off to Roppongi," Lyn chuckled. "Knowing little Hiroko-chan here. I would love to go to a festival. I hear that Bon is fun!"

"Congratulations, Mei, Lyn." Fujita Yamato said with a quick nod. "And I can't wait to see the data you are finding out there."

"Yamato-kun," Xue interrupted, "No work right now."

"Sorry, Muqin," He said with a light smile and chuckle. "One more thing, though. I set up a comm to the rest of the family. Everyone," He said holding out a comm-badge into the center of the assembled group on their side. "Say hello,"

There was a chorus of "Ni hao," from the sisters and brothers, and in-laws. There was one absence that dampened Mei's smile a bit, but she hid it well a second later. One voice, her oldest brother Jun, "Min wouldn't tell us the news, so?"

"Lyn proposed," Mei said softly.

Then there was a near deafening series of congratulations, and a few pokes at Lyn or Mei for taking their time. Excited questions, and the like. It was a lot of talking, and quite a bit of it in Chinese. Finally, though, Xue spoke up, "Give them some time to figure that out, now." She said before smiling and bowing at Lyn and Mei. "Congratulations, again. We're all excited, but don't want to keep you... go, have fun as a family." She said softly. "And Lyn, we're proud to get to have you as a daughter."

"Not as happy as I am to soon have such a large loving family," Lyn grinned. "We took our time because of the difficulty of obtaining the setting for the engagement ring. I will be sure to get the holos of Mei and the ring for you very soon, I promise!"

"And if you can, could we have a few minutes with Hiroko?" Min asked softly.

"Absolutely!" Lyn reached out to her niece-to-be, giving the girl a brief embrace, "Don't be too long, doll. These long distance rates are murder!" A cheeky grin crossed her face before she stepped out of view, joining Kachiko, Reiko and Cai at the hatch. Mei had to remain behind with the minor child, by regulation. But knowing the girl's propensity for hijinks, she knew that the girl would find herself in trouble in the turbolift or Jeffries Tubes eventually.

Lyn looked up at her family surrounding her and spoke quietly to avoid interrupting the long-distance comm, as they exited into the corridor, "Come, Mei prepared something lovely for dessert in the Captain's Mess. We will eat when she and Hiroko-chan join us."

Reiko squealed happily at the news, "Is it chocolate!?" Which made Kachiko roll her eyes.

"I don't know, ReiRei. Mei made it and I don't know what she made," Lyn took Cai's hand and the four headed forward to the Captain's private dining room.



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