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Posted on Mon Oct 23rd, 2017 @ 12:08am by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Shakedown Mark II
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Immediately after "Family and Dessert"

Lyn lead her fiance and her half-sister into the Captain's voluminous quarters.

As the hatch slid shut behind Kachiko, "Do either of you need anything? Tea?"

"I'm okay for now, ai." Mei spoke lightly.

Kachiko smiled and waved her friend and sister off, "I'm perfectly fine, Lynnie."

"Okay, well then I will let you two talk," Lyn leaned down and kissed Mei's cheek. "Don't stay up too late, love."

When the little pilot departed for the bedroom, Kachiko sat down across from the Captain, a hand producing what looked like a concierge bell. Setting it on the coffee table, she pressed the button atop it that set the small device buzzing.

"Sorry, that's to ensure that nobody is listening in," Kachiko gave the Captain an apologetic smile. "Captain, I'm Lieutenant Colonel Bayushi Kachiko and I am a Marine Covert Operator. Command deemed it prudent to provide me to you given recent long range intelligence intercepts."

"But first, we have to mention who and what I am," Kachiko never enjoyed this part. "Following the destruction of the Fleet at Wolf 359 and the recovery of some Borg nanotechnology, the woman whom would later birth your adorable fiance was abducted by a shadowy intelligence organization whose name I cannot disclose. They harvested most of her ovum for use in creating human Clones. The ovum were genetically altered with a variety of alien DNA with the intent on creating a number of assassins and also to help bolster the Fleet."

"I was created and programmed with one mission. Find and terminate a Doctor Krysteena Meyhienfeldt. The Doctor was an escaped test subject," Kachiko really disliked this part. "I was stopped from carrying out that task and remanded to Vulcan to be deprogrammed."

"As a result of the engineering, I am a Class-6 telepath and I will age extremely slowly," Kachiko sat back in the chair. "For much of this, Lynnie gained much of the same traits, beyond the unusual ones like the telepathy and the monoclonal link."

"Here's the thing. Our mother? She was chosen for the program because she had an unusually pristine genetic structure. Because she had been a former part of a race of incredibly advanced and powerful aliens that you may have heard of."

Sun gave a nod, and just listened for a time. There was nothing that seemed to phase her, or at least not to the point where she was openly surprised or worried. She just listened. She finally found herself leaned back and with her thoughts in order, "The way you word that worries me that I've seen met this race before." She gave a sigh. "And I believe my record is pretty clear on my disdain for some aspects of the more covert and rogue branches of the Federation..." She paused for a moment to think, "Don't think that a judgement on you, merely a dread of how complex such situations can become."

She twisted around to face the Colonel fully. "Aside from the family issue, aside from the rank and station," She said quickly, "Why tell me? What brings this up now? This feels like something that may have been brought on," She lightly gestured towards the scrambler - the buzzing doing little to help that still lingering headache from earlier.

"Because its a matter of trust, Captain. I don't trust people. Those whom I can trust are a very small group, like Lynnie," Kachiko sighed. "About a year after the Battle of Cardassia, Karsel'lyn was leading a fighter patrol of the Neutral Zone. Her flight was ambushed by a Romulan Warbird and Lyn was the only survivor."

"The Romulans took her prisoner and returned with her to Romulus. There, she was mind sifted, beaten, raped and sodomized. An influential Senator had taken a fancy to the dear and wanted her for herself. Apparently, this Senator was a sadist of some repute, a former Tal'Shiar interrogator. I was undercover at the time, oddly with the knowledge of a very highly placed Romulan official. A cooperative program with Starfleet and the Praetor of the Romulan Star Empire."

"As an actual Praetorian Guardsman, I hijacked the transport taking Lynnie to her Mistress to be and then stole a Swift Scout. Lynnie and I drifted at minimal power for eighteen months with nothing but each other to keep ourselves occupied," Kachiko smiled at this memory. "She was my first actual friend and lover. Which seems really bad, now, considering that I now know that we're sisters."

"I have never been much of a social person, but I trust that little green goblin. More than anyone. If she trusts you enough to put that ring on your finger, I know that I can trust you. Trust is a two way street, so I needed to be upfront with you," the woman, smaller than even the diminutive Karsel'lyn, was almost finished. "As for the things I withheld earlier in this discussion, one was only temporary, to give me more time to judge how you would take it, and the other is for your own safety. We are sworn to never speak of the rogue Intelligence agency, which I believe is all that needs be said. Or, for a clue, Sānshíyī."

