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First Dinner

Posted on Sun Dec 10th, 2017 @ 7:37am by Lieutenant Colonel Kachiko Bayushi & Commander Karsel`lyn Lylyl-Llytherraias & Captain Sun Mei Xiang & Lieutenant Christine Descharmes & Ensign Nikolas Laommiorvatovovich & Sun Cai

Mission: Shakedown Mark II
Location: Golovin Colony


Sun had been away from the majority of the crew for the last little bit. Paperwork, mostly. Signing off on supplies and transfers, and schedules, and so many things. If she was honest, she would have rather done most anything but that. It was necessary, but part of the job she'd trade in a heartbeat. Still, it was over. For now, at least. She made her way to the hall the colonists were preparing. She was a bit excited for a bit to eat, a more relaxed encounter - and maybe an update from the rest of the crew.

The door opened and in walked Karsel'lyn, Cai, Hiroko and tiny Reiko. After the girls came inside, Lyn closed the heavy reinforced wood door behind them.

Lyn sauntered over to Mei, bending slightly to kiss the seated Mei, chastely for once. Straightening up, she beckoned the three girls over.

Reiko approached the Captain, "Should I call you Auntie, ma'am?" Lyn tried but failed to hide a wide grin at the girl's question.

"You can if you like," Sun said softly, a bit of tired in her voice. "Sun or Mei works as well, Reiko-chan," She leaned back and glanced to Lyn, "Were you able to look around the residential area of the colony? Or just getting everyone together?"

"I got the girls down and then had Engineering beam down a portable transporter, until the colony can get a permanent unit up and online," Lyn sat next to Mei, scooping tiny Reiko up to sit the girl in her lap. "We will have to discuss that with the council over dinner."

The door opened again and the black uniformed Lieutenant Colonel strode in. Pausing, she smiled at the sight of Reiko in Lyn's lap, "I see that you got the kids down here, Lynnie." She stopped near Sun and said simply, "Captain. I am going to sweep the room,just in case. It shouldn't take too long."

Christine entered, smiling when she spotted the group and gave a little wave before she walked over. "Hi," she said. Councillor Delgado had given her and a few others a tour of the colony, after which she wandered around by herself. Delgado had also shown her to what would become her temporary office, when she was planet-side. "It definitely is a beautiful spot," she said. "I wouldn't mind having a small house here."

Colonists began to stream in, handfuls at a time. Some approached the officers sitting at one of the tables, some were shy and loitered in their own little groups. A few had began to bring out various dishes of food, setting up a long, buffet-style table. A table stood in the corner of the large hall, where the colonists deposited their own gifts to the crew of the Shanghai.

Councillor Kirkland emerged from a side door, a woman and a young child followed. A young girl, about six years old, grasped his hand tightly while her other hand clutched a necklace. Kirkland walked over to the table where the captain and the others sat. He gave them a brief nod. "Evening Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Colonel, Lieutenant," he said by way of a greeting. He gestured to the woman beside him, "My daughter, Audrey. Her and her husband are part of the research team here at the colony. And this-" He knelt beside the little girl and wrapped an arm around her waist lovingly, "Is my granddaughter, Charlotte."

At the mention of her name, the brown-haired little girl gave a shy smile. She held up the necklace, made of wooden beads, and set it on the table in front of Sun. "I made this for you," she said, quietly. Kirkland smiled at her and ruffled the curly hair. "She wanted to give it to you herself." He stood up and returned focus to the group. "Your other officers, will they be joining us shortly?"

Sun raised up and gave a small bow to the family. "They should be, yes," She answered softly. "If there is one complaint I have about my crew, it's that they tend to get caught up in their work. So, a new experience like this." She gave a little motion around the room, "May have some of them already getting into their work a little heavily. They will be along though, once they realize the time."

Lyn smiled at the adorable child and Reiko gently slipped out of her aunts lap to approach the other girl, whom was almost as tall as was Reiko. Smiling at the girl, "Hi, I'm Reiko!"

