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Devastating News

Posted on Fri Nov 10th, 2017 @ 3:34am by Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang

Mission: Shakedown Mark II
Location: Captain's Quarters
Timeline: Current

Lynnie quickly pulled on a bathrobe, knowing how easily she made Mei blush with her forward and unreserved nature.

When the beautiful Captain sat back down, Lyn slid into her lovely fiancé's lap, face-to-face. She very gently kissed the woman, before drawing back, "What did you have to tell me?"

Mei shook her head. Not much made her more uncomfortable than this. She was going to take what had been a good day, and ruin it. Or, probably. She didn't know. "Ai, I'm sorry." She said, "It's been a great evening..." She said softly, taking a deep breath. "We have to talk about something... and I'll feel like I'm hiding it from you if I wait." She swallowed. She blushed a bit, "As much as I love you here," She gave a squeeze to her partner's thigh. "You might want to sit down..." She was clearly a bit nervous, quietly muttering, "Maybe I should've just let you have tonight..."

Lyn leaned in close, inhaling deeply, feeling suffused with Mei's delicate scent. Then she kissed the woman's throat before murmuring, "It sounds important, love. It shouldn't wait. I can handle it."

"What did Chiko tell you, love?" Lyn nuzzled happily.

"As far as you know, I read this in a intelligence report." Mei said softly, with a little sigh. Her point was clear, she thought. "Intel has reports that the Syndicate is operating in Auriga-Perseus." She didn't wait though, giving no chance of response. After all, that in and of itself was a bit. "More importantly..." She took another breath. "Intel has positive identification of the leader of the Syndicate operations in the area." She paused for a second, softly adding, "Reports indicate it is Beren Lylyl-Llytherraias."

The small fighter pilot stiffened and Mei could feel the sudden intake of breath at her throat, where the Orion girl had been happily lavishing with attention.

After a pregnant silence, the Captain would feel Lyn's chest heave with a silent sob.

Finally, "Why?"

"Ai..." Sun wasn't sure what to say, or what the why referred to. She gave a little sigh, "I'm sorry..." She didn't add anything beyond that for a few seconds. "I don't know - but you deserved to know," She sighed, "And I plan to find out more... but, I couldn't keep it from you."

Having finally collected herself, "I didn't mean you, love. Why? Why did he leave me? Why did I have to go through all of that? MeiMei, I was twelve! I was passed around as a little girl. I was kept on a leash like a dog and even mounted by dogs!"

"Why didn't he come for me?" Lyn had drawn back from Mei's throat, tears streaming down light green cheeks as she looked at the Chinese woman through blurry eyes.

"I can't answer that," Mei said softly, brushing a finger across her cheek to push away some of the tears. "And... any answer I have... or he has, will probably just make it worse..." Her eyes drifted to the stars. "I can't imagine, and won't try to, Lyn. But... don't dwell on his choices - stick to yours." She said softly. "And, I'm here for you. Whatever that means."

"O-okay," the teary response came after a long moment of silence. "This has been a very long day. I don't want to think about any of this right now. This is supposed to be the first day of the rest of our lives, for you and me."

Now the little woman just laughed, "I guess that even playful flirting with other people is off the books now, huh? Because I'm yours and only yours."

"Lyn," Sun pressed her lips to the orion's cheek and lingered there for a minute. She wasn't sure what to say for a minute, and then just went with the simplest thing, "I love you," She said softly, agreeing to change the topic and try to not let her fiance dwell on the bad news, "And I wouldn't have said yes if your flirting bothered me." She said softly. She slipped her hands into the bathrobe and around her partner's waist, pulling her a hint closer.

"Darling, it bothers me to think about it, because I am a one owner girl," Lyn drew back, granting Mei a broad saucy grin. "I'm yours and only yours and that's how I like it."

She pressed herself up against her taller lover, loving the woman's hands on her soft green skin, "I intend to make you happy for a really long life, MeiMei."

"Are we intending to root out the Syndicate around here?" Lyn asked. "Or are we planning on avoiding them or even working with them?"

"We don't know what threats are out here and they might be the most trustworthy folks around. Especially if my father is happy to see me," Lyn opined briefly before resting her head back on Mei's chest.

"If not trustworthy, at least predictable." Sun added. "I don't know what we'll do yet. I haven't had time to look over it, or find out what they're up to. That will take a while. So... until then," She paused and ran her hand up Lyn's side to get a little steadier hold on her. She hugged tight and then shook her head lightly. That last statement wasn't something she had thought about before. What if he was happy to see her. What if he was as upset about everything that happened as she was. It was a thought that made Sun a bit more adamant about her general idea on how to handle the situation.

"Lyn." Sun added, "It's been a long day. I'll follow up and start a plan for the Syndicate tomorrow..." She paused, "I was thinking..." She quickly added, "And you can say no," Before continuing, "But... maybe a warm bath and a couple glasses of wine - or something." She paused, but her hand gently brushed across her partners back, a bit nervously. "I know it is odd timing now, but I still want to celebrate a little bit, with just you."

The scorchingly hot blooded half-Orion nodded with a faint smile, "I would enjoy a bath, love. The ship is so cold for me that our baths together are one of my favorite things to do."

The small woman leaned back and got to her feet, "Perhaps we could cuddle a bit in the bath?"

Sun smiled and also stood up. She reached out and took Lyn's hand giving her a little squeeze and a tug towards the bedroom suite. "That is exactly why I want the bath," She said with a purposeful squeeze. "Why don't you choose a wine, since you're a bit closer to ready," She said, playfully brushing against her partners only piece of outerwear at the moment. "I'll draw a bath, and get ready myself?"

Karsel'lyn grinned at her lover and fiancé, following along as the woman drew Lyn to the bedroom. When the pair parted, Lyn had a devious look on her face. She had planned for an event like this.

She opened a cabinet on her side of their large bed, withdrawing a wine bucket, before ordering up a half buckets fill of ice. The next thing out of the cabinet was a two foot long oak box with a hinged lid. Lifting and lid, she withdrew a really old glass bottle of red wine. That went into the iced bucket after pulling the cork. From a separate section of the wood box, she withdrew two transparent crystal wine glasses, each stem wrapped with a finely crafted pink glass ribbon bow.

Finally from the box came a much smaller, red velvet box, gold leaf lung dragons embossed amongst the red velvet. That would come eventually. That was silently set on Mei's pillow, before Lyn stripped to her skin and snatched up the two wine glasses and the ice bucket.

Slipping into the bathroom, she found her future wife in the tub waiting, steam suffusing the room. Setting everything down, she snatched up the bottle of wine and began pouring a considerable quantity into both glasses,"I have something to sober us up in case something happens. I bought this wine back on Earth while you were off on that secret mission without me. I have been saving it for the right occasion and I think today qualifies, love."

Now Lyn took the two strides to the tub and gingerly stepped in one foot at a time. She held one glass out to Mei, "I got to sample some from a sampler bottle before buying it. I think that you will enjoy it, this Chateau Lafite 1787."

OFF: More to come later.


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