"The important thing is with Lynnie and my mother. She lived about thirty years as a human, but she wasn't born human," Kachiko told the Captain. "Mother was an exiled member of the Q Continuum, who chose life as a human upon her exile."

"I do not have Q like powers or abilities, just my telepathy and combat training," Kachiko arched an eyebrow."Well, also my training and experience as an infiltrator. "I guess it all depends on how you would like to use me, Captain."

"Bayushi, l won't pretend to understand some of those implications." Mei spoke in broad terms. It was complicated in the best of situations - but she recognized the high points, the things that worried her. "As I understand it, if she was human, that would make you human. Human telepaths are not unheard of, only exceedingly rare." The Captain paused for a moment and added, "Standard rules apply - just like any Betazoid, any Deltan..." She paused for a moment, "As for Sānshíyī..." She tilted her head to one side a bit, and then shook her head.

"As for using you," Mei said turning to the colonel, "I need good officers. You have experience in Intelligence, and within the Corps. And you're the ranking marine as of the moment. This colony has a few thousand Federation citizens, with more on the way. The worlds are unexplored. Starfleet sent you to advise." She sighed, "I'm going to need you to for more, I would bet. And I need officers I know will be here for the people on that colony - and to know that it won't be your choice, but your nature." She shrugged a bit, "Though, so far, in all the times you've come to me, or my family, you've done just that." Her voice was soft. "For now, advise."

""Oh, right. On a previous assignment, my ship ran afoul of a major Syndicate House. I was tasked to infiltrate the house and feed information back to Starfleet," Kachiko was reaching the end of her tale. "In so doing, I discovered something that I have not been able to share with Lynnie, because it's classified. As the senior officer in the sector, you need to know."

"The Syndicate is thought to be pretty active out here. Raiding parties, usually looking for slaves, are common. The leading Syndicate official is Beren Lylyl-Llytherraias, Lynnie's 'dead' father," Kachiko glanced towards the bedroom door. "We have had visual and biomarker confirmation that it is indeed Lynnie's dad."

"We are as yet unsure of his disposition."

"That's too big of a coincidence to be chance," Mei said quietly, she leaned against the table and thought for a few seconds. She didn't say anything for that time before finally speaking up. "That raises a few too many questions." She looked up, "First, we have to figure out his specific purpose here. I'm open to suggestions, or we can play it less discrete..." She was referencing her own general style. "And does Lyn know?"

Kachiko shook her head, "As much as I love the girl, she isn't yet authorized to know." She sighed, "I really hate keeping such a huge secret from her. However, you are the senior Commander in the sector, so you have the authority to do with that information as you wish. I can't tell her, but you can."

"Data mining and signals intelligence from the time of his supposed death indicate that his Syndicate House was moving him into the ruling council. Doing so required that he had to divest all personal attachments, which meant his shipping company and his little girl."

"Apparently, even he had no idea it was coming and had no say over what happened to his pre-teen daughter," Kachiko winced. "I can't imagine being forced into sex slavery at that age... then again, I wasn't alive at that age. I was 'born' an adult."

A brief moment after these revelations, the bedroom hatch opened and Lynnie stepped out, "I'm not interrupting, am I?"

Kachiko stood and walked over to her unashamedly nude sister and embraced her, "No, darling. If I have your beautiful fiancé's permission to be dismissed, I'm going to go check on Reiko and look into a few things."

Both sisters looked to Mei Xiang.

"Of course, Colonel, you are dismissed," Mei said with a little bit of a blush - still not quite used to the unabashed nature of her partner. "And thank you for the update." She gave a smile and then looked to Lyn with a smile. She blushed a little deeper and then added a quiet sigh. But she couldn't bring herself to say anything just yet.

As the pixyish pale Marine departed, the hatch closing behind her, Karsel'lyn swept over to the Captain, embracing the beautiful woman, "You're so cute when you blush, MeiMei."

"Don't tease, Ai..." Mei said quietly. She sighed, there was a quiet choice. But, like always to Sun, there was only one right answer. "...there's something I think you need to know."



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