"The mobile transporter was set up and online when I left it. Off-duty crew should be transporting down now," Lyn perked up audibly now."You might want to have someone at the transporter pad to give people directions."

"I'll have someone head there immediately. And please, call me Erick." The councilor said with a smile and stood up, watching his grand-daughter.

Charlotte smiled shyly at the other girl. "Hi, Reiko," she said quietly and cautiously stepped away from her grandfather. She slipped a small, beaded bracelet off her wrist and held it out towards Reiko. "Here is one for you."

Reiko's eyes went wide, "You didn't have to, Charlotte. Isn't that your own bracelet?"

Charlotte smiled again. "I can make another one. I want you to have it."

Christine, in the meantime, moved from her chair and slowly made her way to a small group of colonists. She smiled widely at them before she engaged a few in conversation.

Kachiko watched the two girls interact silently, eyes moving between the children and the scan she was just about finished with. Finally, she closed the tricorder and slipped back over to the Captain's side, whispering, "I don't show any listening or other surveillance devices. There's no security systems in the building, either. I will consult with the Sheriff about installing integrated security systems."

"Thank you, Colonel." Sun answered softly. She wasn't as worried about surveillance as Bayushi, but she knew she had to check. It was nice peace of mind, though, to some degree.

"Anytime, Captain," Kachiko smiled and retreated to watch over Reiko's interaction with the young colonist girl. Sitting next to Karsel'lyn, she felt surprised at how comforted she felt having her sister by her side again.

"Perhaps we should arrange a tour of the Shanghai later, Captain?" Karsel'lyn offered now. "Give our colonists an idea of who and what we're working with in the heavens above?"

"That will take some work to set up. As much as I'd love to just say yes..." Sun added, "I can work something out, but it will take me some time to fill out the paperwork on that. But," She said with a slight tilt of her head to one side. "We should return the favor. Until we get things set up down here, it might be possible to let colonists borrow some of our systems as well, at least while we're sitting in orbit." She pondered on the idea for a moment before shaking her head. "I'll see how quick I can get that set up, though."

Erick smiled appreciatively at the crew. "I think most of us would love to have a tour, only a few have set foot inside a Starfleet vessel." He glanced around the large room. "I hope it would not be overly offensive if we get underway?" He gestured towards the banquet table, laden with a variety of dishes from many different cultures both hot and cold."With your permission, I will make a small announcement and then we can eat."

"By all means," Sun said with a quick nod. She gave a smile and adjusted in her place a bit, just happy to not be the one making the announcements.

Kirkland moved to the front of the room, standing on a small platform. He cleared his throat a few times before speaking in a loud, clear voice. It surprisingly carried through the room. "Good evening one and all, those who could make tonight's festivities.As for those who couldn't, we'll be sure to leave some for them-" A few chuckles sounded throughout the crowd. " As you know, tonight we have special guests joining us." He paused with a gesture towards the table where the captain and the others sat and applause was the answer he received. "Make them feel at home here, and let's show them some Golovin hospitality. Now, Captain Xiang, I'm sure you and your crew are positively famished and eager to get underway so you may start us off. Afterwards, we would like to present our gifts to you."

Lyn bit her bottom lip to keep from reflexively correcting the man's use of Mei's 'middle name', instead reaching under the table to grasp one of the Captain's hands. She was a bit confused regarding the gift giving, where she could understand it from the adorable young Charlotte. She was going to have to peruse through her own belongings to see about providing Reiko with the materials and inspiration to handmake something for the young colonist girl. She knew that Kachiko didn't keep much of that nature of things around, her sister usually traveling lightly.

Sun made a note to correct him later, but she didn't seem bothered by the mistake. It was relatively common, and while it bothered her sometimes, today didn't seem like one of those days. "Thank you, Mr. Kirkland," She said after his last statement. She glanced to her crew and gave a polite nod, "After all of you," She said with a warm smile. "And mingle," She added after a moment. She gave a bit of a smile, but gatherings like this always seemed to unbalance her a bit. Like always, she sort of held back, at least until her nerves started to abate a bit. She knew she might have to be one of the first one sometimes. She took a breath though, and took a second to squeeze Lyn's hand before standing up and dusting herself off. "Shall we?"

Lyn nodded at Mei's question, "Of course. Though I think that the children should go first." Lyn's gaze had fallen on little Charlotte and Reiko, whom along with Cai needed the calories far more than the assembled adults did. Now the little pilot looked at her niece, "Reiko-chan, why don't you start us off, baby doll?"

Reiko blanched, then blushed, "Um... okay, Auntie Lynnie."

Lyn leaned in close to the Captain,"I think that we should alternate turns with the colonists. We don't want to hog the food or anything. I just realized that we need your mother right now. We would probably have food piled up to the rafters if your mother had a choice in the matter."

After the announcement was made, Christine realized she was starving. She excused herself from her new group of friends. Her stomach growled and she glanced over to the captain's table. Seeing Sun and the others stand up, she headed in their direction. "Oh good," she said to the group. "I'm starving. And I don't want to be the first one in line."

Sun hadn't answered Lyn with anything more than a little noise and shake of her head. It wasn't that she disagreed, of course. She probably would have. She didn't have anything to say on the subject though before Christine arrived. Sun just gave a little smile. "I guess that's my cue, as much as I hate to admit that." She thought about Lyn said for a second and then dusted herself off. She straightened her uniform and walked over towards the Colony leaders. She offered a quick bow, "Mr. Kirkland, thank you again." She offered a hand over towards him, "We'd like to be the first example, to really show the crew and colony that we intend to work together." Sun gave a little nod, "I'd be honored if you and your peers would join us, both in getting food and eating with us. With a little luck, it'll set the tone well."

Lyn smiled at her love's ingenuity. Approaching Kirkland's daughter, "If you would like to accompany me to the buffet table, hon?" Having caught on to what her aunts were doing, Reiko held a hand out to Charlotte, "Sometimes the adults aren't so boring, huh?"

Audrey smiled at the green-skinned woman. "Of course," she said, as she walked side by side with Lyn. "My father will stand around and talk until all hours...if we let him." She laughed and shook her head, glad that her daughter had made a new friend. Charlotte took Reiko's hand, smiling widely, as they followed the adults. "Uh huh!"

Kirkland gave another smile, white teeth flashed through a gray beard as he took Sun's cue. "The honor is all ours, of course. I have a feeling there will be a mutiny if we don't start the meal." He gestured towards the buffet table, falling into step beside the captain.

Nikolas cursed. Under his breath, mostly, though out loud when no one was within earshot on his hurried journey to the feast. Having split off after introductions to get to work, he'd completely lost track of time - and people, as the others went to the feast - having gotten absorbed into the job. It was only a few minutes ago that he'd looked around, looked at the time, and realised he was supposed to be somewhere. He could see the doors ahead, his eyes constantly flicking to the sky and the surroundings as he moved; he'd been aboard the Shanghai long enough that it was odd not seeing corridor walls and ceiling around him. The current inhabitants of the hall would likely hear the loud thud against the door, followed by it creaking open and the late Engineer sheepishly shuffling in, holding a suddenly sore nose. Along with not being used to open sky and no corridors, he was also not used to manually opening doors. "Apologies..." He let out gingerly, making his way over to the crew. "Very sorry, Captain, Officers... I got carried away with my work." He explained briefly, his voice sounding like he had a blocked nose.

"Don't worry about it ensign," Mei said softly. "Feel free to take a moment before finding something to eat." She said with a little smile. "I look forward to hearing what you think of the colony."

As the very first amongst the gathered to pick up plates and begin to select from the offerings on the table, little Reiko and Charlotte were quick to finish, given that neither was going to be eating a whole lot. Sitting with her young new friend, she glanced to her mother, whom returned an appreciative smile and a voice in her head, "~Good job, darling!~"

Lyn waited with Audrey, standing behind the woman's father and Captain Sun, "Whelp, this feels like the Academy... perfect training for Starfleet service! Hurry up and wait!" The pilot grinned up at her dinner companion, white teeth a marked contrast to her green skin.



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